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Once the insects are awakened, we are also”busy farming”

Spring is also the Haike centerplant quarantineWhen experts are busiest, a large number of imported seeds used for reproduction urgently need to settle down in China and blossom and bear fruit.

Experts need to speed up the”physical examination” of seeds to see if there are diseases and pests that may endanger the national ecological security! The of this work isplant quarantine

plant quarantineIt refers to the measures taken by legislative means to prevent the dissemination of harmful organisms in the circulation of plants and their products. It is also an aspect of plant protection, which is characterized by preventing the introduction, colonization and expansion of all pests (especially those not in the region) from a macro perspective.

If the imported seeds used for production carry all kinds of pests, it will not only affect the production, but also cause the spread of diseases and pests, and even biological invasion, and finally affect the agricultural ecology and production safety of our country, resulting in incalculable losses. More importantly, these pests can’t be seen by eyes, but their harm is really”frightening”.

为了发现它们,海科中心plant quarantine专家就需要用许多技术去给种子们“体检”,严防有害生物传入。有害生物一旦传入,会对我国的生态环境和农林业生产安全构成严重威胁。

Above:morphological identification

通过海关plant quarantine,将有效防范检疫性有害生物随进境种子传入,在保护物种资源的前提下,高质量助推优良种苗的进口。

Agriculture stabilizes the country and grain secures the world

Haike center guards every seed for you,

Jointly guard the national security!