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Ten new perspectives the 11th spectrum network conference opens tomorrow

On July 19, 2022, the”11th spectrum network conference (ics2022)” hosted by the instrument information network and co organized by Jiangsu Association for analysis and testing, near infrared spectroscopy branch of China instrumentation society and terahertz biophysics branch of China biophysics society was officially opened. Registration link:

Remember the original dream, every decade is a new beginning. The 4-day 11th spectrum network conference will focus on the latest and cutting-edge spectral technologies and applications, including the most popular SERS detection method of covid-19, the latest hyperspectral technology with rapid development, and the process online spectral analysis with great application prospects, as well as the application progress of various spectral technologies in the four fields of life science, food/pharmacy, environment, and materials, It provides a new and efficient communication platform for spectral researchers and professional technicians at home and abroad to promote industry exchanges and improve the level of spectral research and application.

Looking for the power of spectral instruments and technological innovation from a new perspective is also in line with the development trend of spectral technology. At this stage, a new generation of spectral technology and cutting-edge applications continue to emerge, injecting fresh vitality into the industry. And this spectrum network conferenceFocusing on innovative spectral technology and applications,More than 50 industry masters have been invited to present you with a spectrum feast from a new perspective!

Perspective 1:Attack the epidemic directlybe based onCan Raman spectroscopy of SERS replace PCR to detect new crown Click to register

疫情蔓延,新冠检测如何实现快速、准确、便捷?除了PCR之外,目前已经有不少be based onSERS方法检测新冠病毒的科研成果产出,be based onCan Raman spectroscopy of SERS replace PCR to detect new crown?iCS2022中这两位专家的报告值得期待!

Report preview:

【1】 Researcher Du Kai (China Academy of Engineering Physics):Discussion on the construction method of high confidence standard spectrum of covid-19 characteristic protein (seven point one nine);

【2】 Researcher Yang Yong (Shanghai Institute of silicate, Chinese Academy of Sciences):progress in the detection of covid-19 by SERS (seven point one nine);

visual angletwoThink carefully and fear deeplyHow much do you know about the detection of micro plastics and nano plasticsClick to register

Micro plastic is found in Antarctic snow! A cup of 300 ml takeaway hot coffee will bring hundreds of billions of micro plastic particles into the body! In addition to micro plastics, there are also nano plastics… As a new type of environmental pollutants, the research on micro plastics is in full swing. What are the detection methods? Come to ics2022, the two experts will share on site!

Report preview:

【1】 Shenxiaoming Senior Engineer (Nanjing Geological Survey Center of China Geological Survey):application of laser confocal micro Raman spectroscopy in the detection of microplastics in coastal sediments (seven point two one);

【2】 Researcher Wang Yunqing (Yantai Coastal Zone Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences):Research on SERS labeled nano plastics and their distribution in typical model organisms (seven point two one);

visual anglethreehave great originality Spectrum innovation technology appears frequentlyClick to register

Spectral technology has never stopped the pace of innovation, and a number of innovative research, such as single-cell analysis, hyperspectral imaging chips, ultrafast spectral instruments, have attracted the attention of the industry!

Report preview:

【1】 Professor Hu bin (Wuhan University):droplet microfluidic chip ICP-MS single cell analysis (seven point one nine);

【2】 Cui Kaiyu, associate professor (Tsinghua University):hypersurface spectral imaging chip (seven point two zero);

【3】 Weng Yuxiang, Director/Researcher (Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences):introduction to some self-developed ultrafast spectral instruments for scientific problems (seven point two zero);

【4】 Liudeye, deputy chief technician (Jiangsu Center for Disease Control and prevention):progress and application examples of ICP-MS combined technology (seven point two zero);

【5】 Feng bin, Assistant Researcher (Ningbo University):research and development of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy microbial typing system and its application (seven point two zero);

visionfourQuality comes from design. See how process analysis technology creates economic value!Click to register

With the increasing emphasis on quality from the efficiency of design and manufacturing process, process analysis technology gradually goes deep into the production process, and its market is also growing. In terms of technology, near-infrared spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, terahertz spectroscopy and other spectroscopy combined with chemometrics methods have become the core content of modern process analysis technology.

