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Kunling, an innovative clinical cro company, completed a financing of US $150million, led by Junlian capital

On July 5, clinchoice Kunling, an international innovative clinical cro company, announced that it had completed a financing of US $150million. This round of financing was led by Junlian capital, followed by Taikang Life Insurance, Sherpa capital, and existing shareholders Lilly Asia Fund, Xingze capital and Yuanhe origin. So far, clinchoice Kunling has completed several rounds of financing, including Goldman Sachs Group, Delong, Yuanhe origin and other well-known investment institutions.

It is understood that this round of financing will be committed to continuous expansion, innovative business development and mergers and acquisitions in China and overseas.

Zhen Ling, global chairman and CEO of clinchoice Kunling, expressed his gratitude to all investment institutions for their trust in clinchoice Kunling. This round of capital investment has fully verified the rapid development and future potential of clinchoice Kunling in the field of clinical cro. With the completion of the new round of financing, we will also further promote the company’s local and global market layout, business iterative upgrading and commercialization process, and make our modest contribution to human health and safety.

Zhou Hongbin, CO chief investment officer of Junlian capital, said that he was very happy to cooperate with the company’s management, Lilly Asia Fund, Goldman Sachs and other old investors and shareholders, and thanked him for his support and recognition of Junlian. Clinchoice Kunling is a clinical cro company we continue to pay attention to. Before making investment decisions, we made a comprehensive and in-depth investigation and were deeply impressed by the company’s advantages, innovation ability and talent team. We are willing to work together to build clinchoice Kunling into a practitioner and leader in the clinical cro industry.

Clinchoice Kunling is based in China and serves the world. With a professional team of more than 3000 people in China, the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, it provides a full range of one-stop clinical research and development services for global emerging biomedical and medical device customers. The company has completed the registration, clinical design and development of more than 1000 phase I-IV full-service clinical projects and nearly 100 innovative drugs.

Last year, the company successfully completed the acquisition of Qihuang and laibiyi, and strengthened the layout of high-quality traditional Chinese medicine, be test and phase I clinical trial platform. The successful completion of this round of financing will once again help the company to quickly complete the global layout in combination with its rapid organic growth and a series of mergers and acquisitions, provide world-class clinical services for China’s innovative drugs’ overseas business, and become the preferred clinical research and development partner for emerging biopharmaceuticals and devices at home and abroad.

About clinchoice Kunling

ClinChoiceIt is a clinical development outsourcing service provider, mainly for domestic and foreign biopharmaceutical or medical device companies, and can provide domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises with comprehensive one-stop services, including consulting services, project management, registration services, clinical trial design, EDC, medical writing and medical translation, data management and biosystem SMO, safety evaluation and phase I, II, III and IV clinical trial services.