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Panfu biology:portable mass spectrometry, a powerful complement to drug detection industry standards

The drug problem has plagued the world for many years. The proliferation of drugs has become a worldwide public hazard. It consumes a lot of social wealth and affects human peace and social stability. It is mainly manifested in the rise of crime rate, damage to the national economy, obstruction of social and economic development, loss of human resources, damage to the ecological environment, etc.

With the substantial increase in the types of poisons and drugs, the requirements for the investigation and inspection of drug-related cases are becoming higher and higher. In the past two years, China has strengthened its supervision over the field of drug testing, and has issued and implemented more than 20 national and industrial standards for drug testing. Taking drugs is not only harmful to drug users themselves, but also harmful to families and society. The drug problem is intensifying, there are more and more new types of drugs, and the camouflage in daily necessities and food is emerging one after another, making the drug control situation more and more tense. The frequent promulgation of standards shows that law enforcement departments have an urgent need for the technology and equipment for drug control and drug identification.

In this context, the instrument information network is specially established“Technical application progress of mass spectrometry in drug analysis”, focus on the latest application of mass spectrometry technology in the field of drug detection, so as to enhance the information exchange between mass spectrometry experts and technicians in the industry and workers in relevant judicial and public security institutions, and provide instrument users with richer mass spectrometry products and technical solutions in the field of drug analysis. This article specially invites Ningbo Panfu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to talk about a series of product technologies and solutions they have launched in this field.

At present, with the rapid development of drug-related crime sample evidence collection,The Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security plans to formulate 15 national standards for criminal technology, 89 industrial standards, 32 industrial standards for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, 40 liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, and only 6 do not use mass spectrometry. Most rely on mass spectrometry instruments to detect and analyze samples and obtain accurate and reliable analysis results.

Mass spectrometry technology has strong qualitative analysis ability, and has the advantages of rapid, micro and accurate measurement of the relative molecular mass of substances. It has been paid attention to in the field of drug detection. However, the traditional mass spectrometry requires complex sample pretreatment, which not only takes a lot of time, but also easily causes sample damage and loss, which increases the difficulty and risk of inspection and reduces the accuracy of detection.

In view of the shortcomings of the above traditional mass spectrometer and the different requirements of industry standards for drug detection in various matrices (such as biological samples such as hair, sewage, blood, urine, etc.), Ningbo Panfu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has launched two models of portable on-site rapid screening mass spectrometer qitventure 6 and qitventure 6 e, which can detect the hair, blood and urine of suspicious people on site, The portable mass spectrometry technology realizes the real-time analysis of samples, which greatly reduces the sample pretreatment and sample analysis cycle, reduces the loss of samples and the adverse effects of other substances, and avoids the errors caused by transportation and other conditions.

Portable on-site rapid screening mass spectrometers qitventure 6 and qitventure 6 e both adopt stable and efficient tandem mass spectrometry technology, which further enhances the qualitative ability and reduces the false positives detected. The upgrading of portable rapid screening mass spectrometer from qitventure 6 to qitventure 6 e retains the unique vacuum system composed of ion trap mass analyzer, electron multiplier detector, molecular pump and diaphragm pump on the original basis, which meets the requirements of portability in volume and appearance, small, light and easy to carry; In terms of the operation interface, a new graphical one click operation is created, which brings convenience to users when using; The quality range has also been adjusted, from the original 80-1000amu to the current 40-500amu, to accurately control common drugs. The quality range is reduced, the sensitivity is improved, and the detection limit is reduced again, so the quality resolution is improved from ≤ 1 amu to ≤ 0.5 amu. The database is equipped with drug database or self built spectrum database, which makes the qualitative ability of drugs more accurate, and has great advantages in on-site rapid qualitative analysis.

Panfu organismPortable rapid screening mass spectrometer qitventure 6

Social cases are complicated, but as the saying goes,”the devil is a foot high and the road is a foot high”, the detection technology for various criminal investigation needs is also developing, improving China’s criminal investigation and drug detection ability, and using detection instruments as our powerful weapons to combat drug-related crimes and win the health defense war. With the development of chemical technology and the maturity of new technology, drug detection methods will be increasingly enriched and improved, and drug detection will play a greater role in drug control. In the future drug detection work, we will actively improve our mass spectrometry technology level, see through the tricks of drug addicts and drug traffickers, and let drugs have nowhere to hide.

At present, in the context of the globalization of the drug problem, the drug situation is becoming increasingly serious. New drugs such as fentanyl, synthetic cannabinoids, and cathinones are being upgraded very quickly. The detection and determination of drug poisons as the basis for law enforcement has become particularly critical. In addition, there are many urgent scientific answers in the field of drug addiction mechanism, which also puts forward higher requirements for analysis methods.