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Revenue 691 million! Waterworld China’s performance increased by nearly 20%

Recently, the Q1 financial report of Waterworld in 2022 announced that the revenue in the first quarter was US $691 million, an increase of 13%over the same period last year, and an increase of 16%according to the fixed exchange rate. According to generally accepted accounting principles, Q1 net profit was $159.8 million, or $2.62 per share, higher than $148.1 million ($2.37 per share) in the same period last year, and the operating profit margin also increased to 28.3%. ‎

At the same time, in Q1 2022, watsch achieved double-digit growth in both pharmaceutical and industrial sales. Among them, the sales in the pharmaceutical market increased by 15%, 19%at a fixed exchange rate, 14%in the industrial market and 17%at a fixed exchange rate. Sales of academic and government procurement were flat compared with the same period last year, and increased by 4%at a fixed exchange rate.

It is noteworthy that Q1 in 2022,Sales of Waterworld instruments increased by 24%, while at a fixed exchange rate, they increased by 26%.Watsch said this was due to the strong growth of its liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and thermal analysis product lines. On the other hand, recurring income representing the services and precision chemicals portfolio increased by 6 per cent as reported and 9 per cent at fixed exchange rates.

Dr. udit batra, President and CEO of Waterworld, said:”Waterworld’s product portfolio update is mainly focused on macromolecules and small molecules. Products such as arc HPLC, acquity Premier and maxpeak premier chromatographic columns have made great contributions to the performance growth of this quarter. Customers have also responded very positively to our new mass spectrometry products, select series MRT, Xevo TQ absolute and waters_connect.”

In terms of geography, Q1 water world’s sales in all regions generally increased, of which the sales in Asia increased by 11%and 14%at a fixed exchange rate; Sales in the Americas increased by 26%(sales in the United States increased by 28%); Sales in Europe rose 3%as reported and 9%at fixed exchange rates.China’s sales reached US $121 million, an increase of 18%and 17%at a fixed exchange rate.

Waterworld’s R & D expenditure increased by 6%to US $40.5 million from US $38.1 million in the quarter, while sales and management expenses increased by 10%to US $157.5 million from US $143.2 million. ‎

As of the end of the first quarter, Walters had cash, cash equivalents and investments totalling $503.1 million. ‎

Looking ahead, watsch said the company was raising its full year earnings guidance to between $11.90 and $12.10 per share. For the second quarter, it expects earnings per share of $2.55 to $2.65.