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Qingdao Shenghan:development and breakthrough of domestic ion chromatography

Domestic chromatography development in progress | Development and breakthrough of domestic ion chromatography

近几年,国际贸易摩擦日益加重,进一步激发了我国发展自主可控的决心。随着,众多支持政策的出台,国产科学仪器即将迎来高速发展期。Domestic chromatography development in progress,我们对否做好应对策略?本文以离子色谱为例,介绍国产色谱发展的相关内容。

Development history of ion chromatograph

In 1981, at the Tianjin International Instrument Exhibition, the ion chromatograph developed by the United States attracted the attention of Chinese people. However, at that time, the Americans said,”this is our latest R & D achievement, which you China can’t do for decades.” This sentence deeply hurt the hearts of Chinese people.

After that, Liu Kailu, then an engineer of the Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of nuclear industry, and others formed a dream building team of China’s ion chromatography. Overcoming many difficulties, they finally successfully developed the first domestic ion chromatograph’s principle prototype zic-1 in 1983, and realized mass production conversion at Qingdao Laoshan electronic testing Institute.

In 1998, Qingdao Laoshan electronic instrument laboratory closed down, but it derived more ion chromatography instrument manufacturers, Qingdao Shenghan Chromatography Technology Co., Ltd. is one of them.

Introduction to excellent enterprise cases of ion chromatography

After 20 years of development, Shenghan chromatography has brought many changes to the industry in terms of technology, concept, operation mode and so on. In terms of technology, the column separation technology independently developed by Shenghan chromatography is the third enterprise in the world that can mass produce ion chromatographic columns after semefi and Showa. At present, there are more than 30 chromatographic columns developed by Shenghan, which are widely used in many fields and have been replaced by imports. In addition, Shenghan chromatography launched a breakthrough in multiple components, such as double membrane eluent generator, online water purification technology, high-pressure sample injection valve, suppressor, which further improved the product performance.

(ion chromatographic column independently developed by Shenghan chromatography)

In terms of product design, Shenghan chromatography took the lead in introducing the modular concept – plug and play mode, which is widely used by many manufacturers in the industry. From hardware application to software development, Shenghan chromatography has achieved 100%domestic production in the whole industry chain, making sufficient preparations for domestic substitution.

At present, the main application fields of Shenghan chromatography are nuclear power, semiconductor and other fields. In the field of nuclear power, Shenghan chromatography mainly solves the detection of trace samples (less than 1ppb) in different sample systems of nuclear power. In the field of semiconductors, Shenghan chromatography mainly solves the detection of trace impurity ions in high concentration (pure) samples, and has achieved outstanding results.

The rise and future of domestic chromatography

Looking at the development of domestic ion chromatography, it is not difficult to find that it has reached the level of imported products in terms of technology, product design and quality. At present, the domestic ion chromatograph has entered the catch-up stage. However, there is still a certain gap between domestic ion chromatographs and imported products in terms of software functions and specifications, especially in the pharmaceutical field. If ion chromatograph wants to break through the blockade of imported products, it still needs further efforts and development.

The technical requirements of ion chromatography related products are of medium difficulty, and they are one of the most suitable product categories in the process of import substitution of scientific instruments. Domestic ion chromatography has experienced years of technical accumulation, and the technical gap is not obvious, and the gap only exists locally.

In recent years, the government has vigorously supported the development of domestic instruments and equipment, and various regions have issued new policies to support the purchase of domestic equipment and instruments. Supported by favorable policies, domestic instruments and equipment have entered a period of rapid development, and domestic ion chromatography has also ushered in new development and breakthroughs. In terms of software, Shenghan chromatography has continuously strengthened its investment in software research and development. With the improvement of the recognition of domestic instrument manufacturers, the opportunities for software trial and verification have increased. It is believed that through continuous improvement, defect detection and leak filling, it is expected that domestic ion chromatography can catch up with the international level in 2-3 years.

Policy support, public opinion affirmation, capital intervention, industrial planning, etc. with more and more support and assistance, we believe that the development of domestic scientific instruments will be better and better, and the process of domestic substitution for imports will be more smooth. In the future, domestic instruments will occupy the domestic market and affect the world!

Writer:Wang Yongwen, manager of Shenghan application development department and pre-sales support department

Wang Jie, copywriter planning of Shenghan Market Center

Since its invention in the early 20th century, after a century of development, chromatography technology has become the most important separation and analysis technology at present. With the characteristics of wide application range of samples, high separation efficiency, high detection sensitivity, fast analysis speed, convenient sample recovery and so on, it is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, petrochemical, agriculture and forestry, medical and health and other fields.

Since the 1950s, China has carried out the research on chromatography and the manufacture of chromatographs, which has also played an important role in the development of the national economy. In recent years, the technology of domestic chromatographic instruments is becoming more and more mature and has made considerable progress. However, at present, the domestic chromatograph market is still dominated by imported products, and people’s understanding and trust of domestic instruments need to be improved.

In order to show the development of domestic chromatography, the instrument information network is organized and planned“Domestic chromatography development in progress ”专题,In order to enhance the information exchange between industry experts and instrument enterprises, and let the majority of chromatographic users understand the current development status of domestic chromatographic technology.