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Pay attention to tumor immunity and metabolism. These two free live broadcasts should not be missed!

Tumor immunity is a science that uses immunologic theories and methods to study the antigenicity of tumors, the relationship between the immune function of the body and the occurrence/development of tumors, the immune response of the body to tumors and its anti-tumor immune mechanism, the immune diagnosis and immune prevention of tumors. It is closely related to the metabolic characteristics of tumors and the reconstruction of microenvironment. It is of great significance to the study of the pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumors.

Energy metabolism is one of the most basic characteristics of life. The reprogramming of metabolism is closely related to cancer, immunity, neurodegenerative diseases, obesity, diabetes and so on. Therefore, it has become a hot research field to explore the mysteries of life phenomena and find new therapies for major diseases from the perspective of cell energy metabolism.

The article takes you to interpret the highlights of the reports of the recent 2 meetings and reveal the hidden details!


June 15 – tumor immunity and metabolism(click the agenda to register for the meeting)

1. for major diseases such as tumors and autoimmune diseases, carry out systematic immunological research around dendritic cell vesicle transport related molecules and T cell specific antigen receptor library

2. aiming at the individual differences of tumors and the spatial heterogeneity of tumors, we developed the metabolome molecular typing – visualization of heterogeneous distribution space of metabolites – precise particle therapy strategy to minimize side effects and achieve better tumor inhibition effect

3. focused on tumor immunobiotherapy and related metabolic mechanisms, and made a series of original discoveries in the field of micro vesicle research.

4. Agilent’s heavy new products are rewarded online, and energy metabolism analysis technology is strongly applied

June 24 – tumor immunology in translational medicine(click the agenda to register for the meeting)

1. focus on the new progress in the research on the molecular mechanism of functional plasticity and stability of foxp3+ regulatory T cells, as well as the new progress of tissue-specific Treg, especially autoimmune diseases, obesity and aging related diabetes, and foxp3+treg function and immunotherapy in the tumor microenvironment

2. by studying the interaction between immune system and tumor, identify tumor specific immune cells, especially T cells that recognize tumor antigens, and the escape mechanism of tumor cells against immune attack, find new therapeutic targets, and establish efficient new methods of tumor immunotherapy

3. progress and challenges of TIL therapy for tumor infiltrating lymphocytes

4. Cytiva chromatography technology helps tumor immunology research

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