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Results of the cooperation between Shan Jinjun of Nanjing University of traditional Chinese medicine and Zhou XianMei of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine:Kikyo decoction can effectively delay the progress of pulmonary fibrosis

When it comes to serious lung disease, many people think of lung cancer first. In fact, one disease with the same lethality as lung cancer is often ignored, that is pulmonary fibrosis. Pulmonary fibrosis refers to structural abnormalities caused by abnormal repair of normal alveolar tissue after damage. This is a serious lung disease with unknown etiology and irreversible course. The 5-year overall survival rate of patients is less than 50%, and the median survival time is only 2-4 years. Therefore, pulmonary fibrosis is also said to be”more terrible than cancer”.

At present, there are two drugs for the clinical treatment of pulmonary fibrosis, pirfenidone and nidanib, which can only delay the decline rate of pulmonary function in mild to moderate patients and reduce the risk of acute exacerbation, but its adverse reactions are obvious and expensive.Recently, Professor Shan Jinjun of Nanjing University of traditional Chinese medicine and Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of respiratory diseases for children (traditional Chinese Medicine) and Professor Zhou XianMei, director of the respiratory department of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, jointly published a new research result in the famous journal”Phytomedicine” in the field of traditional plant medicine, showing the obvious role of Chinese medicine kikyou Decoction in the prevention and treatment of pulmonary fibrosis.

Platycodon grandiflorum Decoction originated from the treatise on typhoid and miscellaneous diseases written by Zhang Zhongjing. As a classic ancient prescription, Radix Platycodon grandiflorum and Radix Glycyrrhizae in Radix Platycodon decoction are traditional Chinese medicines with the same origin of medicine and food, which have the functions of dispersing the lung, relieving cough, promoting pharynx and detoxification, removing phlegm and pus, so this prescription is widely used to treat lung diseases. According to Professor Shan Jinjun, the research of the paper shows that as a classic ancient prescription with the same origin of medicine and food, Kikyo decoction has the advantages of natural, low toxicity, safety, low price and easier acceptance by patients. It can be developed into tea to effectively prevent and treat pulmonary fibrosis.

It is reported that researchers have carried out research on the pharmacodynamics and potential mechanism of kikyou Decoction in preventing and treating pulmonary fibrosis in mice. First, the mouse model of pulmonary fibrosis was established by bleomycin, and then different concentrations of kikyou Decoction and pirfenidone (positive control drug) were given. The results showed that kikyou Decoction (clinical equivalent dose) could alleviate bleomycin induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice, which was mainly manifested in reducing lung inflammation, improving lung function and reducing collagen deposition.