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Official announcement! Ge is split into three companies, focusing on healthcare/energy/Aviation

GE Healthcare BusinessName asGE HealthCare
GE Energy BusinessName asGE VernovaIts businesses include:Ge renewable energy, GE power generation, Ge digital group and GE Energy financial services
Ge aviation businessName asGE Aerospace

Ge today released the brand-new logo of the three world’s leading investment grade listed companies it plans to establish through spin offs. These three companies willFocus on healthcare, energy and aviationThree growth industry sectors.

GE Healthcare Business将启用新名称GE HealthCare。GE Energy Business,包括可再生能源、发电、数字业务和能源金融服务,将合并且使用新名称GE Vernova。GE Aerospace将是Ge aviation business的品牌名称。三家新公司将持续受益于GE约200亿美元的品牌价值和全球知名度*。
此外,GE Healthcare Business在完成拆分后,将以“GEHC”为股票代码在纳斯达克全球精选市场上市。通过在纳斯达克股票交易所上市,GE HealthCare将受益于纳斯达克以创新、技术为主导的上市公司市场形象,特别是在医疗领域。

GE HealthCare

Ge plans to split its medical business in early 2023. The medical business after independence will promote innovation in the field of precision medicine, focus on improving the prognosis of patients and the level of disease diagnosis and treatment, and meet the severe challenges faced by patients and clinic.

Inherit the historical accumulation of Ge for more than 100 years,GE HealthCareThis new name and brand logo illustrate the new company’s unremitting adherence to safety, quality, trust and innovation; And the new brand tone“Warm purple”It symbolizes humanity, warmth and love, as well as the company’s pursuit of excellence. GE Healthcare has 4million installed units worldwide and conducts more than 2billion examinations for patients every year,In the future, it will continue to lead the cutting-edge innovation of the medical industry and care for important moments of life

GE Vernova

According to the plan, Ge will carry out the inspection ofGE Vernova,即GE Energy Business的拆分。目前,GE Energy Business及用户提供了全球三分之一的电力,并将持续致力于提高能源的可靠性、可及性和可持续性。新的品牌标识融合了“ver”,源自“verde (绿色) ”和“verdant (青翠)”,代表地球的青山绿水;“nova”则来自拉丁语“novus”及“new (新)”,Represents the commitment to lead a new era of low-carbon energy.Brand color of Ge vernova“Huanyucui”It also explains this connotation. At present, GE vernova has an installed capacity of more than 7000 gas turbines and 400 gigawatts of renewable energy equipment around the world, and its brand-new logo is Ge vernovaIt symbolizes the commitment of the company to adhere to the pursuit of quality, cherish partnership and lead industry innovation.

GE Aerospace

After the completion of the above business split, Ge will become a company with aviation as its core businessGE AerospaceCompany. At present, Ge aerospace has 39400 in-service commercial aircraft engines and 26200 in-service military aircraft engines worldwide. Based on this strong business foundation, Ge Aerospace will play a key role in the historic recovery of the aviation industry and is committed to building the future of aviation. Letter combination with Ge, new company name Ge aerospace, and new brand color“Vast blue”It means that the company is constantly seeking breakthroughs, and on the basis of inheriting the deep foundation of the aviation field, it puts forward a vision for the future – building competitiveness and leadership in the aerospace and defense fields。 After the business split, Ge Aerospace will own the Ge brand trademark and grant the other two companies a long-term license to use this trademark.

Linda boff, GE’s chief marketing officer, said,”in the past six months, we have analyzed the importance of using the Ge brand by the three companies that plan to be independent through a series of customer-oriented and comprehensive surveys.Based on a large number of market research and data analysis, we have fully confirmed that the brand Ge and its letter combination with a history of 100 years represent the continuation of innovation, the trust of global customers, the honor of the team, and the company’s commitment to future talentsattractive force.For this reason, we are very proud that the three companies in the future will inherit GE’s innovative DNA and drive the future of the industry.”

All three independent companies will benefit from more focused business operationsMore customized capital allocation and more flexible development strategies, so as to more effectively drive long-term growth and the realization of brand value * *.