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SLST molecular imaging platform recruits biological electron microscope sample preparation Engineer

The molecular imaging platform of Life College of Shanghai University of science and technology mainly provides high-efficiency and high-quality optical microscope technology support services for scientific researchers. In addition to a number of advanced optical imaging equipment, the platform is also equipped with sample preparation and imaging equipment such as SEM and continuous ultra-thin microtome for 3D electron microscope imaging, as well as professional 3D reconstruction image software such as imaris and Amira. We are now recruiting technicians for the preparation of biological electron microscope samples. You are welcome to forward, recommend or recommend yourself.

Job responsibilities

1. Be responsible for technical services and support such as routine chemical fixation and sample preparation, high-pressure freezing, low-temperature alternative fixation, ultra-thin sectioning (including continuous ultra-thin sectioning);  

2. Be responsible for the daily operation and use management of electron microscope, and assist in the management, maintenance, training and assessment of platform electron microscope and related equipment;  

3. Assist in the establishment of three-dimensional electron microscopic imaging experimental solutions and the development of relevant new technologies such as photoelectric combination. The platform will provide corresponding optical imaging technology and software training;  

4. Participate in the service work of the college as needed.

Recruitment conditions

1. Biological, chemical or material related professional background, master’s degree or above, especially excellent people can be released to bachelor’s degree;

2. Have experience in sample preparation of biological or material electron microscope, and be willing to engage in sample preparation of electron microscope for a long time. Experience in using ultra-thin microtome is preferred;

3. Working experience in operation and data analysis of large instruments and equipment such as scanning electron microscope and transmission electron microscope is preferred;

4. Image processing experience in imaris, Amira, ImageJ, MATLAB, python, etc. is preferred;

5. Positive, responsible, good at communication, willing to learn new technology, strong practical ability.

Working conditions and wages

1. Implement in accordance with the relevant regulations of Shanghai University of science and technology, and provide competitive salaries, allowances and benefits according to the specific situation of individuals;

2. Provide a good working environment and perfect research platform facilities, which has a good development prospect.

Application Method

1. Applicants are invited to pass the talent recruitment system( the resume, relevant certificates of education and work experience, and the contact information of two recommenders, and submit the application. The application process is:register, fill in and submit basic information, apply for and select positions.

2. Please also send the electronic version of relevant application materials to [email protected] Please indicate in the email Title:application of biological electron microscope engineer + name.

3. Conduct qualification examination for candidates, and notify the interview time for those who pass the preliminary examination; Those who fail to pass the preliminary examination are subject to notice. When the recruitment is full, it will stop.

Welcome to forward, recommend or recommend yourself!!!

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