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Notice of the 6th magnetic resonance network conference (ICMR 2022) (the first round)

sincetwentycenturyfortySince the s, the continuous development of magnetic resonance technology has played a huge role in promoting the development of multi-disciplinary, and its application scope covers physics, chemistry, materials, biology and other disciplines. nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR)Electron paramagnetic resonance(EPR/ESR)Magnetic resonance imaging(MRI)Etc “Flowers bloom”;DNP, ultra-high speed solid-state NMR and other related new technologies and instruments emerge in endlessly; Low field and small portable NMR technology has been popularized due to its low operating cost and easy maintenance. For China, the development of magnetic resonance technology has attracted much attention in recent years. Although there is still a certain gap in the development and application of instrument technology compared with foreign countries, we also found that more and more research work related to magnetic resonance has won the recognition of the world, and more and more scientific researchers and enterprises have begun to research and develop instruments or key components. How to further strengthen the open exchanges with foreign countries to promote the development of China’s magnetic resonance industry is a topic worth pondering.

In order to promote and strengthen the academic exchange and cooperation of MRI workers at home and abroad, instrument information network( spectral society and the Journal of spectroscopy will be published ontwenty22yearninemonthtwenty-seven-twenty-eightJointly held the”6th magnetic resonance network conference” on August(iConference on Magnetic Resonance, abbreviationiCMR twenty22)”。 Relying on the mature online conference platform, the conference is committed to providing a learning and exchange platform that breaks through the time and geographical restrictions for the majority of MRI workers at home and abroad.

1、 Meeting time:twenty22yearninemonthtwenty-seven-twenty-eightday

2、 Conference organizer:Instrument information network, Beijing spectral society, Journal of spectroscopy

3、 Meeting content

iCMR twenty22branchfourSpecial sessions:

Special meeting arrangement


Special session name

ninemonthtwenty-sevenday    morning

magnetic resonance(MR)New technology and its application

ninemonthtwenty-sevenday    afternoon

核magnetic resonance(NMR)Technology and its application

ninemonthtwenty-eightday    morning

顺magnetic resonance(EPR/ESR)Technology and its application

ninemonthtwenty-eightday    afternoon

Low field NMR(LFNMR)与magnetic resonance成像(MRI)Technology and its application

4、 Meeting report method:Network online report, the report expert can choose to make a report remotely on the remote network, or go to the live broadcast room of instrument information network network to make a report. The report duration is:thirtybranch钟(containfivebranch钟网上讨论交流)

Now officially solicit contributions,Interested teachers pleasetwenty22yeareightmonth1fiveday前将姓名、单位、职位、报告题目(拟)、手机号码及邮箱,发到邮箱:[email protected], contact number:010-five16fivefortysevenseven-eight0fourfive


five、 Participation and sponsorship consultation:

Contact person:Ms. ye,010-five16fivefortysevenseven-eight0fourfive1eight2111nine61twenty-eight(Wechat same number)Email[email protected]

Sponsor contact:Mr. Wei,010-five16fivefortysevenseven-eight01five13fivefivetwenty-eight3four6nine3 (Wechat same number)Email[email protected]  

Instrument information network(Beijing xincube Technology Development Co., Ltd)



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