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TECAN released new products of the second generation sequencing library builder, which are suitable for small flux ngs laboratories

Since the birth of the first second-generation sequencer in 2003, NGS technology has experienced nearly two decades of development, and the library preparation technology has basically become mature. Although the ngs database building technology has been updated, the library preparation process still requires a lot of time for manual operation. Cumbersome manual operation requires high operation level of laboratory personnel, and the consistency and repeatability of the library are poor, which is a difficult problem that puzzles many laboratory research. In order to solve related problems, NGS automatic database building scheme came into being. At present, the common ngs automation workstation in the market is mainly high-throughput, and the instrument covers a large area, which cannot meet the needs of all laboratories. TECAN has more than 40 years of automation development experience, and has developed dreamprep ngs, fluent and Evo liquid processing platforms, which can provide automated workstations for large ngs laboratories. Recently, TECAN released magicprep ngs, which is specially designed for the library building laboratory of small flux ngs, and can meet the needs of automatic library preparation from low flux to high flux.

What is magicprep ngs?

TECAN’s magicprep ngs is a complete automated ngs library preparation solution, which is completed by a simple desktop system. Reagents and consumables based on cartridge design enable magicprep ngs to start in 10 minutes. Due to the use of premixed reagent cards, users can start running the system after adding samples. According to the introduction, magicprep ngs system combines ultra-high ease of use and proven powerful technology, which can achieve more than 97%reliability, minimize the possibility of user errors, and provide consistent and repeatable results.

Main advantages of magicprep ngs

> 99%average success rate*

Magicprep ngs preparation ngs library is easy to operate. Its pre optimized reagents, scripts and powerful automation provide a reliable solution for library preparation and minimize errors* The success rate is based on the average internal test data. Sample quality and variability may affect the success rate. For more information, visit tecan com/magicprep-ngs/reliability

Figure 1 Success rate of magicprep ngs library.

Figure 1 shows the preparation of Illumina sequencing library for control samples by magicprep ngs system. A total of 59 tests (472 samples) were performed on more than 10 different instruments, including mRNA SEQ and DNA SEQ tests. Calculate the average library success rate for all runs, regardless of the application. In general, the average success rate of magicprep ngs system is greater than 99%.

What is the library success rate?

Magicprep ngs system aims to provide a simple and reliable solution for automatic library preparation. After a large number of tests, we can optimize the reagent formula, automated scripts and consumables to minimize the library failure rate.

The success rate of magicprep ngs library preparation was tested with the control samples of the recommended input amount and the number of PCR cycles. If the total recovery rate of the library is greater than or equal to 200ng, the library is considered to be successful. The expected library fragment distribution of all libraries was confirmed by fragment analyzer.

The quality and success of the library are affected by the sample quality, the input volume and the potential inhibitor of the sample. Low quality samples may see different success rates.

10 minute simple operation setting

Magicprep ngs can replace the manual liquid transfer process that takes hours or days. Using magicprep ngs system, all reagents and consumables required for library preparation are pre installed in a kit, which can start running within 10 minutes. Users only need to provide samples without premixed reagents or purchasing other reagents.

Users only need to add samples to the sample board, insert the reagent card and sample board into the instrument, and click Run to start building the library.

Magicprep ngs reagent card integrates TECAN patented technology and specially designed new technology to provide a simple unattended solution. This reagent card contains dimerfree ® Technology can minimize the formation of joint dimer. No matter the amount of input or GC content, it can maintain consistent DNA enzyme sectioning. At the same time, the reagent card also includes high fidelity library amplification, which can realize the accurate replication of the library.

Installation free, calibration free, script writing free

Magicprep ngs requires no instrument installation and can be operated by plugging in power. The visual graphical interface of the touch screen simplifies the operation and reduces the occurrence of errors. It is very friendly to novices in the laboratory or laboratory personnel without the background of NGS database construction. Simple training can be used. In addition, the design of magicprep ngs software and hardware all-in-one machine also saves space for the laboratory.

Magicprep ngs system provides a real one-stop automated library building system, which saves time without additional user interaction after it starts running. Magicprep ngs is responsible for the subsequent library preparation. In addition, magicprep ngs instrument can protect the library from evaporation and store the library for up to 65 hours, so users can start library preparation at any time.

Reliability and repeatability

Magicprep ngs system adopts a new reagent sub packaging technology and mature technology to provide a reliable and repeatable solution, while minimizing the possibility of user errors. Magicprep ngs provides a fully automated and reproducible experimental process, so that experimenters are no longer limited to simple library preparation, but to seek more breakthroughs.


Figure 2 The library consistency of magicprep ngs system in different operations.

Magicprep ngs system can prepare consistent libraries in the same operation and different operations. 40 libraries (5 runs) were prepared with revelo mRNA SEQ kit on the same instrument, starting with 100 ng of K562 total RNA library. Chart the total amount of each library to prove the consistency of Library yield. The data shows that the CV of each batch is between 5.8%and 16.8%, indicating that the output of 8 samples in each batch is consistent. In addition, the library results generated in all five runs are similar, which proves that the magicprep ngs system has good consistency.

Magicprep ngs system provides a complete and reliable library preparation scheme

The reagent card combines all the advantages of TECAN manual kit and is formatted and used on magicprep ngs instruments, so it can save hours of operation time. It has the following characteristics:

• Wide sample input range and volume, easy to add samples

• Dimerfree technology reduces the formation of joint dimers

• double ended unique molecular tag (UDI) connector, which can be flexibly applied to multiple combinations of samples and index jump detection


Figure 3 Maintain consistent performance over a wide range of inputs.

K562 total RNA libraries of 10 ng, 100 ng, and 1000 ng were prepared using the revelo mRNA SEQ kit. Regardless of the amount of input, the indicators of all libraries are similar. Revelo mRNA SEQ kit provides all reagents and consumables needed to select and construct mRNA SEQ library from total RNA samples. Together with magicprep ngs system, it provides a simple solution for automatic preparation of mRNA SEQ library.


Figure 4:reliable enzymatic DNA fragmentation, not affected by CG content.

Using revelo DNA SEQ enz kit, the library was prepared with 100ng of three bacterial genome mixtures (Staphylococcus aureus (32%gc), Escherichia coli (50%gc) and rhodobacteria globoides (68%gc)) with different GC contents. All genomes are expected to be reflected in the sequencing data. The insertion length analysis showed that the insertion sizes of all three genomes were similar, indicating that DNA fragmentation was not affected by GC content. Revelo DNA SEQ enz kit provides all the reagents and consumables required for high-quality DNA enzyme digestion and library construction. Together with magicprepngs system, it provides a simple solution for automatic preparation of DNA SEQ library, and the consistency of DNA fragments is not affected by the input amount and GC content.


Figure 5 The results of samples with different GC contents are highly consistent.

Revelo DNA SEQ mech kit was used to prepare libraries from a pre fragmented mixture of 100ng three bacterial genomes with different GC contents (Staphylococcus aureus (32%gc), Escherichia coli (50%gc) and rhodobacteria globoides (68%gc)). Sequencing results showed that the homogeneity and genome coverage of the three bacterial genomes reached 99.9%. The reading length ratio of each genome is similar to the results obtained manually, indicating that the GC preference in the process of automated library construction is low. Revelo DNA SEQ mech kit provides all the reagents and consumables required for pre fragmented DNA to construct DNA SEQ library. Together with magicprep ngs system, it provides a highly sensitive solution for the automatic preparation of DNA SEQ library.