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Notice of the meeting | the 22nd China Materials Conference 2022 (CMC) and the international exhibition of new materials scientific research instruments and equipment



The 22nd China Materials Conference 2022 (CMC)

International new materials scientific research instrument and Equipment Exhibition

Date of the meeting:December 2-5, 2022 

Exhibition date:December 2-5, 2022        

Exhibition location:Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an District)

Exhibition cycle:once a year


SponsorChina Materials Research Society

Supported by:China Association for science and technology/Ministry of science and technology of China/Chinese Academy of Sciences/Chinese Academy of Engineering/National Natural Science Foundation of China

招商单位:China Materials Research Society展览部

Introduction to the exhibition:

“China Materials Conference”(简称:CMC)是China Materials Research Society的最重要的系列会议,也是我国材料界最具影响力的高水平学术研讨会,每年国内城市巡回举办一次,已在北京、重庆、青岛、长沙、成都、太原、贵阳、银川、厦门等地成功举办了21届。大会宗旨是为我国从事新材料科学研究、开发和产业化的专家、学者、教授、科技工作者、政府有关的管理部门和领导、企业家及其它相关人员搭建一个交流平台,交流和共享材料研究的最新成果,达到互相促进共同提高的目的,并提高新材料在我国国民经济和社会发展中的地位和作用。近几年来参会人员逐年增加,已成为我国材料界的品牌会议。

“中国材料大会2022”定于2022年12月2-5日在广东省深圳市深圳国际会展中心召开,会议由China Materials Research Society发起并主办。本届大会已征集53个分会场、7个国际论坛,8个青年材料论坛,1个教育论坛。主题涵盖了能源材料、环境材料、半导体材料、超导材料、高分子材料、高性能纤维及其复核材料、高温合金、超硬材料、生物医用材料、智能材料等前沿研究领域,预计参会代表15000人。In addition, international materials forum, frontier hot youth forum, Dawan district characteristic materials forum, materials education forum and International new materials scientific research instrument and Equipment ExhibitionThe number of exhibitors is expected to exceed 300, with an exhibition area of more than 20000 square meters and more than 30000 professional visitors.

The new edition of 2022 Exhibition:

1. “中国材料大会2022展览会”直接由China Materials Research Society展览部组织实施;

2. 展览会更名为更名为年中国材料大会2022International new materials scientific research instrument and Equipment Exhibition

3. Create a centralized and integrated mercantile exhibition platform of”conference exhibition catering academic poster talent recruitment”;

4. As a free group member of the society, participating enterprises enjoy various docking activities of the society throughout the year;

5. Participants can participate in the activities of each branch during the conference as free individual members of the society.

Previous review:

From July 8 to 12, 2021, the China Materials conference came to an end in Xiamen, with a total of 237 exhibitors and more than 12000 registered delegates, with a record scale.

Target customer groups:

Universities, materials engineering colleges, laboratories, scientific research institutes, unified solution suppliers, new material enterprises, governments, industry associations, trade, circulation, media

Last famous exhibitors:

Why are you here

1. More than 12000 delegates attended the conference, and the largest new materials academic conference in China was held at the same time

2. It has been successfully held for more than 13 years, and the accumulated industry database ensures the income of participants

3. More than 200 stable domestic and foreign industry exhibitors

4. Provide you with more than 50 professional academic and scientific research reports with the latest and most authoritative in the industry

5. A high-level enterprise forum that is very forward-looking and predicts the development trend of the industry

6. Good brand effect is the best way for people in the material industry to understand the new material technology and market dynamics at home and abroad

 Focus on the leading material analysis and laboratory technology display in the field of material research

 Focus on hot topics – comprehensively analyze the trends in the testing field:The 2022 exhibition will bring together well-known brands in the field of material analysis and laboratory technology and equipment to provide application solutions in the fields of technology, equipment, instruments, laboratory environment and so on for Chinese scientists and technicians in the field of materials.

