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“Make the refractometer better, smaller and more cost-effective” –“innovation 100” interview with Beijing Pilot Lijia electromechanical Co., Ltd

Founded in 2013, Beijing Pilot Lijia electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a supplier of liquid concentration measurement products and industrial solutions, focusing on the design and manufacture of liquid measurement instruments. It is mainly engaged in the R & D and production of optical measurement instruments, mainly providing portable digital refractometer, online liquid concentration sensor and other products. It is a national high-tech enterprise and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise.

Ma Yufeng, the founder of pilot Lijia, paid attention to the development and growth of this liquid concentration measurement product enterprise.

Founder of Beijing Pilot Lijia electromechanical Co., Ltd Mayufeng


“Making the refractometer products better, smaller and more cost-effective” is the most simple wish of the pilot Lijia technical team. On this basis, the product development of pilot Lijia always follows the”4S” principle -“small”,”smart”,”low cost” and”scale”, that is, all the R & D products of pilot Lijia in the future must meet the following four conditions:small, intelligent, low cost and large-scale production, Let refractometer products serve more people and more industries.

According to the principle of optical refraction, pilot Lijia products can online measure the concentration percentage, refractive index, temperature and other parameters of various chemical liquids such as DMAC, NMP, DMF, automotive urea, cutting fluid, emulsion, glycol, ammonia, alcohol cleaning fluid, etc. the products are widely used in food and beverage, fruit and vegetable processing, sugar industry, daily chemical industry, biopharmaceutical, clinical inspection, petrochemical industry, metal manufacturing and many other fields.

At present, pilot Lijia has provided differentiated products and professional industry solutions for many fields, such as food and beverage, fruit and vegetable processing, sugar industry, daily chemical industry, biopharmaceutics, clinical testing, petrochemical industry, metal manufacturing, etc.

Our products are not only sold well all over the country, but also exported to overseas markets such as Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, and have received extensive praise from users.

Instrument information network:what is the current R & D capability of pilot Lijia?

Mayufeng:With the industry-leading independent core technology and sustainable R & D capability, pilot Lijia is a national high-tech enterprise and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise. At present, it has 25 employees, R & D personnel account for more than 30%, and the office area is about 800 square meters.

The core team members in the early days of the founding of pilot Lijiacheng have more than 10 years of experience in refractometer product development, which has laid a solid foundation for the smooth start of the project.

Pilot Lijia has independently developed patents, including 1 invention patent, 8 utility model patents, 5 appearance patents, and 6 software registration rights. And has applied for ISO9001 certificate and 14001 certificate.

Instrument information network:what is the competitive advantage of pilot Lijia at present?


First, technological advantages.The product functions of pilotage Lijia mainly include:accurate refractive index measurement, temperature measurement, conversion of refractive index and concentration or density, uploading measurement data to cloud or industrial computer, and monitoring and analysis of cloud big data.

Second, application advantages.Pilotage Lijia advocates that refractometer products should be miniaturized, miniaturized, digitalized and networked, and enter all walks of life and thousands of households. Because the refractometer products have the advantages of non-destructive, fast, stable, and many kinds of measurable liquids, it is suitable to combine with big data and the Internet of things, conduct data analysis, provide effective data services, and thus form new applications.

Third, cost performance advantages.Pilotage Lijia products always adhere to the R & D route of”miniaturization”,”low cost” and”large-scale production”. In order to make refractometer products serve more industry users and consumers, the market price is only about 30%of similar products of foreign brands.

Instrument information network:what are the current performance growth points of pilot Lijia?


The C-end includes applications in the consumer market of small household appliances, such as intelligent sugar control water cups. The applications of b-terminal online sensors for the industrial Internet of things are gradually enriched. Currently, the use scenarios that the products focus on include vehicle exhaust management, lithium battery process liquid management, structural processing liquid management, fine brewing beer brewing process management, etc. The g-end includes applications in the field of environmental monitoring, such as road traffic law enforcement.

Instrument information network:what is the current market layout of pilot Lijia?

Mayufeng:After more than 20 years of accumulation, I and my technical team have achieved the original accumulation of basic technologies in the refractometer industry, including optical principles, optical structures, manufacturing processes, circuit design, software algorithms, etc.

In terms of the development concept of the enterprise, we also pay more attention to the overall planning and market layout. At the same time, adhering to the”4S” product research and development idea, paying attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, and actively exploring the domestic market, the market competitiveness and market share of pilot Lijia products have been continuously improved.

1. Technological Development

From the perspective of technological development, through innovative optical design, pilot Ricard not only makes the product performance more stable, but also significantly reduces the cost of the product, making the refractometer product miniaturized, even miniaturized; At the same time, combined with the design concepts of”big data application” and”Internet +”, it has filled many industry gaps and laid a solid foundation for the popularization, promotion and application of digital refractometer products.

2. Trade Development

From the perspective of trade, in the past, our medium and high-end instruments and meters were imported for a long time, and the high-end instruments and meters were almost monopolized by foreign companies. The world-renowned refractometer R & D and production manufacturers include atago in Japan, b+h in Germany, Anton Paar in Austria, METTLER TOLEDO in Switzerland, Rudolph company in the United States, etc. among them, atago in Japan has a significant advantage in China’s domestic market and is mainly sold through agents. In particular, sensor instruments and meters are not only expensive, but also more than 80%of them come from abroad.

