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The 2022 Optoelectronic Industry Expo will be held in Beijing. In August, it is ready to go!

Optoelectronic technology, as a hot technology combined with photon technology and electronic technology, plays a huge role in the development of science and technology, and is the core technology of the future information industry. Optoelectronic industry has become an important part of the national economy and an important part of high-tech development. As the domestic epidemic has entered the final stage,Where are the development trends and new opportunities of China’s optoelectronic industry? How can emerging applications such as chips, 5g and the Internet of things drive the coordinated development of optoelectronic materials and devices?You can find these answers in the upcoming 14th China Optoelectronic Industry Expo 2022.

The 2022 Optoelectronic Industry Expo will be held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 11 to 13, 2022. This Expo will continue to adhere to the high specification and high standard, and comprehensively present the theme exhibition areas such as infrared technology application, laser intelligent manufacturing, optical communication and intelligent perception, optics, precision optical manufacturing, photoelectric detection and testing measurement, innovation and integration exhibition area, innovative technology and laboratory achievements, so as to realize the five integration of exhibition, award-winning, scientific and technological service docking, competition and Industrial Application Forum. All parties are united and ready to go!

Famous enterprises gather to create a one-stop industry event of the whole industry chain

With the normalization of the epidemic, manufacturers in the optoelectronic industry have already returned to normal, actively seeking business opportunities and soliciting orders. With a total exhibition area of 30000 square meters, the optoelectronic industry expo has attracted many industry leading enterprises and scientific research institutions from optical components to end-user applications. It will focus on infrared low light level technology and application, laser and intelligent manufacturing, optical communication & Optical sensing, Internet of things, optics & Innovative products in the fields of precision optical manufacturing, measurement and control technology and instruments, with emphasis on the innovative technologies and experimental results of major universities and research institutes, have built a one-stop service platform for the exchange and cooperation between industry, University and research circles.

With the gathering of celebrities, the summit forum has become an industry vane

At the same time, the conference will hold more than 20 academic exchanges and industrial application forums, including the summit forum”2022 World photon conference”, the annual academic conference”the 11th International Conference on Applied Optics and photonics technology exchange (aopc2022)” and so on. There will be more than 20 industrial forums, focusing on laser intelligent manufacturing, optical networks, optical communications, optical fiber sensing, optical display, infrared technology, 5g and other hot fields. The industry masters will gather on the same stage, Discuss industrial technological innovation and development. The Organizing Committee strongly invited hundreds of well-known scientists and leading academic experts at home and abroad to attend and make wonderful reports. The opening ceremony of the conference will also hold the 8th”science and technology innovation award of China Optical Engineering Society” award ceremony!

Innovate the scientific and technological service system and help the policy to work on the spot

In order to help the optoelectronic industry, the conference will also hold more than 100 industry matchmaking meetings, and the exhibition site will vigorously launch the”four assistance plan for small and medium-sized enterprises”. The exhibition plans to launch precise one-to-one special customized assistance policies in combination with practical problems such as enterprise technology shortage, cash flow and financing, market development and project application. With the strong support of domestic industrial alliances and research institutes, many investment and financing institutions have”married” with enterprises on site, and high-end procurement matchmaking meetings, military civilian integration needs matchmaking meetings, and Optoelectronics hundred schools and thousand enterprises talent recruitment meetings have been held. Whether you are looking for technology, funds, talents or even military and civilian innovative applications, you can solve your doubts here and find your own solutions!

At present, Beijing has become a gathering place of top scientific and technological resources in the field of Optoelectronics in China. Burning August, ready to go, light collar manufacturing, smart future! This exhibition will be committed to building a diversified, open and innovative global sharing platform, and will, as always, be well prepared to meet partners from all over the world. In 2022, we will continue to work with you to create a new chapter in the industry!See you at Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 11 to 13!