 Efficient business opportunities – fully meet your business needs:Executives, buyers, purchasing managers, supply chain managers and technical experts from all walks of life in the material research and application industry establish business contacts, communicate and exchange ideas with potential partners, establish new partnership and carry out business.

 Multi channel conference Sponsorship:You can participate in one or more series of conference sponsorships to show your technology and products to professionals and potential customers.

 Social opportunities:We create a relaxed and high-end social atmosphere for sponsors.

Scope of exhibits:

New material testing and analysis instruments, new material processing equipment, new material research and development, design, manufacturing, application software, new material periodicals, scientific and technological publications, laboratory equipment, latest material display, national new material talent recruitment fair

Physical test:Testing machine, nondestructive testing, nondestructive flaw detection instrument, thickness gauge, environmental test chamber, thermal analysis instrument, particle size, particle, powder analysis instrument, surface and interface physical property test, rheometer, viscometer, combustion measurement, other physical property test instruments

Analysis instrument;Chromatography, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, X-ray apparatus, spectroscopy, moisture determination, electrochemical analysis, data management and technical services, and other analytical instrument technologies

Optical instruments:Optical microscope, electron microscope, microscope sample preparation, optical measurement, optical processing, optical imaging equipment, laser products, other optical equipment

Measuring and measuring instruments:Balance, weighing instrument, temperature measuring instrument, length measuring instrument, surface measuring instrument, other measuring and measuring instruments

Core components:Spectrum and optical instrument spare parts, chromatography and mass spectrometry spare parts, special pumps, other parts

Laboratory equipment: Cleaning and disinfection equipment, sample preparation and digestion equipment, separation and extraction equipment, concentration and purification equipment, mixing and dispersion equipment, constant temperature, heating and drying equipment, crushing equipment, synthesis and reaction equipment, refrigeration equipment, pumps, liquid treatment equipment, gas treatment, waste gas (solid) recovery system, laboratory furniture, and other laboratory facilities

Special facilities and instruments:3D printing system, atomic layer deposition system (ALD), laser pulse deposition (PLD), four probe tester, quantum efficiency test system, IV tester, sunlight simulator, atomizer, semiconductor detector, biogas analyzer, physical vapor deposition, Hall effectTesting, probe table, rapid annealing furnace, molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), small molding equipment, special molds, other special facilities and instruments

Laboratory consumables:Experimental metal materials, experimental non-gold materials, ceramic products, metal products, plastic products, experimental equipment, paper products, rubber products, glassware, and other laboratory consumables

Laboratory technology and outsourcing services:Laboratory planning and design, laboratory construction, laboratory relocation services, technical consulting and services, data processing, instrument leasing, LIMS, software, product training, reliability testing, professional installation and commissioning, equipment repair and maintenance, certification and calibration, and other services

Industry technical services:Industry journals, industry associations, chambers of Commerce, industry alliances, industry websites, investment and financing institutions, third-party testing platforms, others

Market analysis:

New materials is one of the seven strategic emerging industries in China. After years of efforts, the development of China’s new materials industry has made great progress, the level of industrial technology is improving day by day, and the industrial scale is expanding. A new materials industry system with independent innovation ability is being formed, and some fields have been at the world advanced level. With the introduction and implementation of China’s”the Belt and Road” and”made in China 2025″ policies, there will be new dawn and rare opportunities for the development of the new material industry.

Exhibition fee:(please call for the sponsorship plan, on-site advertising of the exhibition hall and detailed sponsorship plan)

Standard booth (3m × 3m)

Angle standard exhibition (3m × 3m)

Bare ground (36 m ² From)

12800 yuan/piece/exhibition period

13800 yuan/piece/exhibition period

1280 yuan/M ²/Extension period

Booth Description:

A、 Standard booth configuration:Chinese and English lintel, two fluorescent lamps, partition board (height 250cm, usable height 246cm), one negotiation table, two chairs, adjustable

One 400w/220v power socket and carpet;

B. The exhibitor of the reserved place shall be responsible for the expenses of booth layout. See the exhibitor manual for details.

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