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New products of ulet flow cytometry are released! Confocal optical system, double laser, four to eight colors

The American AACC exhibition, which has been suspended for three years due to the COVID-19, will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago on July 26, 2022,AACC – clinical lab Expo, founded in 1949, is the highest quality and largest annual event in the field of clinical testing in the world. It is also a very important international academic conference and clinical testing Medical Equipment Expo in the field of clinical testing in the world. Every July, it is held in different cities in the United States to display a large number of the latest world clinical laboratory testing technology equipment and in vitro diagnostic products, attracting more than 50000 professionals from the international medical community from more than 110 countries to the event.

At this exhibition, for the first time, ulite will promote small size and great wisdom in the American marketFlow cytometry bf-700One machine multi-purpose automatic urine analysis system us-500 human machine and animal machine.

UliteBF-700Flow cytometry

Ulite敏锐洞察市场需求, 重磅推出Small stature and great wisdomBf-700 ofFlow cytometry,Ultra high sensitivity and simple cytour operation software, applicable to all kinds of clinical and scientific research laboratories.

BF-700Flow cytometryMain features:

Confocal optical system, excellent detection performance;

Dual laser four to eight color configuration, flexible selection;

Compact body, which can adapt to various test environments;

Absolute counting by volume method to reduce the detection cost;

Without preheating, it can be used immediately after startup, and one key quality control is available.

Us-500 automatic urinalysis systemMain features:

One machine with multiple functions:dry chemical analysis + urine sediment analysis, new conductivity and osmotic pressure items;

Artificial intelligence:deep learning, accurate analysis, 1.3 million pixels to restore the real mirror inspection;

Light and efficient:optional internal/external reagents, 10.4 inch comprehensive touch screen, simple and efficient operation.

According to the survey data, the global animal diagnosis market capacity in 2021 was about 37billion US dollars. Among them, the North American market is the largest, reaching US $13billion. Animal diagnosis includes pet diagnosis and poultry diagnosis. Products include diagnostic instruments, kits and reagents, software and services. Diagnostic techniques include immune diagnosis, clinical biochemical molecular diagnosis and hematology.


Us-500 automatic urinalysis system动物机Main features:

Special animal software + animal reagent;

AI intelligent analysis of urinary sediment, urinary sediment detection gold standard;

Built in reagent bag, light and efficient.