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Simplify flow cytometry management in biopharmaceutical laboratories | Perkin Elmer launches onesource new service

Perkin Elmer announced the addition of flow cytometry instrument concierge service to its onesource ® Laboratory service portfolio. Comprehensive and flexible products willProvide professional on-site flow cytometry experts for biopharmaceutical laboratoriesTo help manage their instruments and processes more effectively——Promote reduced downtime, increased productivity, and better data integrity and repeatability

PerkinElmer’s experts work side by side with pharmaceutical laboratory managers to provide a range of support based services for each laboratory’s unique needs throughout the flow cytometry workflow, including:

Carry out regular quality inspection (QC) on the cleaning and preventive maintenance of the cytometers and instruments, on-site troubleshooting, telephone support and preliminary maintenance;

Full service cell sorting;

Instrument and software training and education;

SOP documents and laboratory safety support;

Consumables management.

Those who cooperate with pharmaceutical companiesNew onesource flow cytometry serviceThe early pilot project of showed the potential benefits that the laboratory may gain, and the troubleshooting timeReduced by 90%, service phone45%less

The new flow cytometry service is part of Perkin Elmer’s extensive onesource service portfolioIncluding assets, relocation, compliance, information technology and scientific services. This is also part of Perkin Elmer’s deep expertise in flow cytometry. Biolegend is an industry leader in flow cytometry research reagents. These include antibodies and other innovative products from biomarker discovery to cell function and immune response monitoring.

Gary grecsek, Vice President/general manager of PerkinElmer onesource enterprise laboratory services express:”Flow cytometry is an important part of the drug discovery laboratory, but managing this complex technology internally may be tedious and time-consuming, especially for the lack of expertise in this field or the high turnover rate of people being experienced. With our onesource concierge service for flow cytometry, laboratory managers and scientists do not have to spend time managing these instruments and processes, but can focus on other key work and development There are new drug candidates.