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Mid year review of new products of thermal analyzer in 2022:domestic new products are rising

According to the data of research institutions, the global market size of thermal analysis instruments was 483.43 million US dollars in 2021, and the market size increased at a compound annual growth rate of 4.6%from 2021 to 2028. The global market size of thermal analysis instruments is expected to reach about 664.34 million US dollars in 2028.

In recent years, major thermal analyzer manufacturers have increased their investment in new product research and development. In 2021 alone, 3 imported new products and 11 domestic new products were launched, including imported thermal analyzer manufacturers Hitachi analytics of Japan and Kemp technology Setaram of France; Domestic manufacturers include Tianmei, Mianyang finali, Shanghai Zhonglu, Nanjing Huicheng, Shanghai Hesheng, Hangzhou Yangyi, and Xiamen haienmai. Looking at the listing of new domestic thermal analyzers, in the past two years, the number of new domestic thermal analyzers on the market has been significantly higher than that of imported products.

In 2022, the global market scale of thermal analysis instruments was about US $505.67 million. In the first half of 2022, only one new product was listed in China (according to incomplete statistics), and the new product of thermal analysis was Beijing Hengjiu differential scanning calorimeter HSC-4.

Review of new products launched by thermal analysis in 2021

Name of manufacturer

New products launched in 2021 (click to view details)

Hitachi analytics

Hitachi analytics差示扫描量热仪DSC600&DSC200(上市时间:2021年1月)

France Kaipu technology – Setaram

Setline TGA, thermogravimetric analyzer of Setaram, France (launch time:October 2021)

Tianmei (former Jingke/Shangping)

Tianmei (former Jingke/Shangping)智能差示扫描量热仪 DSC30(上市时间:2021年7月)

Mianyang finali

Mianyang finaliCalvet式3D微量热仪 UT310

Shanghai Zhonglu

Shanghai Zhonglu差示扫描量热仪(10.1寸工控机操作)DSC-500DS(上市时间:2021年6月)

Shanghai Zhonglu热重分析仪TGA1150A/1450A(上市时间:2021年5月)

Nanjing Huicheng

Nanjing Huicheng导热系数测试仪(高导专用)HCDR-SP(上市时间:2021年11月)

Shanghai Hesheng

Shanghai Hesheng热重分析仪HS-TGA-101(上市时间:2021年5月)

Shanghai Hesheng差示扫描量热仪HS-DSC-101(2021年4月)

Shanghai Hesheng差示扫描量热仪(半导体制冷)HS-DSC-101A(上市时间:2021年4月)

Hangzhou Yangyi

Hangzhou Yangyi电池等温量热BIC-400A(上市时间:2021年6月)

Xiamen haienmai

Xiamen haienmai芯片式热重分析仪

New products of thermal analysis aboveintroduceSee:《Inventory of new instruments of thermal analysis manufacturers in 2021:3 imported and 11 domestic



Beijing Hengjiu differential scanning calorimeter HSC-4 (time of market:January 2022)

Beijing Hengjiu Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of thermal analysis instruments (differential thermal analyzer, integrated thermal analyzer, synchronous thermal analyzer, microcomputer differential thermal balance, microcomputer differential thermal analyzer, thermogravimetric analyzer, microcomputer thermal balance, differential scanning calorimeter, oxidation induction period analyzer, microcomputer horizontal expansion analyzer, high temperature and high pressure thermal balance, large dose thermal balance) (physicochemical instruments, catalyst evaluation device, fixed bed evaluation device), Customize various high-pressure corrosion-resistant chemical equipment, fluidized bed equipment, laboratory physicochemical equipment as one of the comprehensive high-tech manufacturers.

Innovation of the new instrument:the external light curing control system can quickly complete the curing curve measurement of monomer and multi-body solution under a certain intensity of light. The temperature range of the light source is -100 ° C-200 ° C, and the wavelength range of the light source is (315-500 nm), which can be easily set and triggered by the control software.


1. The heat flow differential scanning calorimeter has good repeatability and high accuracy, and is especially suitable for the accurate measurement of specific heat.

2. The self-developed gas chromatography, mass spectrometry connector, constant temperature band and constant temperature controller can fully ensure the secondary detection of tar and various reaction gases.

3. Perfect two-way atmosphere control system, using mass flow controller; During the measurement process, you can select the two-way air inlet mode, and the software settings are automatically switched.

4. The instrument is equipped with reference materials. Users can calibrate each temperature section by themselves to reduce the error of the instrument.

The software can realize all kinds of data processing, such as calculation of enthalpy, glass transition temperature, oxidation induction period, melting point and crystallization of substances, etc.

5. Large screen liquid crystal display, real-time display of the status and data of the instrument, two sets of temperature measuring thermocouples, one to display the sample temperature during operation, and the other to display the furnace temperature in real time.

Brief introduction of main manufacturers of thermal analysis instruments:

Differential scanning calorimeter (dsc/dta):setalam, Beijing Hengjiu, Zhonglu, Huicheng instrument, Mettler Toledo, Dazhan, Hesheng, Netzsch, Ta instrument, Hitachi, Lindsay, Perkin Elmer, Beiou instrument, malvinpanaco, jd.i.t., Jiubin instrument, physics, Shimadzu, Jiahang instrument, Yiyang, kereo, yingnuo, Tianmei, Zhengrui Taibang, Lindsay, Germany.

Thermogravimetric analyzer/thermobalance (TGA):Netzsch, Setaram, Beijing Hengjiu, Mettler Toledo, Lindsay, Zhonglu, Dazhan,, Huicheng instrument, Ta instrument, Hesheng, yingnuo, Perkin Elmer, Jiubin instrument, lik, mikewei, Jiahang instrument, Eltek, Tianmei.

同步热分析仪(STA):耐驰、Hitachi analytics仪器、塞塔拉姆、理学、众路、汇诚仪器、日立、京仪高科、和晟、珀金埃尔默、德国林赛斯、新科、久滨仪器、梅特勒托利多、TA 仪器、北京恒久、佳航仪器、盈诺、大展、贝讴仪器

动态热机械分析仪(DMA/TMA/DMTA):耐驰、IMCE、日立、梅特勒托利多、麦特韦伯、TA 仪器、塞塔拉姆、珀金埃尔默、岛津、Hitachi analytics仪器、安东帕、林赛斯、德国林赛斯

Thermal expansion instrument:TA instrument, German Lindsay, kereo, Netzsch, Yiyang, Jingyi high tech, Orton, Beijing Hengjiu, Lindsay

Thermal analysis combined instrument:Perkin Elmer, Netzsch, science, Beijing Hengjiu

Thermal conductivity meter, thermal conductivity meter:TA instrument, Netzsch, Xiaxi electronics, Lindsay, hot disk, Yiyang, German Lindsay, Huicheng instrument, Hesheng, kereo, Dazhan, Zhonglu, Kyoto electronics, SEO, lambda

Melting point instrument:Yidian Wuguang, Zhuoguang, Jiahang instrument, Haineng, yinnuo, benang instrument, Buqi, Standford, Mettler Toledo, Tianguang, chubo, SRS, Stuart, JingTuo instrument

Calorimeter:finali, heyle, Yangyi technology, sandhi, Jinkai instrument, malvinpanaco, Netzsch, Parr, mettletoledo, Minsheng star, DDS, Setaram