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The agenda and guests of the Fourth International Veterinary testing and diagnosis conference will be announced! I invite you to get together in Chongqing on August 28-30!

The international veterinary testing and diagnosis conference was launched by many well-known experts from Chia Tai Group, the University of Minnesota, the University of Georgia, Iowa State University, Kansas State University, international animal health partners, China Agricultural University and Nanjing Agricultural University. It is committed to improving animal health and food safety through strong veterinary diagnosis. The conference was hosted by the China Association for the promotion of international cooperation in agriculture and the world trust Trump International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in cooperation with the school of veterinary medicine of China Agricultural University and the school of veterinary medicine of Nanjing Agricultural University. It has been successfully held for three times in China, with 23nine8 participants in the previous session, and has become the largest professional conference in the field of veterinary testing and diagnosis in China.

The Fourth International Veterinary testing and diagnosis conference is scheduled to be held in Chongqing International Expo Center from August 28 to 30, 2022. The conference will continue to adhere to the purpose of”strong veterinary diagnosis to improve animal health and food safety”. It will focus on inviting authoritative veterinary testing experts from Asia, the United States and Europe to give lectures, bring advanced scientific solutions in the global veterinary testing industry to participants, and share diagnostic pathology, molecular diagnosis The latest international information and research results in the fields of virology/serology, veterinary testing validation, on-site rapid testing, laboratory safety, microbiology, laboratory quality management, etc. More than 3500 delegates are expected to attend this veterinary Testing Conference.

Asian Veterinary Medical Instruments and drugs Exhibition

同期举办Asian Veterinary Medical Instruments and drugs Exhibition。上届展览会共吸引了188家跨国企业及行业知名企业的积极参与,展示面积12000平米。本届展览会将全面展示兽医诊疗器械、药品及行业相关的产品、服务、最新成果与技术。预计本届展览会专业观众预计达到30000人次,是目前唯一一个专注于兽医诊疗器械及药品的展示交流平台。

Organization of the conference


China Association for the promotion of international agricultural cooperation

Worldtrust Trump International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Cooperation unit

School of animal medicine, China Agricultural University

School of animal medicine, Nanjing Agricultural University

Support unit

“The Belt and Road” international major cross-border animal disease diagnosis and immunization Professional Innovation Institute


China Association for the promotion of international agricultural cooperation国际会展处

Beijing Shixin Xinghua International Consulting Co., Ltd


(※ simultaneous interpretation is provided for all foreign guests’ speeches)

Day1  August 28, 2022

On site registration, poster posting, exhibition opening, pre conference Symposium

Pre conference workshop 1 – diagnosis of swine disease 1

(sponsored by Tianlong Technology)

Host:Qiu Huaji

08:30am – alternative sample type for detection of African swine fever, Aruna ambagala, Canadian Food Inspection Agency – National Center for exotic animal diseases

0nine:00am – African swine fever epidemic situation and detection scheme optimization, Qiu Huaji, Harbin Veterinary Institute

0nine:30am – stability and detection of African swine fever virus in feed, Megan nedwald, Swine Health Information Center, United States

10:00am – rest

10:15am – biosafety system construction in unregulated animal epidemic areas, Xie yinqian, Shaanxi animal epidemic prevention and control center

10:45am – epidemiological study of parainfluenza virus in pigs, Su Shuo, Nanjing Agricultural University

11:15am – current challenges and Research on African swine fever in Southeast Asia, hushuo Li, CGIAR International Institute of animal husbandry (ILRI)

11:45am – Q & A

Pre conference workshop 2 – toxicology

Host:Steve ensley, Li Ruichao

08:30am – clinical application of fungal poisoning, Steve ensley, Kansas State University

0nine:00am – research on mycotoxin poisoning disease of livestock and poultry and new detection technology, songsuquan, Nanjing Agricultural University

0nine:30am – production, detection and removal methods of mycotoxins, Du Xiangwei, University of Missouri, USA

10:00am – rest

10:15am – natural and modified aluminosilicate minerals as adsorbents for mycotoxins and carriers of pharmaceutical active ingredients, Aleksandra dakoway, Institute of nuclear and other mineral raw material technology

10:45am – microbial toxicological evaluation of adriamycin on human intestinal microbiota in thermostat model, Hao Haihong, Huazhong Agricultural University

11:15am – toxic mechanism of Maduramycin in heart and skeletal muscle cells, Chen Xin, Yangzhou University

11:45am – Q & A

Pre conference workshop 3 – avian disease diagnosis

(sponsored by nabai Biology)

Moderator:Liu Hualei, Zhang Jianmin

08:30am – avian salmonella genotyping, Martha Pulido, Mississippi State University, USA

0nine:15am – current situation of avian influenza epidemic in China, liuhualei, China animal health and Epidemiology Center

0nine:45am – avian leukemia antigen ELISA detection technology and prevention and control application, Gong Yujie, nabai biology

10:15am – rest

10:30am – diagnostic strategies for detection and identification of avian mycoplasma, naola Ferguson, University of Georgia, USA

11:00am – Research on new detection technology of avian salmonella, zhangjianmin, South China Agricultural University

11:30am – active monitoring of bacterial and viral diseases in poultry farms by second-generation sequencing technology, Claudio Alfonso

Pre conference workshop 4 – oral presentation by selected students

Hosts:Zhou Xiangmei, Yang Zhen

08:30am – screening and clinical application of serological diagnostic markers for bovine tuberculosis, Wang Yuanzhi, China Agricultural University

08:45am – detection and genetic characteristics of porcine circovirus type 3 in wild boars captured in Jiangsu Province, China, Wang Yi, Nanjing Agricultural University

0nine:00am Simultaneous detection of sulfonamides and antibacterial synergists in milk by dual wavelength fluorescence polarization immunoassay, Duan Changfei, China Agricultural University

0nine:15am – establishment of diagnostic method and epidemiological investigation of t.haneyi, a new pathogen of piriformis, Yang Guangpu, