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Tens of millions of round a financing! Laminar wave bio focused flow cytometry! IDG capital investment

Recently,Stratospheric biology completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan。 This round of financing is funded byIDG capital investmentThe funds will be used for the R & D and marketing of the company’s flow cytometry products.

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Laminar wave biology focuses on the field of flow cell, and is committed to realizing the automation and routinization of flow technology, the foolishness and intelligence of application analysis, and has launched a number of flow products. At present, the main product is 2 laser 8-color flow cytometer matecyte ™ Successfully obtained the nmpa Registration Certificate in January 2021, and the high-end product 3 laser 14 color flow cytometer longcycle ™ All 26 models have obtained CE certification and are applying for nmpa registration certificate. In the second half of the year, flow sample preparation instrument fa3000l and flow detection reagents such as antibodies will be launched successively.

Liutiefu, founder and general manager of stratosphere biologyBoth undergraduate and master degree students studied in the school of mechanical engineering of Tsinghua University. After graduation in 2007, he joined Mindray Beijing Research Institute. As the system engineer of Mindray flow bricyte E6, he participated in the birth of China’s first clinical flow cytometer from the beginning of the project, and witnessed the whole process of Chinese flow cytometer from scratch, from germination to hot.

The core team of the company has more than 10 years of experience in flow technology, and”ten years are like a day” focuses on flow technology research, and is committed to the research and development of products with stable, reliable and excellent performance. 2 laser 8-color flow cytometry has been widely used in the market. The stability of the instrument has been highly recognized by customers, and the sales volume in the future is considerable. Liu Tiefu said:“The newly developed 3 laser 14 color flow cytometer has been sold in the scientific research market. Its excellent performance and intelligent performance have been highly praised by customers, which gives us great confidence and makes us full of hope for its clinical performance. In terms of market performance and technological leadership, laminar wave biology has taken the lead.

Liu Tiefu emphasized:“Laminar wave biology has always insisted on developing and producing more advanced diagnostic instruments and reagents. In order to realize the integration of flow detection and preparation, the flow sample preparation instrument fa3000l will be launched in October this year, and more flow products will be launched in the future. We hope to make our modest contribution to the development of streaming technology in China, become the popularizer of streaming technology in the industry and the trusted streaming partner of customers.

Flow sample processor fa3000l

IDG capital said:Domestic high-end life science tools are one of the key layout areas of IDG. Laminar wave biology has decades of industrial accumulation on the streaming platform, among which longcycle ™ The launch of the 3 laser made in China has achieved a breakthrough of”zero”, marking the entry of domestic streaming into the high-end platform. Laminar wave biology has a top flow team in China, showing excellent R & D ability and craftsman quality who concentrates on polishing products. IDG capital is very happy to help layer Lang build a domestic high-end optical equipment platform, and promote the development of upstream life sciences and clinical diagnosis through the research and development of high-quality equipment.

There are still challenges in the stability, reliability and availability of streaming technology

Flow cytometry is an important technology in the field of life sciences. It is a technology that measures the expression of protein or nucleic acid level in a single cell in a fluid flow system, and analyzes or sorts specific cells from a population. It has multiple advantages such as single cell level, multi parameters, high speed, high precision, good accuracy and so on.

In the market, the market for routine tests such as blood cells, biochemistry and chemiluminescence is gradually saturated,The clinical application of flow technology is in its early stage, and there are still huge opportunities to be explored。 Especially in 2017, in order to promote the development of the industry, the state changed the registration requirements of a batch of antibody reagents from three categories to one category, greatly reducing the registration cost, and greatly releasing the enthusiasm of flow technology enterprises to enter the clinical market.

In recent years, with the gradual implementation of flow cytometry in the clinical market, the continuous increase of detectable items, and the addition of domestic flow cytometry products, the rapid growth of the flow cytometry market has been driven. According to the statistics of market research future, the global sales of flow cytometry in 2011 was about US $2.7 billion, US $3 billion in 2012, and increased to US $4.9 billion in 2017. It is expected that the market scale will reach US $6.5 billion in 2020. It is predicted that by 2023, the global flow cytometry market will reach US $8.88 billion, and the compound annual growth rate of the market from 2012 to 2023 will be about 12%, much higher than the compound growth rate of about 5%in the global IVD market.

At present, the flow cytometry is dominated by imported products.In the clinical market, the stability, reliability and availability of flow cytometry products have not been met.