Report preview:

【1】 Chu Xiaoli, professor level senior engineer (Sinopec Petrochemical Research Institute):discussion and Prospect of modern process analysis technology (seven point two one);

【2】姚顺春教授(华南理工大学):be based on激光光谱的煤质智能感知方法与应用(seven point two one);

【3】 Researcher Li Bin (National Agricultural Intelligent Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center):Agricultural Application Research and exploration of Terahertz Spectroscopy Technology (seven point two one);

【4】 Associate Professor Huang Xin (Tianjin University):application of in situ analysis technology in the study of drug polymorphisms (seven point two one);

visual anglefive The compound annual growth rate is 18.4%, and hyperspectral is emerging!Click to register

According to the data of relevant research institutions, the global hyperspectral imaging system market was US $15.4 billion in 2021, and it is expected that the market will increase to US $35.8 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 18.4%. With the progress of technology, at present, hyperspectral imaging system has become compact and the price has been reduced, which can be better applied to different fields. Its application fields also cover agriculture, environment, pharmacy, food testing, medical diagnosis, art research, environment and other fields from the initial earth satellite imaging.

Report preview:

【1】 Academician Wang Jianyu (Shanghai Institute of technology and physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences):hyperspectral technology development and space application prospects (seven point one nine);

【2】 Researcher Zhang Lifu (Institute of aerospace information innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences):Frontier progress of spectral technology (seven point two two);

【3】马宗伟副总经理(无锡谱视界科技有限公司):be based on光谱技术的空天地一体化水环境动态监测(seven point two two);

【4】 Professor Luo Huaping (Tarim University):Research on multi-scale fruit spectral and imaging quantitative detection technology (seven point two two);

【5】 Professor Sun Hong (China Agricultural University):”smart agriculture” crop multi-dimensional spectroscopy sensing key technology and equipment research and development (seven point two two);

【6】 Professor Wu Jingzhu (Beijing Industrial and Commercial University):application exploration of hyperspectral imaging technology in crop seed quality detection (seven point two two);

visual anglesixThe heat is not reduced,RamanSpectral instruments and technological innovation continue!Click to register


Report preview:


Report title


seven point one nine morning


Ren bin

Professor of Xiamen University

seven point one nine morning

Discussion on the construction method of high confidence standard spectrum of characteristic protein of novel coronavirus


Researcher of China Academy of Engineering Physics

seven point one nine afternoon


Yang Yong

Researcher, Shanghai Institute of silicate, Chinese Academy of Sciences

seven point one nine afternoon

be based on多维度表面增强Raman光谱指纹的细菌识别技术

Fan meikun

Professor of southwestjiaotonguniversity

seven point two zero afternoon


Gong Fu

Professor of Tarim University, Beijing Institute of fashion

seven point two zero afternoon


Feng Jingjing

Doctor of Nanjing food and Drug Administration and Inspection Institute

seven point two one morning

Application of in situ analysis technology in the study of drug polymorphisms

Huang Xin

Associate professor of Tianjin University

seven point two one afternoon



Senior engineer of Nanjing Geological Survey Center of China Geological Survey

seven point two one afternoon

SERS labeled nano plastics and their distribution in typical model organisms

Wang Yunqing

Researcher, Yantai Coastal Zone Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences

seven point two two afternoon


Lin Miaoling

Assistant researcher, Institute of semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences

visual anglesevenThe Future Star Talents CompetitionPush awayLIBS applicationThe gate of!Click to register

Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is known as the”giant star of future chemical analysis”. Compared with traditional chemical detection methods, LIBS has the advantages of no direct contact with samples, remote detection, low sample demand, small loss, no cumbersome preparation process and so on. It can be applied to samples in any state of solid, liquid and gas, and has a wide application prospect in many fields.

Report preview:

【1】 Professor guolianbo (Huazhong University of science and Technology):Fundamentals, instruments and applications of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy;

【2】王珍珍副教授(西安交通大学 ): be based on皮秒LIBS的元素成像技术研究;

【3】姚顺春教授(华南理工大学):be based on激光光谱的煤质智能感知方法与应用;

【4】 Liu Shugao Gong (Shanghai Customs industrial products and raw materials testing technology center):the technical application of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in the detection of iron ore;

visual angleeight Promising,See how terahertz technology will change the future world! Click to register

Terahertz wave, also known as far-infrared wave, was once rated as one of the”top ten technologies to change the future world”. It is the last band in the electromagnetic band that has not been fully recognized and applied by mankind. Compared with X-ray, terahertz imaging technology and spectrum technology have more advantages and broad prospects in many aspects because of their high frequency, short pulse, strong penetrability, small energy and less damage to materials and human body.

