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New progress in dual carbon monitoring? Monitoring station expert cloud broadcast!

Since 2022, the pilot work of Carbon Monitoring and assessment has been carried out in various places.

As early as March 17, the instrument information network held the first webinar on carbon emission detection and monitoring, and invited five reporting experts to share the meetingThe content covers the development trend of monitoring technology under the background of carbon neutralization, manual greenhouse gas monitoring, automatic/online monitoring, greenhouse gas accounting, etc。 (Click the red letter on the rightWatch playback

During the meeting, China Environmental Monitoring StationTeacher Liang Xiao, shared with us the work progress of the monitoring station in Carbon Monitoring and the key development direction of monitoring technology.

Two months later,Chinese environmentWhat new progress has the monitoring station made in carbon emission and carbon monitoring? What are the new requirements for instrument performance verification?

Based on this, the organizer will hold the development and innovation forum of inspection and testing industry under the background of”carbon peak and carbon neutralization” on May 19.

  • 特邀出席:Chinese environment监测总站周刚高级工程师

作为特邀嘉宾,来自Chinese environment监测总站的高级工程师——周刚老师,将线上开讲!届时,各位专家还将围绕双碳议题,Interactive discussion with the audience in the live broadcast room!And Shimadzu brings you dry goods for greenhouse gas monitoring! Follow Xiaobian and have a preview!

  • Professor senior engineer of Tsinghua University:is electric vehicle the future of double carbon?

In fact, the proposal of double carbon goal is setting off a new energy revolution in a certain sense – can new energy vehicles shoulder the carbon neutralization mission of the automotive industry?

We invited Peng Yonglun, vice president of Beijing Institute of product quality supervision and inspection, an authoritative expert in the automotive industry.  

Vice President Peng, who graduated from the Department of physics of Tsinghua University in 2005, studied under Li Jiaming, a well-known physicist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and received a doctorate in science. Since August 2011, he has served as the vice president of Beijing Institute of product quality supervision and inspection; After the official establishment of the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) in 2013, he also served as the executive deputy director of the center, mainly responsible for the preparation and operation management of the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing Shunyi), the scientific and technological projects, capacity-building and strategic planning of Beijing product quality supervision and Inspection Institute.

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  • China Measurement Group:Carbon Monitoring Technology Scheme for government and enterprises

How can third-party testing institutions help implement the carbon monitoring work plan? Mr. Yang Liang, head of the Department of China testing and Certification Group, gave a lecture!

At that time, Mr. Yang will analyze the data accuracy and effectiveness of the existing carbon monitoring equipment with the goal of”3060″ carbon emission vision, and emphasize the improvement of the existing carbon monitoring system. From the government side and the enterprise side,This paper introduces the air quality carbon monitoring technology suitable for the government and the pollution source emission carbon monitoring technology suitable for the enterprise.Finally, taking a data platform that can realize Carbon Monitoring and traceability as the carrier, this paper puts forward a set of carbon monitoring implementation scheme with perfect functions, advanced technology and strong compatibility.

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Meeting schedule:

Report time Report subject Report guest
14:00–14:30 Can electric vehicles shoulder the mission of”carbon neutrality” in the automotive industry? Peng Yonglun, vice president of Beijing product quality supervision and Inspection Institute
14:30–15:00 Help carbon neutralization – Shimadzu greenhouse gas analysis solution Instrument application expert of guhui Shimadzu enterprise management (China) Co., Ltd
15:00–15:30 Latest application of carbon emission automatic/on-line monitoring technology Yang Lianghua, Department Manager of testing and Certification Group Co., Ltd
15:30–16:00 Technical status and performance testing requirements of carbon dioxide continuous monitoring system for waste gas from fixed pollution sources 周刚 Chinese environment监测总站 高级工程师