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Promote the application progress of dual carbon Northrend Rayleigh gas chromatography in the field of energy

“Achieving carbon peak and carbon neutralization is a solemn commitment made by China to the world”. During the”14th five year plan” period, China’s ecological civilization construction entered a critical period of strategic direction focusing on carbon reduction, promoting the synergy of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, promoting the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, and realizing the improvement of ecological environment quality from quantitative change to qualitative change. Focusing on the goal of low-carbon development and transformation, the energy and chemical industry is undergoing a comprehensive transformation and upgrading, and gas chromatography technology will play a very important role in this transformation.

With more than 60 years of research and development experience, Beifen Ruili gas chromatograph products have accumulated a lot on the new track of global scientific and technological innovation, double carbon. For the field of energy and chemical industry, Beifen Ruili’s gas chromatograph can provide mature products and services in all chemical process links. It has a comprehensive solution for production process control, production process optimization, or product delivery quality control. After years of cooperation, it has accumulated many typical users, such as China Petrochemical Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China University of petroleum, Yanchang Petroleum and national energy group.

Beifen Ruili cooperates with Xinjiang Karamay Petrochemical Company of China National Petroleum Corporation to develop an overall solution for the refinery and chemical plant. Refinery gas is one of the important basis for the smooth operation of refinery production units. Through the switching of”three valves and four columns” and the mutual cooperation between TCD and FID, the full analysis scheme of refinery gas including C5 is carried out; Sulfide analysis of refinery acid gas before and after treatment by high sensitivity FPD; Through the cooperation of FID and nickel catalyst reformer, combined with TCD, the purity of hydrogen used in catalytic hydrogenation process in refinery is detected; The central cutting technology is used to analyze the alcohol ether oxide in gasoline products and benzene and toluene in gasoline; The group composition of gasoline was analyzed in conjunction with the Academy of petroleum sciences; As well as the detection of permanent gases in gas separation units and other processes, Karamay Petrochemical Company will provide more than 30 gas chromatographs for different process flows.

Only by realizing the clean and efficient transformation of coal can we ensure energy security, promote ecological civilization, and promote the transformation of coal from fuel attribute to raw material attribute. Improve the upgrading of coal chemical industry, adopt new processes for modern coal chemical projects such as coal to methanol, coal to olefin and coal to ethylene glycol, fix the carbon element in the products, and realize the carbon fixation rate of 30-45%. Beifen Ruili also cooperates with many manufacturers to monitor the process components after the transformation. With the help of the platformized SP-3500 series gas chromatograph, it greatly expands the determination range of more ethylene glycol raw materials and finished products, Similarly, coal can also be used as raw material for synthesis, including direct synthesis of syngas α- Indirect preparation of coal based special fuels and high-end chemicals such as dimethyl carbonate from olefins, methanol and urea; Beifen Ruili also hopes to solve the difficulties encountered by enterprises in the production process while improving the detection efficiency, such as the preparation of asphalt based carbon fiber, coal based needle coke and high-power graphite electrode.

In the industrial transformation period to achieve the dual carbon goal, for the gas chromatograph, the accuracy, reliability, analysis cycle of the analysis and the miniaturization and intelligence of the instrument are the future development directions. The sp-5200 series gas chromatograph newly developed by Beifen Ruili focuses on the reliability, accuracy, intelligence and miniaturization of the instrument for the industrial upgrading of the current energy and chemical industry, The complex sample mechanism is analyzed by two-dimensional modulation technology, and the simple sample is quickly analyzed by multi-channel detection, so as to reduce the user’s use cost and improve the user’s use efficiency.

Based on the analysis of the components and physical parameters of carbon based new materials, with the help of the new sp-5200 series gas chromatograph platform for expansion, Beifen Ruili is working on the combination of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry technology for the qualitative analysis of special materials, combined with infrared spectroscopy for the molecular structure analysis of special compounds Combined with liquid chromatography and gas chromatography, multi-dimensional chromatography is used to analyze the distribution forms of nitrogen-containing compounds in heavy oil, as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis of more new materials.

Beifen Ruili’s new gas chromatograph focuses on the application platform dominated by the new energy industry, and iterates over the new technology of the instrument platform with the expansion of application methods. At the same time, it breaks through the containment of foreign high-end analytical instruments, promotes the realization of domestic substitution, continues to write a new development chapter of Beifen Ruili, and also makes contributions to the country’s realization of carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutralization by 2060.

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The field of energy and chemical industry has always been the base of gas chromatography applications. Throughout history, it can be found that the rise and development of gas chromatography technology is closely related to the research and industrial development needs of energy and chemical industry, mainly oil and coal. According to the survey, at present, nearly one-third of gas chromatographs are still used in this field every year.

At present, the world is undergoing a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. Developed countries and regions are actively deploying green energy, low-carbon industries and clean technology. Carbon peak and carbon neutral (hereinafter referred to as”double carbon”) have become a new track for global scientific and technological innovation. Compared with developed countries, China’s time to achieve the”double carbon” goal is shorter and more difficult. Focusing on the transformation goal of low-carbon development, the energy and chemical industry is currently undergoing a comprehensive transformation and upgrading.

Recently, the instrument information network specially launched“Help the application of dual carbon gas chromatography in the field of energy”And widely solicit contributions from relevant experts, scholars, technicians and enterprise representatives, focus on gas chromatography analysis technology and its important role in the field of energy and chemical industry, and show the new technical solutions of gas chromatography technology in the context of the”double carbon” goal.