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The 2022 China Environmental mass spectrometry conference was postponed to the spring of 2023

Due to the impact of the recent COVID-19, the 2022 China Environmental mass spectrometry conference, hosted by the mass spectrometry branch of the Chinese physical society, organized by Shandong University of science and technology, and supported by the environmental chemistry discipline of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, is scheduled to be postponed to March 24-27, 2023 (the original date of the conference is August 25-28, 2022). The venue of the conference will remain unchanged in Qingdao, Shandong Province. The arrangement of the meeting is hereby notified as follows:

1、 Main schedule of the meeting

March 24, 2023

Check in all day

On the morning of March 25

Opening ceremony + Conference Report

Afternoon of March 25

All day on March 26

Group Report

On the morning of March 27

Conference report + closing ceremony

Afternoon of March 27

Leave the meeting

2、 Meeting place:

Qingdao rongchuang shiboge Hotel and Wanda Wenhua Hotel

Address:No. 868, Xinghaiwan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao

3、 Academic report

This meeting will be in the form of an invitation report and an application oral report. At the same time, a youth forum and wall newspaper display will be held. The organizing committee will set up excellent thesis Awards (including excellent oral report award and wall newspaper Award) for doctoral and master’s students, and experts will be organized to select them at that time.

According to the research directions involved in the report, it is proposed to set up the following chapters:1) sample pretreatment technology in environmental mass spectrometry analysis; 2) Application of mass spectrometry in environmental monitoring; 3) New methods and technologies for mass spectrometry analysis of new pollutants; 4) Mass spectrometry technology and application in food safety; 5) Study on degradation mechanism of environmental pollutants and mass spectrometry analysis; 6) Mass spectrometry imaging and environmental toxicology; 7) Mass spectrometry device in environmental analysis; 8) Application of big data in environmental mass spectrometry; 9) Non target analysis of unknown pollutants; 10) Other relevant technologies and analysis methods.

Warm tips:oral reports, youth forums and wall newspapers all need to be applied by the participants, and the Organizing Committee of the conference will review them uniformly. The application method is to fill in the title of the report or wall newspaper under the corresponding column of”report form” when registering for the meeting.

The wall newspaper is required to be made in accordance with the specifications, and the specific requirements are as follows:

1. Poster size:110 cm high × It is 80 cm wide.

2. The content of the wall newspaper is mainly graphic, which mainly reflects the innovation of the research work, the main results and conclusions.

3. Write the paper number on the upper right side of the poster (the paper number will be notified before the meeting).

Abstract:the submission method and template of the abstract of the paper shall be submitted according to the requirements of the first round of notice: -detail& nid=1326 

4、 Conference Registration

1. Register to attend the meeting

Please log in to the meeting homepage website of MS( ), select”enroll”, register on the website, and obtain the user name and password. Then, log in to the conference registration system and fill in the participation information, including report title, reservation of room, submission of report summary and payment of conference registration fee.

Warm tips:when registering for the meeting, please pay attention to choosing the name of this meeting:China Environmental mass spectrometry conference 2022

2. Registration fee

Payment of conference registration fee:participants need to pay the conference registration fee. They can register before February 20, 2023 and enjoy preferential registration fee standard:1600 yuan for participants (1200 yuan for student representatives); After February 20, 2023 or on-site registration, 1800 yuan for delegates (1400 yuan for student delegates).

2.1 payment method

Participants can choose bank remittance (only public to public remittance), online payment, or pay the registration fee on site (it is recommended to pay in advance).

1. Bank remittance (only corporate remittance is accepted):

Account Name:Shandong University of science and technology

Account No.:38110101040034806

Bank of deposit:Agricultural Bank of China Limited Qingdao West Coast New Area Branch

Bank No.:103452011010

Tax No.:1237000049557059xb

2. For online payment, please scan the QR code below to pay (support Alipay and wechat payment):

*When paying by online bank transfer, please be sure to note information:Environmental mass spectrum + name.

*After completing the payment, participants must fill in the”environmental mass spectrometry conference information statistics” form (link is as follows: , or scan the QR code (see the figure below) for verification and confirmation.

3. Invoicing

Please submit the invoice information (unit name and taxpayer identification number) in the”environmental mass spectrometry conference information statistics” survey system( , the QR code is shown in the figure above), and the conference affairs group will issue ordinary VAT invoices for the paid representatives.

4. Meeting accommodation

1) :Qingdao rongchuang shiboge Hotel

Standard room:420 yuan/Room/day

Big bed room:420 yuan/Room/day

2) :Wanda Mandarin Hotel

Standard room:490 yuan/Room/day

Big bed room:490 yuan/Room/day

As the hotel rooms signed for the conference are reserved and the number is limited, the organizing committee will first ensure the accommodation arrangement of the representatives who have paid the registration fee. Please understand, and the representatives who are going to attend the conference are also requested to register for the conference and book rooms as soon as possible.

Participants who have registered for the conference, please log in to the conference system to update their accommodation information.

Participants who arrive after 16:00 on the registration day of the meeting (March 24) are requested to contact the conference affairs team in advance to ensure accommodation arrangements.

5、 Important time nodes

Opening of registration system:April 30, 2022

Paper deadline:February 20, 2023

Deadline for oral report application:February 10, 2023

Deadline for payment of preferential registration fee:February 20, 2023

The detailed introduction of the conference, the organization of the conference, the payment method of registration fee, the introduction of hotel accommodation and housing reservations, manuscript templates, wall newspaper production requirements and other relevant information will be published on the conference home page. Please log in to the conference home page for inquiry( )。

See the following link for the notice of the first round of the meeting: -detail& nid=1326 

See the following link for the second round of notice of the meeting: -detail& nid=1514 

See the following link for the homepage of the conference: -home& mid=20 

6、 Meeting affairs group and contact information:

1. Meeting report and summary:

Zhang Yang, Tel.:18810967801 e-mail:[email protected]  

Li Jie, Tel:18364287828 e-mail:[email protected]  

2. Meeting registration:

Li Xiao, Tel.:18819484908 e-mail:[email protected]  

Feng Yue, Tel.:17862920388 e-mail:[email protected]  

3. Accommodation arrangement:

Liu Daijing (conference affairs), Tel:18678919162 e-mail:[email protected]  

Zhang Linlin, Tel:18254236291 e-mail:[email protected]  

Zhang Yizhen, Tel.:13889470347 e-mail:[email protected]  

4. Sponsor:

Guo Jinghua, Tel:010-5880768413811562941 e-mail:[email protected]

Wang Xiangfeng, Tel:010-5880798113520034335 e-mail:[email protected]  

Mass spectrometry branch of Chinese Physical Society

Shandong University of science and technology

July 25, 2022