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Notice on holding the 2022 (9th) China International graphene Innovation Conference

Six highlights to see first

(1) Gather global wisdom and share the future of”carbon” industry

The conference will further expand the number and quality of report experts and reports, and will invite 200 global guests in the field of carbon materials from more than 30 countries and regions, such as graphene Nobel Prize, top academician experts, policy analysts and industry leaders, to deeply analyze the impact of the global economic situation on the development of graphene material industry and explore new avenues for development through 20 + special forums; 20000 + Delegates exchange and discuss industry trends.

(2) 1000 + achievement demands, hit the pain point and inject new impetus into industrial development

In order to build a bridge between supply and demand, we will launch more combinations of”packages” of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship services based on the”three-piece set” of science and technology communication, technology trading and international resources. During this year’s conference, in addition to continuing to adopt the way of Online + offline to organize business reception rooms for top 500 enterprises such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Haier, Tata iron and steel and IMEC. The Organizing Committee of the conference will also solicit 1000 achievements and demands of graphene and new materials from all over the world, continue to promote the construction of resource banks such as”problem bank” and”project bank”, enrich the service connotation of graphene industry innovation resource sharing platform, efficiently connect the supply and demand resources of innovation and entrepreneurship, and serve the high-quality development of graphene new material industry.

(3)”Graphene Oscar night” creates an industry event

The first and second international graphene award ceremonies were successfully held in Shanghai. They were jointly initiated and established by 80 graphene industry experts from 20 countries and regions around the world. Once held, this event received strong support from graphene people all over the world and became the award with the highest gold content in the industry. At the same time, it also demonstrated the innovation soil, industrial charm and influence suitable for the development of graphene new material industry in Shanghai. The third international graphene award ceremony (IGA 2022) will further expand the scope, expand the evaluation committee from 30 countries and regions to 100 seats, and further expand the scope of awards. At the same time, the alliance will unite with graphene authorities of various countries to solicit candidates for 2022 on a global scale.

(4) Industry award hundred enterprises compete to pay tribute to extraordinary

2022 China International graphene Material Application Expo will gather the scientific and technological innovation achievements of more than 200 graphene enterprises around the world, and comprehensively present the”tall” graphene technology and”grounding gas” products required by people’s livelihood. During the Expo, the Organizing Committee of the conference will organize a multi-party tour, and many industry awards such as”industrial outstanding contribution award”,”graphene craftsman Award”,”the most innovative enterprise”,”graphene ‘carbon peak, carbon neutralization’ technology application demonstration enterprise” will be selected during the Expo; At the same time, the alliance will jointly release the list of top 100 global graphene enterprises’ competitiveness with grapheneflagship, nano Malaysia, IDTechEx, grapheneinfo, nanotechjapan, arcgraphenehub and Brazil’s national graphene center to highlight the global influence of China’s graphene industry development, and the 2022 global graphene Industry Research Report will also be released at the same time.

(5) Overseas special cloud summit helps develop 100 global graphene technology achievements in Shanghai

In order to respond to the national”the Belt and Road” initiative and help Shanghai build a science and technology innovation center with global influence, at the same time, further give play to the platform role of China EU cooperation graphene innovation center, coordinate the innovation power of scientific and technological resources, attract and drive overseas high-quality talents and teams to come to China for innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote the transformation and implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship achievements, during the China International graphene Innovation Conference in 2022, Graphene alliance will jointly hold a number of overseas special cloud summits with relevant institutions of Malaysia, Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Israel and other countries. The summit focused on the promotion, exchange, cooperation and implementation and transformation of new material science and technology application achievements, and contributed to the development of 100 overseas achievements in China.

(6) All media matrix creates the grand occasion of”one hundred networks broadcasting and ten thousand people watching together”

The conference will mobilize media resources in an all-round way to form a public opinion atmosphere with multiple forms, all perspectives and wide coverage. Live coverage with 100 domestic and foreign mainstream media and websites. At the same time, the exhibitors’ exclusive interview of the Expo will create an all media matrix of the conference, interview exhibitors from all over the world, carry out real-time reporting and interaction, report the conference in multiple dimensions, create a grand occasion of”100 networks broadcasting and 10000 people watching at the same time”, create global influence, tap global business opportunities and gain insight into the trend of the industry.

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