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Shutong medical, a molecular diagnosis and gene editing service provider, completed financing of tens of millions of yuan

Zhuhai Shutong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shutong medical) has completed financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round of financing is jointly led by Yunfeng fund and Gree Group industrial investment company, followed by Zhonghui investment and good governance investment.

It is reported that the financing funds will be used to promote the rapid commercialization of gene editing diagnostic products and the application of innovative drugs for ind, build a new drug research and development laboratory that meets the requirements of GMP, and continuously improve the company’s technological innovation ability to expand the new drug research and development pipeline with global competitiveness.

Shutong medical is a platform company with low-level innovative technology of gene editing, focusing on CRISPR based molecular diagnosis and gene editing therapy. In the field of molecular diagnosis, Shutong medical took the lead in developing molecular diagnosis products based on CRISPR technology, which is at the forefront of this field in China.

Based on the liquid-phase capture chip synthesis technology with independent intellectual property rights, the company has successfully developed a variety of detection kits, covering the fields of tumor early screening, tumor concomitant diagnosis, genetic disease diagnosis and pathogen detection, and is committed to providing enterprise customers with more accurate and fast customized products and services.

As early as 2009, the founding team of Shutong medical began to deeply study the field of gene editing. It has many years of technical precipitation in the field of gene editing tools and drug delivery carriers. At the same time, it has experience in the innovative drug industry, and has formed a complete new drug industry transformation ability from R & D, application to commercialization.

Based on the bottom innovation ability of CRISPR technology, Shutong medical has developed a variety of new CRISPR gene editing tools with independent intellectual property rights, built a safe and efficient nano material and virus delivery system, and formed a drug research and development pipeline with virus clearance and tumor treatment as the core direction. Among them, HPV innovative drugs have completed the clinical research (IIT) initiated by researchers, and achieved good results in terms of drug efficacy and safety. At present, they are rapidly advancing the process of applying for ind. As one of the first batch of HPV gene therapy innovative drugs, the product will fill the market gap and meet the needs of a large number of patients after it is launched. It has huge market potential at home and abroad.

In addition, Shutong medical has mastered all kinds of accurate gene editing technologies (targeted knockout, point mutation, large fragment insertion, overexpression, etc.), established a high-throughput sgRNA screening platform, and is the first company in China to provide gene miss detection services, providing high-throughput new drug target screening, gene editing Miss analysis, drug delivery system and other gene editing cro services for scientific research institutions and enterprises in the field of gene therapy, It has been widely recognized by industrial and scientific research customers, and will continue to provide services for industrial and scientific research customers. At present, Shutong medical has established cooperative relations with many well-known universities and innovative pharmaceutical enterprises, including many well-known cell and gene therapy rookie enterprises, to jointly promote the development of China’s cell gene therapy industry.

With regard to this round of financing, linhuabing, co-founder and CEO of Shutong medical, said:”we are very grateful for the attention, recognition and support of well-known investment institutions in biomedicine at home and abroad. The successful completion of this financing will greatly speed up the development process of the company. We will uphold the value of” innovation, dedication, integration and openness”, and sincerely invite more excellent partners in the industry to join us to accelerate the R & D, application and commercial transformation of first in class drugs, At the same time, we will continue to iterate innovative technologies and expand pipelines to provide new treatment solutions for more clinically unresolved diseases, and we are committed to building the company into a first-class innovative enterprise in the field of gene therapy.”

Dr. liwengang, managing director of Yunfeng fund, said:”Gene editing technology, as a revolutionary next-generation technology in life technology and medical health, continues to break through and mature in the field of treatment and diagnosis, bringing many surprises to the industry. Shutong medical, as a platform company with the underlying innovation of gene editing technology, has independently developed a new generation of molecular diagnostic products based on CRISPR technology and innovative delivery systems for gene therapy drugs, which is in a leading position in the industry. We hope Shutong medical will be profitable Use its innovative gene editing platform technology to provide patients with more diagnosis and treatment products that are not meeting their clinical needs.”

Gree Group industrial investment company said:”In recent years, the rapid development of gene editing technology has played an increasingly important role in various treatment fields. Shu Tong has mastered CRISPR gene editing, nano delivery system, gene miss detection and other core technologies, with independent intellectual property rights, and high technical barriers. The team structure is complete, with complementary advantages. There are not only talents skilled in scientific research, but also doctors who clearly understand clinical pain points. Gree Group industry investment company promotes production through investment It is believed that the project can promote the smooth development of the project and enhance the industrial influence of advanced medical treatment in Zhuhai.”

Zhonghui investment said that Shutong medical has outstanding advantages in gene editing technology, R & D team and R & D pipeline, and is expected to take the lead in making a breakthrough in HPV genetic drugs, ending the situation of HPV virus infection without drugs. After this investment, Zhonghui capital will fully support Shutong medical to strengthen its domestic and overseas layout, and help Shutong medical become a global leading enterprise in the field of gene therapy.