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Li Bin, an outstanding member of the Chinese society of cell biology

In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the spirit of the central talent work conference, implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee on talent work in the new era, and vigorously carry forward the spirit of scientists, the Chinese Society for cell biology will promote the majority of talents to actively carry forward the excellent qualities of scientists who cherish the motherland and serve the people by displaying the vanguard models of its party members.

Li Bin, researcher/Senior

Position of the Institute:
Executive Director/Director of Science Popularization Committee of Chinese society of cell biology

Research direction:

Molecular immunology

Work unit:

Shanghai Institute of Immunology

Time of joining the party:

July 1st, 2007

Party position:
  Secretary of the second party branch, Department of immunology and microbiology, School of basic medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Brief introduction or main deeds:

李斌, 二级研究员、上海交通大学特聘教授、Shanghai Institute of Immunology科研副所长、余㵑学者,普米斯生物联合创始人及科学委员会主席。李斌研究员1996年获安徽师范大学生物系学士,2001年北京大学生命科学学院博士,2001-09年美国宾夕法尼亚大学医学院博士后及高级研究助理,2002-03年牛津大学病理学院研究访问学者,上海市科技启明星(A类),2016年上海市领军人才。李斌长期聚焦研究FOXP3蛋白翻译后修饰、调节性T细胞可塑性及组织特异性Treg发育分化,致力于深入理解调节性T细胞功能调控相关免疫学机制及其临床应用。