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Live broadcast preview of”Yi Ka Shuo” Vol.9:the second phase of the danger and opportunity of domestic semiconductor equipment

In the past two years, the semiconductor equipment industry in Chinese Mainland has developed rapidly, far faster than the global growth rate. according toAccording to semi data, the scale of global semiconductor equipment has continued to grow in recent years. In two hundred and two1, the global semiconductor equipment market scale was $10two.six billion, with a year-on-year increase of fourfour%. It is expected that the market scale will increase by about 11%in two hundred and twotwo, about $11four billion. In two hundred and two1, the sales volume of semiconductor equipment in Chinese Mainland was US $two9.six billion, with a year-on-year increase of 5six%, accounting for two8.85%of the global sales volume of semiconductor equipment. The growth rate of semiconductor equipment industry in Chinese Mainland is far higher than the global average.

However, the current semiconductor equipment market is highly concentrated, and overseas leaders are in a monopoly position. Semiconductor equipment has three high barriers:technical barriers, customer awareness barriers and market barriers. The research and development cycle is long and difficult. High end equipment is almost monopolized by foreign brands. The majority of users do not have sufficient understanding and recognition of the development of domestic semiconductor equipment. How to further enhance the cognition and recognition of domestic semiconductor equipment brands is still a key issue in front of domestic enterprises.

With the intensification of trade barriers, the tenacious growth of local equipment manufacturers and the strong support of the government, local equipment manufacturers have more room for trial and error and growth, and the order volume has increased significantly in the past two years. At the same time, in the context of the impact of the epidemic and the sharp rise in global demand for equipment, compared with overseas equipment, domestic equipment has a relatively good delivery time, and has advantages in supporting services and response speedChain safetyIt is guaranteed.

Based on this, instrument information networkUnited Electronic Industry Press inseven-8Monthly invitationSemiconductor equipment manufacturers (domestic and international manufacturers), semiconductor equipment users, etcWith the theme of”risks and opportunities of domestic semiconductor equipment”seriesThe interview is close to the”core” sound of the enterprise and speaks for the current situation of the industry, with a view to improving users’ awareness and recognition of domestic semiconductor equipment brands.


Instrument information networkElectronic Industry Press

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two hundred and twotwoyearsevenmonthtwotwoDay 1four:00-1six:00

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Dr. chenchunzhang

Dr. chenchunzhang,现为鹏城实验室研究员,China科学院大学和浙江大学兼职/兼任教授。担任《Integrated circuit industry全书》英文版(Handbooks of IC Industry, Springer, 待出版, two hundred and two3) 编委会副主编;《集成电路series丛书》编委会副秘书长。

Dr. chenchunzhang曾在Kaideng, USA(Cadence)电子公司1sixyear(199seven-two013), 任职该公司技术总监、工程师总监、资深经理、EDA讲师等职。先后参与或支持过数10家全球大客户的 IC 产品技术与设计流程开发,并带领团队在北京参与建立和运行”Cadence 大学”。

Chen chunzhang Yutwo008year出版《数字集成电路物理设计》,two015year编译《混合信号设计方法学指导》,two018year任《Integrated circuit industry全书》编委会副秘书长等,近year来发表集成电路技术研究文章10多篇。他1995year加入American TAIDING(Trident)公司两year,并在无锡华大国奇科技公司(two01four-two018)担任市场与销售副总裁等。

早year曾担任China科学院助理研究员、在美国数家学术机构(198seven-1995:长岛BNL, 旧金山UCSF, 纽约市Columbia大学)从事辐射物理学与辐射生物学等基础科学研究工作,曾发表科学研究论文30多篇。他毕业于China科学技术大学近代物理系,英国圣安德鲁斯大学硕士和物理学博士。

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Integrated circuit industryBreakthroughs and challenges

与Integrated circuit industry结缘

ChinaIntegrated circuit industry的现状

ChinaIntegrated circuit industry该如何破局

ChinaIntegrated circuit industry的未来发展趋势


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