Over the years, through our continuous efforts, we have not only greatly reduced the production cost of digital refractometer products, made the appearance design of products tend to miniaturization, but also solved the problems of large-scale production of products, so as to improve the competitiveness and market share of products in the domestic and international markets, and gained extensive praise from users at home and abroad. Let”made in China, invented in China” really go to the world!

3. Social benefits

For a long time, due to the weak technology research and development foundation and lack of brand awareness of domestic related enterprises in liquid measuring instruments, foreign refractometer products have occupied the vast majority of the domestic market of high-end instruments and meters. Facing this situation, we are deeply responsible. Although the overall level of measurement instruments and equipment in China does lag behind the international advanced level, especially the design level of optical measurement systems, we must meet the difficulties, break the technological monopoly of foreign enterprises, and create a national brand in the field of intelligent measurement in China.

In the face of such a gap, we need to increase and speed up investment, and pay attention to technological research and development and the transformation and upgrading of production lines. The instrument and meter industry is a long march for practitioners. We have been racing against time. Through more than 20 years of efforts, we have made great progress in the field of Refractometers. Our refractometer products have grown from scratch, from scratch to precision, and continue to move forward.

At the same time, the application field of refractometer products has also been expanded unprecedentedly. At present, the application fields include food processing, automobile, medical treatment, energy, textile, printing, chemical industry and other industries, as well as laboratories, universities, scientific research institutes and other units. The product can be used to measure the sugar concentration of food and beverage, measure the indicators of human urine, measure the parameters of battery electrolyte (battery power measurement and life diagnosis), measure the freezing point of automotive glass water and refrigeration fluid and the boiling point of brake oil, measure the indicators of diesel fuel added urea (AdBlue) and the quality of gasoline and diesel, etc. It not only breaks down industry barriers and refines user groups, but also achieves good social benefits.

Instrument information network:what is the positioning of pilot Lijia products in the industrial Internet of things?

Mayufeng:Pilotage Lijia has been deeply engaged in the refractometer industry for 20 years. With the double high certification of”national high-tech enterprise” and”Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise”, it has an ODM product system with independent intellectual property rights. Its products cover domestic and overseas markets in Europe, the United States, South Korea and India. It not only supports the cloud storage of measurement data, but also realizes the transformation of the Internet of things of products, and is committed to becoming a domestic first-class supplier of industrial liquid photoelectric sensors.

The positioning of pilot Lijia products in the industrial Internet of things is to comply with the development needs of”industry 4.0″, emphasize the construction of industrial Internet of things, and highlight the application of sensors.

Made in China 2025 emphasizes the intellectualization of production and forms advantages in smart logistics (supply chain) and data learning capabilities, including:

1. Hardware system of Internet of things based on sensors, controllers and mobile devices

Wireless/wired networks, radio frequency tags (RFID) and sensors constitute the hardware architecture of basic services.

2. Service Internet based on software platform

The automatic integration of PLM, SCM, CRM, ERP and other functions is realized through cloud services and edge computing.

3. Data fusion based on information physical system

The physical objects and virtual objects in the CPS system communicate through the network, and the production data are touched by each processing node through the network.

4. Future data providers (MAAS)

Get through the discrete physical perception system, and achieve efficiency improvement among information systems through the sharing and sharing of collected data (big data) and decision-making strategies (intelligent learning).

Instrument information network:what is the development trend of navigator Rieger refractometer products?

Mayufeng:The development trend of pilotage Lijia refractometer products has three aspects:

1. Combine with big data and Internet of things, conduct data analysis, and provide effective data services. Big data processing and data analysis in the cloud is the development trend of modern information society.

2. Miniaturization and miniaturization development

In the future, people need many sensors to quantify our life and perceive all links of industrial production. Large and bulky traditional measuring equipment is gradually away from our work and life. As a refractometer used to measure the refractive index of liquid, it is more suitable for the current technology trend because of its advantages of non-destructive, fast, stable and many kinds of measurable liquid.

Let the digital refractometer miniaturize, miniaturize, digitize and network into all walks of life and thousands of households, which is the irreversible development trend of refractometer products.

3. Diversified application scenarios

At present, pilot Lijia has more than 100 kinds of liquid refractive index data, which correspond to the corresponding technical indicators and reference parameters of various liquids in nearly a dozen different industries; It can be converted into industry data in various fields, and has a very wide range of applications. It plays an excellent role in quality control and supervision of industrial production.

Instrument information network:how do you evaluate the current development of the company, what is your vision for the future development of the company, and what is the most desired thing to achieve?









At present, pilot Lijia has more than 100 kinds of liquid refractive index data, which correspond to the corresponding technical indicators and reference parameters of various liquids in nearly a dozen different industries; It can be converted into industry data in various fields, and has a very wide range of applications. It plays an excellent role in quality control and supervision of industrial production.





有了之前二十余年产品研发工作的积累,并明确创业的目标和方向,深挖国内市场需求,并制定了领航力嘉的产品开发“4S”原则,即:“Small”、”Smart”、”Low cost”、”Scale”。即未来领航力嘉所有的研发产品必须要满足以下4个条件:小巧、智能化、低成本、可规模化生产。











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