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More than 120 sets of scientific instruments have been applied in total, and the major projects have passed the comprehensive performance evaluation

Recently,The key special project”development and application of gas-liquid two-phase flow parameter measuring instrument” of the national key R & D plan”development of major scientific instruments and equipment” led by Changsha Xiangji Haidun Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the comprehensive performance evaluation of the high technology center of the Ministry of science and technology recently.

Gas liquid two-phase flow measurement is mainly used in the fields of energy and chemical industry, in the field of energy, in the process control and capacity measurement of oil and gas exploitation, and in the field of chemical industry, in the parameter monitoring and safety control of fluidized bed and heat exchanger. In order to meet the domestic demand for gas-liquid two-phase flow parameter measuring instruments in energy, chemical and other fields, after three years of efforts, the project has carried out the research on multi-sensor fusion technology based on”capacitance tomography sensor + microwave tomography sensor + venturi flow sensor”, and solved the key technologies such as the design and preparation of sensing components, the design of high-pressure and waterproof sealing of the instrument, high-speed and high-resolution tomography, A gas-liquid two-phase flow parameter measuring instrument with independent intellectual property rights has been developed, and more than 120 sets have been applied in shale gas wells and oil wells. It is of great significance to realize the domestic demand of gas-liquid two-phase flow parameter measuring instrument in energy, chemical industry and other fields.

Scientific instruments and equipment are the cornerstone of scientific research and technological innovation and an important guarantee for economic and social development and national defense security. It is reported that in order to effectively improve the independent innovation ability and equipment level of China’s scientific instruments and equipment, promote industrial upgrading and development, and support the implementation of the innovation driven development strategy, the national key R & D plan launched and implemented the key special project of”major scientific instruments and equipment development” in 2016.