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[schedule] gene therapy drug research and Development Forum

two thousand and twenty-twoyearsevenmonthtwenty-sixday9:00-1seven:00, instrument information network jointCytivaWill be held jointly“two thousand and twenty-twoLecture series of translational medicineSpecial session on new progress in research and development of gene therapy drugs”Discuss with you the new progress and new technology of gene therapy drugs, cytiva gene therapy, CRISPR technology, RNA therapy, mRNA drugs, organ targeted lipid nanoparticles and related gene therapy.

Highlights of the conference

1. Experts from universities, research institutes to biological companies, covering topics from scheme formulation to technology development

two. twoBig sub Venue:from scientific research to application, a variety of the latest technological developments at home and abroad gathered



Report theme and guests


Research and application of gene therapy drugs
Huang Wenlin(Chairman of Guangzhou Dabo Biological Products Co., Ltd.)


Cytiva gene therapy solutions
Yang Minye(cytiva application expert)


CRISPR technology development and gene therapy
Wang Yongming(researcher, School of life sciences, Fudan University)


RNA therapeutics Going beyond the liver:From gene silencing to gene editing
Dan Pier (Tel Aviv University Professor, laboratory director)


Gene therapy hepatitis B virus vector platform and radical cure of hepatitis B
Wang Ziyuan(founder and chief scientist of Hujing (Suzhou) biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)


Chromatographic purification scheme of viral vector for gene therapy
Li Ying(cytiva lab level Akta product expert)


Some new advances in mRNA drug research and development
Peng Wang(Chair Professor/Professor of South University of science and Technology)


Organ targeted lipid nanoparticles and their application inApplication in mRNA delivery
Qiu min(复旦大学人类表型组研究院 青year研究员)