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Mortal shimmer:a handwritten letter from Shanghai residents to Shimadzu employees

“On the spot record of the instrument circle’s fight against COVID-19 in 2022”Special activities, widely solicit the outstanding deeds of scientific instrument enterprises in this round of fighting the epidemic, and display and carry forward the deeds and spirit of the instrument circle in fighting the epidemic bravely.

What I want to share today isA letter of thanks from a resident of Lingyun apartment in Meilong four village, Xuhui District, Shanghai to Shimadzu enterprise management (China) Co., Ltd., entitled”mortal shimmer – praise volunteer Han Ting”

  The original text of the letter is as follows:

Mortal shimmer — praise volunteer Han Ting

Dear leaders of Shimadzu enterprise management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.:

I am a resident of Lingyun apartment, No. 95, Meilong fourth village, Xuhui District. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai in early March this year, as an old man in the same building with Han Ting (I have never been in contact with and familiar with her before the epidemic, but I have gradually learned about it in recent times.) In this sudden epidemic, Mr. Han Ting volunteered to serve the residents of the building from beginning to end, solve problems for everyone, be responsible for doing a good job in various epidemic prevention work bit by bit, and truthfully report to you. At the same time, on behalf of more than 450 residents of 200 households of our building, we also express our deep gratitude and high respect for Mr. Han Ting’s hard work and the noble quality of giving up our family.

March in spring should be the best season of the year. However, a sudden epidemic caught everyone off guard. Since March 4, our building has been in a closed-loop and sealed state for more than 50 days. Facing the leading problems such as material shortage, medical treatment, epidemic prevention and control, as the building and Meilong four village community are managed by a property company, the neighborhood committee is also unable to take into account many difficulties and problems of the building. At such a critical moment, Mr. Han Ting stepped forward, quickly contacted several residents of the building, formed a volunteer service team, undertook the various life needs and urgent expectations of more than 450 people, and made each of us feel a warmth and glimmer in anxiety.

In order to let everyone know the information in time and help understand and solve the difficulties, Mr. Han Ting has established a contact group for Lingyun apartment residents. If anyone has difficulties and needs, just say it in the group, and Mr. Han will help contact and solve the problems at the first time. The old man has no myrrh, the child has a fever in the middle of the night, the baby milk powder is running out, the elderly residents can’t scan the nucleic acid code with their mobile phones, and so on. Everyone will find Han Ting, and she will try her best to help you. She has received the praise from the residents of the whole building. Even our adjacent building, she will lend a helping hand and try her best to help. Room 404 of Building 1 will go to the shelter because the little husband and wife are positive, leaving three-year-old children and the elderly, When the house was just renovated, many daily necessities could not be configured. After learning about it, Mr. Han called for a charity donation in the group all night. He was busy all night. The next morning, he was full of love materials and sent them to the home of the caller. Quilts, mattresses, baby diapers, food, milk powder, and even toys. Some residents said to Han Ting:it’s too hard for you to take care of our building and other buildings. Han Ting’s words moved everyone:”people’s hearts are the same. I’m also the mother of a child. At such a moment, as long as I have some strength, I can help. That’s saving people in danger.”

Once I asked Han Ting,”I’m so tired of volunteering. Should the government give you appropriate financial subsidies?” Mr. Han’s answer immediately made me cry:”the volunteers in our building are not included in the community volunteer establishment. We never think about those. We just do what we should do. After all, we are young. Many of your old people and children are not around. We should take good care of you. If you have any difficulties, tell me that as long as I can do it, I will try my best.” Just such a little woman, how powerful her heart is. For all of us, she devoted all her time and energy to more than 450 people in the whole building except her own work. We are deeply lucky to have such a kind, honest and responsible girl as our neighbor. Thanks to the day and night care of volunteers like Mr. Han, there has been no positive case in our building. The maintenance of our epidemic free building is inseparable from the painstaking efforts of Mr. Han. Thank you again. We are used to calling you Meiting!

The epidemic situation has no lover and love, and ordinary people glow and warm people:I believe that under the general policy of dynamic clearing of the government, the care and care of teachers Han’s volunteers and the concerted cooperation of all of us, the epidemic situation will pass away as soon as possible and the normal happy life will return as soon as possible!

Here, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Han Ting once again, and thank your company for training and educating such excellent employees!

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