Flow cytometry was originally born for the scientific research market. The sample pre-processing steps are complex, the detection process is cumbersome, the back-end sample analysis is difficult, and the requirements for operators are high. There is still a big gap with traditional inspection instruments in stability, reliability and convenience of operation.

In addition,At the scientific research end, flow cytometry products are also too expensive and have high maintenance requirements for imported instruments, which are characterized by”delicate and expensive”.

In general, the flow cytometry market leaves a huge imagination space for domestic enterprises.Laminar wave biology focuses on solving the pain points of flow cytometry and provides an overall solution of flow cytometry.

The first domestic 3-laser 14 color flow cytometer

In the face of the strong market demand for flow cytometry products with high reliability, high stability and high automation, stratosphere biology has made a systematic layout.

On the instrument side, the 2-laser 8-color matecyte developed by laminar wave biology ™ Series flow cytometer is one of the most popular domestic manufacturersThe first 2-light and 8-color company to obtain nmpa registration certificateProducts. The fluorescence detection limit and resolution of the instrument far exceed the industry standards, and it is an outstanding domestic brand. The standard automatic injection function can be compatible with various injection methods. After the test of hundreds of customers, including scientific research, clinical and industrial users, the products are reliable and stable.

2 laser 8-color flow cytometer matecyte ™

It is worth noting that at present, domestic flow cytometry generally stays below 2 laser and 6 colors, and laminar wave biology took the lead in developing 3 laser and 14 color flow cytometry longcycle ™ Series, becomeThe first domestic 3-laser 14 color flow cytometer。 At present, 26 models of the instrument have obtained CE certification and are applying for nmpa registration approval. The company will strive to promote the flow instrument products developed in China all over the world.

3 laser 14 color flow cytometry longcycle ™

Relying on 3 laser 14 color flow cytometry,There are more kinds of reagents and fluorescent dyes available in clinical and scientific research, more projects that can be carried out on instruments, and more free, flexible and compatible experimental schemes.Liu Tiefu explained,”this is equivalent to a house, which has changed from a bedroom to a bedroom, living room and kitchen. It has more powerful functions, which can further promote the wide use of flow technology in clinical and scientific research, and bring greater medical value.”

Aiming at the cumbersome problems in the pretreatment of flow technology, laminar wave biology is developing automatic flow products to realize the integration of instruments and reagents. Through automatic sample processing and automatic detection, it can reduce the detection cost, improve the detection efficiency and broaden the application scenarios. In the back-end sample analysis link, the company has developed a series of software such as automatic analysis and automatic quality control.

In terms of business strategy, layer wave biology is inclusive, opening up cooperation with reagent companies, providing technical services and key modules, and working with all actors in the industry to expand the industry cake and improve the application level of domestic flow technology.

Liu Tiefu said,”automation, intelligence, routinization, and the deep integration of flow technology with single-cell sequencing, pharmaceutical, and AI industries are the future development trend of the flow cell market and the future opportunities of enterprises.”

Next, in the scientific research market, laminar wave biology will accelerate the promotion of 3 laser 14 color flow cytometry to provide a more powerful scientific research platform for scientific research users around cell analysis. In the clinical market, the understanding and practice of small and medium-sized hospitals in the application of flow cytometry products and interpretation of clinical significance are not mature. The company will accelerate product registration, certification and market promotion, and accelerate the clinical implementation of flow cytometry.

About IDG capital

IDG capital is a leading private equity investment institution in the world. It took the lead in developing venture capital business in China since 1993. IDG capital’s investment in the medical field covers the initial stage, growth stage, maturity stage, mergers and acquisitions and other stages, and the investment scale ranges from hundreds of millions of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. Over the years, IDG capital has always paid close attention to the development of medical diagnosis. In the field of life science tools, IDG capital has invested in Huada Zhizao, the leader of domestic sequencing equipment, nanopore sequencer Putian biology, single-cell tool caike biology, and high-end flow cell laminar wave biology; In the field of precision diagnosis, IDG capital selected early screening kangliming biology for colorectal cancer, Shanghai Zhiben and yuce biology for tumor detection services, diffy medicine for complex etiology detection, and coreda biology and Weitai medical for instant diagnosis; In the field of multiomics research and services, Jingjie biology and Pinsheng medicine are representative projects of IDG capital.