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Technical regulations for environmental monitoring of microbiology laboratory was released, and data management of Huada Zhizao enabling laboratory was carried out

On July 23, the technical regulations for environmental monitoring of microbiology laboratories (Standard No. t/szca 4-2022, hereinafter referred to as”the standard”) was officially released at the 23rd National Hospital Construction Conference! The standard is edited by Huada Zhizao and Zhongming technology, jointly issued by Shenzhen biological and industrial cleaning industry association, Shenzhen Institute of drug inspection and research, Shenzhen medical device industry association, China Academy of Building Sciences Co., Ltd., Harbin Veterinary Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, medical center of Hong Kong University of science and technology, Peking University, Shenzhen Peking University Shenzhen hospital medical innovation center and other units participated in the compilation and witnessed the release of the standard.

The standard aims to guide the design and construction of the environmental monitoring system of the microbiology laboratory, so that the relevant departments and laboratory users can master the laboratory environmental index parameters in real time, collect data and early warning information in time, so as to take corresponding prevention and control measures, reduce operation risks, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the laboratory.

In line with the development trend of the industry,Promote the standardization and compliance of Zhihui Laboratory

The 23rd National Hospital Construction Conference was co organized by Huada Zhizao, and hosted by Shenzhen biological and industrial cleaning industry association and the professional committee of clean technology application and management of Guangdong Provincial Hospital Association. 1200 top celebrities were invited to gather in Wuhan to jointly explore new ideas for hospital reform, construct hospital management in the post epidemic period, and better build intelligent information-based green hospitals.

The appearance of the technical regulations for environmental monitoring in microbiological laboratories at the conference is an important achievement issued as a service to the research on the key technologies of comprehensive epidemic prevention in urban buildings. In the post epidemic era, the standard is of great significance for rapid response to sudden public health events, more active prevention and control of new infectious diseases, promoting the standardization and standardization of relevant testing and product research and development, and even for the orderly development of the global life science industry.

On August 10, 2021, the novelty search center of the southwest information center of the Ministry of science and technology of the people’s Republic of China proposed in the”science and technology novelty search report” that the release of this standard is to lay a good foundation for the”chord” of epidemic prevention. On April 16, 2022, the expert review meeting affirmed this standard in the minutes:”the formulation of this standard not only conforms to the development trend of the industry, but also effectively ensures the safety, efficiency and high quality of the laboratory environment.”

Lin Siyuan, director of Huada Zhizao business development center, said,”in the past two years, especially the COVID-19, laboratories in various industries have paid more attention to biosafety and data management. I believe that the formulation of this group’s standards can provide very good guidance for the digital management of laboratories.”

It is worth mentioning that the”Zhihui laboratory” life digital platform system launched by Huada Zhizao recently truly realizes the closed-loop control of a full set of laboratory information with a compliant and efficient laboratory digital system and rigorous and professional information security management.

As a digital platform for life that can grow, perceive, self decide and self execute, Huada Zhizao Zhihui laboratory covers four layers of laboratory perception architecture, including environment, equipment, application and data, and has the ability of super global perception. Based on the Internet of things technology, it strictly monitors and warns the laboratory environmental parameters to create a standardized and safe standard laboratory environment.

More importantly, Huada Zhizao Zhihui laboratory has full chain information management and guided experimental process management from sample collection to report uploading. Based on actual needs and usage scenarios, it can provide customized product combinations for each user, fully integrate third-party equipment, and at the same time, Zhihui laboratory system can complete the extension of equipment hardware management, ensure the safety of experimental data information, truly achieve high perception, unmanned, customized, and achieve”wisdom” to”benefit” and benefit everyone.

“We have been deeply involved in the field of laboratory automation, using our rich experience and innovative technology in the field of life digitalization to provide users with a one-stop platform with multiple scenes and applications. Now the release of the technical regulations for environmental monitoring of microbiology laboratory has also promoted our ‘Zhihui laboratory’ to move towards standardization and compliance, and comprehensively escorted the safety of the laboratory environment.” Lin Siyuan said.

Fill in many industry gaps,Continue to promote the”going out” of Chinese technology and standards

So far, Huada Zhizao has participated in the drafting, release and implementation of 41 standards. Among them, there are 6 national standards, 4 industry standards, 22 group standards, 7 enterprise standards, and 2 the Belt and Road standards, filling a number of industry gaps.

In terms of standardization, Huada Zhizao has participated in the formulation of a number of national and industrial standards. In 2020, Huada Zhizao participated in and drafted as the second drafting unit. The National Drug Administration officially released the first domestic gene sequencer standard for the medical device industry -“high flux gene sequencer standard” (Standard No.:yy/t 1723-2020), which is also the first time in the world to set standards for gene sequencers, reflecting China’s forward-looking and progressiveness in the field of gene sequencing. The leading construction of Huada Zhizao in the gene sequencing standard will effectively promote the Shenzhen standard to reach the domestic leading and international advanced level, fill the domestic and international gaps, and help to standardize and improve the product technology level of the whole industry.

In terms of quality system construction, Huada Zhizao has obtained many quality system certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, etc.

Looking forward to the future, Huada Zhizao will continue to provide core tool support for the construction of digitalization, informatization and standardization in the field of life sciences, stimulate and lead industrial norms while empowering midstream and downstream industries with scientific and technological innovation, and create an industry ecosystem of”win-win cooperation”, so as to promote the”going out” of Chinese standards and Chinese technology, and enhance the global influence of the industry.