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Shanghai Institute of technology and physics has made important progress in the research of compound refrigeration cycle in 1 ~ 2 K temperature range

Recently, the research group of the party and maritime administration researcher of Shanghai Institute of technology and physics has obtained the lowest temperature actually obtained by the multi-stage high-frequency pulse tube coupled JT composite refrigeration cycle publicly reported so far – 1.36 K, with the four-stage high-frequency pulse tube cycle as the front stage and the JT cycle as the terminal.

On this basis, aiming at the disadvantage that expensive and scarce helium-3 working medium is required in the current specific practice of obtaining temperatures below 2K, which seriously hinders the practical promotion, the team proposed an innovative composite refrigeration cycle scheme with helium-4 as the only working medium, and further cooperated with the youlixing team of Shanghai microsystem Institute to apply the composite refrigerator with helium-4 as the only working medium to cool the actual superconducting nanowire single photon detector (SNSPD), Through the measurement of key indexes such as detection efficiency and dark counting rate of the system, the results show that the refrigerator can provide SNSPD with 1.84 K working temperature and good electrical environment, so as to maintain a stable and reliable working state.

The above research results have laid an important foundation for the future space application and further practicability of this kind of composite refrigeration cycle technology. The relevant results have been published in cryogenics, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity and Science Bulletin, a domestic comprehensive academic journal.  

The relevant work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the municipal major science and technology special project of Shanghai”quantum information technology”, the Shanghai Industrial collaborative innovation project and the Shanghai Science and technology innovation action plan project. Shanghai Quantum Science Research Center, Shanghai Baiyue Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Institute of microsystems and information technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Futong quantum technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. and University of Chinese Academy of sciences have given important support as cooperation units.

Typical physical drawing of compound refrigerator in 1 ~ 2 K temperature zone of Shanghai Institute of technology and Physics:(a) overall layout of the system; (b) Low temperature end details


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