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Shanghai enterprises continue to expand the resumption of work, and the resumption of work in the instrument industry is in sight

At the press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai held this morning (May 13), Wu Jincheng, director of Shanghai Economic Information Technology Commission, introduced the resumption of work and production in key industries in the city.

Since mid April, on the basis of ensuring compliance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, we have continuously and deeply promoted the resumption of work and production of enterprises. Led by leading enterprises, with points leading the chain and with chains leading the surface, more and more industrial enterprises have resumed production. The resumption of work and production has achieved phased results, which has played an important role in ensuring the effective operation of urban economy and industrial chain supply chain. Mainly reflected in:

The number of enterprises returning to work has been expanding.The whole cityMore than 4400 industrial enterprises have resumed work, 占比接近50%。金山、青浦、奉贤、松江等社会面基本清零区域,规上工业企业复工率超过The whole city平均水平,如金山规上工业企业复工率近70%,青浦约60%。同时,前期围绕战略功能、城市运行保障、防疫物资、连续生产、基础配套等领域,推动More than 3000 enterprises in the third batch of”white list” returned to work and production, with an overall return rate of more than 70%,Among them, the resumption rate of the first batch of 666 enterprises has exceeded 95%; There are 847 foreign-funded enterprises, and the resumption rate has reached 80%.

Key industrial chains will resume work in an orderly manner. For example, in the field of automobile,SAIC passenger car, SAIC GM, SAIC Volkswagen and Tesla have fully resumed work, basically realizing continuous and stable production. About 2000 vehicles are offline every day, driving more than 1100 upstream and downstream parts supporting enterprises to resume production; The recovery of automobile exports has been accelerated. Since Tesla resumed work, about 4900 complete vehicles have been exported from Hong Kong; SAIC exported 15000 complete vehicles.In the field of integrated circuits,Chip manufacturing enterprises have maintained more than 90%of the production capacity, SMIC, Huahong group and Jita semiconductor have maintained full production, and driven a number of supporting enterprises in the industrial chain such as equipment, materials and sealing and testing to speed up the resumption of work.In the field of biomedicine,Lianying medical maintains the production of CT and other large-scale medical equipment, and the capacity utilization rate is increased to 80%; Kaibao pharmaceutical makes every effort to produce anti epidemic Chinese patent medicine”Tanreqing”, and the capacity utilization rate reaches 100%; Roche pharmaceutical, Junshi biology, desaino and other key enterprises resumed R & D and production.Steel and petrochemical industry,Baosteel and Gaoqiao Petrochemical maintained 90%of the high load continuous production. BASF accelerated the recovery of production capacity and logistics transportation capacity in various bases in Shanghai, and the production capacity was steadily increased to 70%.Epidemic prevention materials, household goods and other fields,Enterprises increased the production of epidemic prevention materials such as protective clothing and masks, and some production capacity doubled; Guangming dairy has maintained stable production and supply of raw milk, resumed production in all four factories in the city, and the capacity utilization rate has exceeded 70%, so as to ensure the living needs of citizens.

The guarantee for resumption of work and production continued to be optimized.The issuance scope of vehicle pass and personnel resumption permit has been gradually expanded.In terms of transportation and logistics,The success rate of cross provincial logistics transportation in key industrial chains such as automobile and chemical industry has been continuously improved, and the success rate of departure in the Yangtze River Delta has reached more than 90%.In terms of employee return,More than 100000 resumption certificates were issued to help enterprise employees return to their posts in an orderly manner.In terms of supporting industrial chain,Establish a special inter provincial working class in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and coordinate the resumption of work and logistics and transportation demands of more than 2400 parent triangle and other brother provinces and cities in Shanghai.

下阶段,随着The whole city疫情防控形势持续向好,我们将按照The whole city统一部署,巩固提升复工复产成果,不断朝着实现全面复工复产的目标努力。

First, accelerate the establishment of”epidemic free factories” and”epidemic Free Parks”.Guide enterprises to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, do not relax, and only when they are well managed can they be released; Adhere to classification and zoning management, divide small management units, scientifically carry out nucleic acid antigen screening, move outposts forward, and quickly detect and deal with the epidemic situation in time; Gradually promote the full resumption of industrial parks, expand the resumption of commercial buildings, create epidemic Free Parks and epidemic free buildings, and open up the point-to-point shuttle bus commuting mode between them and epidemic free communities.

Second, accelerate the”point resumption of work”.In response to the needs of employees in key positions such as system operation and maintenance, equipment maintenance, technology research and development and professional services proposed by the enterprise, actively create conditions and adopt the way of”point resumption” to support returning to work to deal with relevant businesses. For software and information services, producer services and other fields, the combination of”enterprise based office + home-based office” is adopted.

Third, accelerate the coordinated resumption of work, production and market in various industries and fields.在The whole city经济运行与供应链维护工作协调机制下,经信、商务、发改、交通等多个部门已组成The whole city复工复产复市统筹推进机制,在重大工程、邮政快递服务、商场超市、商务楼宇、科研、外贸、建筑等领域,发挥“一行业一指引”促进作用,近期各部门陆续制定发布了本行业的复工复产指引和重点企业名单。各部门将密切配合,加大力度推进各类市场主体特别是中小微企业复工复产复市,指导企业统筹做好复工复产复市、疫情防控和安全生产工作,不断向有序恢复正常生产生活秩序而努力!