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LIBS coal quality online monitoring system of Shanxi Institute of Tsinghua University was successfully put into operation

Recently, Tashan power generation company of Jinneng holding power group successfully put into operation LIBS coal quality online monitoring system, marking another step in the construction of”smart power plant”. The monitoring system is2020 Shanxi science and technology major special project (the first batch of bidding projects) project of”whole process energy-saving intelligent monitoring technology and engineering demonstration of thermal power units”A major topic inThe scientific research team of Tsinghua University unveiled the list for technology research and development and the transformation and application of achievements, Tsinghua University and Tashan power generation company have successfully put the system into operation after nearly two years of efficient cooperation.

The LIBS online coal quality monitoring system put into use by the company uses advanced technologyLaser induced penetration spectroscopy, the characteristic parameters of coal can be detected in a short time, and the results can be directly fed back to the operation control center to provide relevant parameters for the control system in real time. At the same time, the DCS of the generator set displays the basic parameters such as the incoming coal belt, the raw coal bin level and the output of the coal mill, visually and in real time supervise the coal flow stroke, display, track, query and analyze the coal quality change trend of the operating unit in real time, dynamically monitor and optimize the boiler combustion, and provide technical support for the efficient and low pollution combustion of coal. It is of great significance to improve energy efficiency and ensure the economy and safety of thermal power plant production.In addition to the advantages of fast measurement speed and simultaneous analysis of multiple elements,Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)It also has the advantages of safety, no radiation and low cost. It is an advanced coal quality on-line monitoring technology at present. It can completely replace the artificial coal quality off-line acquisition and analysis with time lag, save 2 to 3 workers, and shorten the coal quality detection and analysis time to 12 minutes.

The achievement was made bySmart energy R & D team of Shanxi Clean Energy Research Institute of Tsinghua University (hereinafter referred to as Tsinghua Shanxi Institute)Lead the completion. Tsinghua Shanxi Institute is an institution independently organized by Tsinghua University and supported by the people’s Government of Shanxi Province, which is engaged in scientific research related activities and achievement transformation. Since its formal establishment in December 2015, Tsinghua Shanxi Institute has given full play to the discipline, technology and talent advantages of Tsinghua University, complemented its advantages with Shanxi resources, industry and policies, and produced a number of fruitful scientific research and transformation achievements.

The smart energy R & D team carries out R & D and application around the key technologies of the smart energy system. The thermal power unit performance monitoring system developed by the team, in cooperation with Taiyuan University of technology, Shanxi huarentong Power Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Zhangdian Datang Tashan Power Generation Co., Ltd., undertook the bidding project of Shanxi science and technology plan – the whole process energy-saving intelligent monitoring technology and engineering demonstration of thermal power units, and realized the demonstration application of the above technologies in thermal power units in Shanxi Province.