Report preview:

【1】何明霞教授(天津大学four川创新研究院):多层微米级材料的太赫兹光谱与成像无损检测技术研究与应用(seven point one nine);

【2】赵红卫副研究员(中国科学院上海高等研究院 ):太赫兹光谱技术在生物分子结构及弱相互作用中的应用研究(seven point one nine);

【3】 Researcher Li Bin (National Agricultural Intelligent Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center):Agricultural Application Research and exploration of Terahertz Spectroscopy Technology (seven point two one);

visual angle九 Deep cultivation and meticulous work,Spectral applicationchange rapidlyClick to register

随着光谱技术的不断提升,其应用范围也越来越广,不仅为相关领域的科研创新提供了必不可少的表征手段,还解决了生产和生活中的实际问题,给人们的生活带来极大便利。食品药品、生命科学、环境、材料等领域的应用change rapidly!

Report preview:

【1】Fan meikun教授(西南交通大学):be based on多维度表面增强Raman光谱指纹的细菌识别技术(seven point one nine);

【2】吴志生研究员(北京中医药大学):以光谱为示范的中药制造测量科学思考与实践(seven point two zero);

【3】张建平教授(常州工学院):be based on近红外光谱信息的有机物品质全息评价技术及在中药方面的研究与探索(seven point two zero);    

【4】倪竞波工程师(江苏省质检院): HPLC/ICP/MS联用技术在食品元素形态分析中应用探讨(seven point two zero);

【5】 Zhang培新主任工程师/研究级高级工程师(江苏省地质调查研究院/国土资源部南京矿产资源监督检测中心):单波长激发能量色散X射线荧光在固废重金属检测中的应用(seven point two one);

【6】陈庆彩教授(陕西科技大学):three维荧光光谱在大气污染科学研究和控制中的应用(seven point two one);

【7】王骏飞高级工程师(江苏省环境监测中心):光谱分析法在土壤环境监测领域的应用(seven point two one);    

【8】贾云海首席专家(钢研纳克检测技术股份有限公司):超大尺寸金属构件原位分析技术开发与应用(seven point two two);

【9】郭隆海副教授(北京化工大学):红外和近红外光谱在聚合反应过程控制和聚合物结构研究中的应用(seven point two two);

【10】转角two维材料的Raman光谱研究    Lin Miaoling    Assistant researcher, Institute of semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences(seven point two two);

【11】刘曙正高级工程师(上海海关工业品与原材料检测技术中心 ):激光诱导击穿光谱检测铁矿石的技术应用    (seven point two two);

【12】王惠钢教授(浙江师范大学):偏振Raman光谱在分子间作用的研究-聚集诱导光谱分裂理论(seven point two two);


visual angle十:科技是第一生产力,科学仪器是科技进步不可或缺的利器! Click to register


Report preview:


Report title


seven point one ninemorning

勇攀高峰,化学高分辨多重four极杆ICP-MS 在复杂基质中痕量、超痕量元素分析的应用


珀金埃尔默企业管理(上海)有限公司 高级技术支持经理

seven point one nineafternoon



雷尼绍(上海)贸易有限公司 光谱产品部应用工程师

seven point one nineafternoon



光谱时代(北京)科技有限公司 产品经理

seven point one nineafternoon



天美仪拓实验室设备(上海)有限公司 分析市场部应用工程师

seven point two zeromorning



岛津企业管理(中国)有限公司 产品经理

seven point two zeromorning



北京海光仪器有限公司 应用工程师

seven point two onemorning



北京鉴知技术有限公司 光学工程师

seven point two onemorning



蔚海光学仪器(上海)有限公司 产品工程师

seven point two oneafternoon



德国耶拿分析仪器有限公司 产品经理

seven point two oneafternoon

GB/T 5750 生活饮用水元素分析解决方案


安捷伦科技(中国)有限公司 应用工程师

seven point two twomorning

be based on光谱技术的空天地一体化水环境动态监测


无锡谱视界科技有限公司 副总经理/助理研究员

seven point two twoafternoon



钢研纳克检测技术股份有限公司 首席专家

seven point two twoafternoon



赛默飞世尔科技(中国)有限公司 Raman应用科学家谱