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Knowing responsibility and taking responsibility bravely — fighting the epidemic, youpuda is taking action


In this issue, let’s take a look at the anti epidemic documentary of youpuda:

At the beginning of 2022, the new coronavirus variant Omicron came. It triggered a new round of epidemic with fast transmission speed and strong infectivity, causing many places to fall into a state of emergency prevention and control. Although the epidemic has brought us a lot of inconvenience in work and life, there are also some people who still stick to their posts, rush to the front line and stick to ordinary posts.

In youpuda company, our marketing personnel”can’t leave the house, but still connect customers”. They actively think of ways to cooperate and innovate to overcome Shijian, so as to ensure that the market development will not stop in the epidemic.

Since February 10, Jiangsu has gradually reported a number of local positive infection cases, which were identified as Omicron mutant, and the epidemic prevention and control alarm sounded again. On the basis of precise prevention and control, it is necessary to carry out full nucleic acid screening in key areas, and hundreds of millions of test sample data flow to major disease control and tripartite testing centers.

In fact, we all know that in some nucleic acid testing bases, designated hospitals and CDC, a large amount of wastewater will be produced every day. If these wastewater are not effectively treated, it will become an important way to disperse epidemic diseases and even seriously pollute the environment. Through the multi-party communication and understanding of our marketing manager and continuous communication with customers, the customers finally chose the newly developed upyl series medical wastewater machine recommended by us through online search and comparison.

Up to now, a number of nucleic acid testing bases, centers for Disease Control and prevention and designated health centers in Jiangsu have signed a contract for YOUPU ultra pure medical wastewater treatment plant. The cooperation of many projects this time is inseparable from the efforts of our sales staff and the trust and support of customers for our products.

As a waste water treatment equipment, upyl series medical waste water treatment machine newly developed by youpuda is designed by adopting the circulating ozone oxidation + chemical oxidation disinfection process to disinfection and sterilization and inactivate viruses more thoroughly, with intelligent interconnection design, small floor area, fool like operation, no need for special personnel to be on duty, and has remote dynamic and alarm functions, without secondary pollution. After the waste water is treated, The discharge can meet the water pollution discharge standard of medical institutions in gb18466-2005.

In the special period of epidemic prevention and control, after the customer’s equipment arrived at the site, the installation also caused trouble for them. In order to fully support our customers and ensure our commitment, our after-sales engineers will try their best to go to the customer’s site to install equipment after customer service difficulties and taking all necessary safety precautions. In case of failure to provide door-to-door services due to the impact of the epidemic, we will also take emergency plans:provide remote technical support through online video, or in case of emergency, We will also dispatch engineers from areas not affected by the epidemic to complete the installation service.

Youpuda’s after-sales service has also been highly praised by many customers, especially in a project of this installation,

In order to ensure that the customer’s equipment can operate on time, our after-sales engineer arrived at the customer’s site on time by walking alone in a place unfamiliar with his life in the heavy rain for more than an hour, which is enough to prove that we”think what the customer thinks and worry about what the customer needs” in our after-sales service of youpuda, and all services are only for the customer’s satisfaction.

At present, YOUPU ultra pure upyl series medical wastewater processor has been stably operated in more than 10 institutions such as disease control, hospitals and third-party testing in Jiangsu Province, such as Nantong nucleic acid testing base and Suzhou hospital nucleic acid testing base, meeting the requirements of customers’ wastewater discharge standards. In the critical period of the battle for epidemic prevention and control, Sichuan youpuda will continue to provide solutions for medical wastewater treatment in various regions and contribute to the cause of environmental protection.

In the post epidemic era, epidemic prevention and control will be normalized. As a provider of water treatment equipment, with more than ten years of production experience, youpuda continues to practice the concept of environmental protection, adhere to product innovation and technology promotion, provide customers with high-performance and high-quality water treatment equipment, and use scientific and technological forces to help fight the”epidemic”.


Although we are not sure when victory will come, we firmly believe that it will come.

In order to fight the epidemic, countless people have never left their posts during this special period,

They left us a tall figure walking in the opposite direction.

Let’s pay tribute to every rebel fighting on the front line:you’ve worked hard!

Summer comes as promised, and the epidemic will eventually end!