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Shenzhen IC industry adds heavyweight platform

Shenzhen’s integrated circuit industry welcomes the heavyweight platform again. Recently, Shenzhen IC test and verification Engineering Technology Center (hereinafter referred to as”IC test center”) and Shenzhen IC Design Longgang service platform (hereinafter referred to as”IC Design Longgang platform”) officially started operation in smart home, Baolong street, Longgang District.

The project is a public technology service platform jointly built by Shenzhen Science and technology innovation Commission and Longgang District People’s government. It brings together the high-quality resources and services of the professional public technology service platform of the national integrated circuit design Shenzhen industrialization base. By building an integrated platform for integrated circuit design, testing, verification, R & D and service, it helps Longgang build a characteristic agglomeration area of integrated circuit industry.

The reporter learned that IC test center and IC Design Longgang platform have integrated a number of IC design service resources and purchased a number of high-precision instruments with a unit price of more than one million yuan. According to the relevant person in charge of the operator Tianxin Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd., taking the electronic design automation (EDA) tools essential to integrated circuit design enterprises as an example, the center adopts the EDA tools provided by the world’s three most advanced EDA manufacturers and Huada Jiutian, which can provide complete design technical support and services from system design, coding, circuit simulation, synthesis, design verification to physical realization and testing. At the same time, the IC test center has a number of IC test machines, which can provide test verification services such as test program development, function test, medium and small batch test, test training and so on.

In order to help the IC industry relieve difficulties and grow steadily, from April to June, the two platforms will implement a 50%discount for the test and verification and other service charges of the city’s IC enterprises. After June 30, relevant service fees will also be subject to a normalized 20%discount.

The relevant person in charge of Longgang District Science and technology innovation Bureau said that the implementation of open sharing of large-scale scientific research instruments will not only help to improve the use efficiency of scientific research instruments, but also provide scientific and technological resource support for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises. The two platforms will help small and medium-sized integrated circuit design enterprises solve the problems faced in the process of R & D and industrialization, such as difficult project tackling, weak talent and technology reserve, lack of testing and analysis equipment and so on. Enabling IC test verification and design service platform and providing normalized test verification fee preference can not only support enterprises to solve the immediate difficulties of production and operation, but also promote the development of integrated circuit industry cluster in Longgang District by strengthening the core nodes of the industrial chain.

It is understood that at present, Longgang District has initially formed an integrated circuit whole industry chain pattern with Baolong Industrial Zone, Luoshan industrial zone and Bantian street as the carrier, integrated circuit design, manufacturing and sealing test as the core, upstream and downstream related electronic industries as the support, and more than 60 enterprises such as Hisilicon, xintianxia, founder microelectronics and Huaxia semiconductor as the main body.