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Official announcement! The new promotional film of Europol group was officially released

The new promotional film of oubotong group was officially released today! With rich international resources as its background, oubotong has become a leading provider of digital solutions for material analysis in China after nearly 20 years of experience accumulation and technology precipitation. Take a broad view of the world, take root in China, and adhere toWith the mission of”simpler experiment”, we provide customers with all-round high-quality services around physical testing, chemical analysis, software and artificial intelligence, reference materials, third-party testing and other business lines.

When technology becomes an extension of human wisdom,

We see each other in a rapidly changing era.

Intelligence and material analysis technology are surging in the huge stream of science and technology,

Here, even the smallest particles shine,

Here, the vitality of data is infinitely amplified.

New technology, high efficiency, intelligence – vigorous.

We break the stereotype,

Reshape the connection of material micro world with wisdom;

We have extended the lever of science and technology infinitely,

Embed wisdom into every detail of material analysis technology.

In the field of material analysis,

We are both experienced and innovators;

In the future micro world,

We will use intelligence to reach the limit of imagination!

We are ou Botong!

Digital solution service provider of material analysis!

New promotional film of Europol group: