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Ruili scientific instruments received a financing of 160million yuan for the research and development of optical film thickness measurement equipment

Recently, Ruili Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. announced that it had completed a round of capital increase, with a direct cash injection of more than 160million yuan, which was fully subscribed by some original shareholders. The funds raised in this round will be mainly used for the iterative research and development of optical film thickness measurement equipment and defect detection equipment, as well as the research and development and production investment of new products.

Since 2019, Ruili has returned to the track of rapid development. The company’s equipment for film thickness measurement, defect detection and optical key dimension measurement has been adopted by nearly 20 domestic front-end semiconductor wafer manufacturing customers, and has passed the mass production verification on different production process production lines (hundreds of millions of wafer runs in total). Both the equipment stability and the ability to quickly respond to and solve problems have been recognized by customers, helping the production line improve production efficiency and yield, Significant achievements have been made in reducing equipment ownership costs. The 12 inch film thickness measurement equipment tfx4000 series and the 12 inch high-precision optical defect detection equipment WSD series applied in the light and dark fields launched in the past two years have been delivered to important domestic customers one after another, and have quickly passed the verification and successively received high praise from customers, and have obtained multiple repeated sales orders.

After the completion of this round of financing, Ruili will continue to cultivate the market of integrated circuit chip production process testing equipment, further enrich the series of optical measurement and optical defect detection products, and gradually open the development and application expansion of other optical detection equipment while accelerating the iterative updating of optical film thickness measurement equipment, OCD measurement equipment, optical defect detection equipment and other products, Strive to achieve the full coverage of the application capacity of similar equipment of international manufacturers as soon as possible, and strive to achieve the goal of localization and comprehensive replacement of IC front process testing equipment as soon as possible.