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Shaanxi carries out the construction of”medical research school enterprise” TCM innovation platform project

Recently, Shaanxi Provincial Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine issued a notice to organize the application of the”medical research school enterprise” traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance and innovation platform project.

The project will cooperate with”medical research schools and enterprises” to build a multidisciplinary inheritance and innovation platform of traditional Chinese medicine, research, develop and transform a number of new traditional Chinese medicine products and traditional Chinese medicine characteristic equipment products based on ancient recipes, empirical prescriptions, protected varieties, in-hospital preparations with definite curative effects and good market promotion prospects; Connect the”qinchuangyuan” traditional Chinese medicine achievement transformation base, build an exchange platform with multi-level resource linkage of government, industry, learning, research, medicine and finance, and promote the exchange and cooperation of the whole industry chain; Adhere to the benign interaction between talent chain, industrial chain and innovation chain, cultivate and introduce a number of high-level leading talents and innovation teams, industrial achievement transformation talents, cross-border compound talents and high skilled service talents.

The units responsible for the construction of the platform are mainly traditional Chinese medicine and medical institutions, universities, scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises in the province. The project cycle is 3 years. In 2022, it is planned to promote the construction of two”medical research school enterprises” traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance and innovation platforms.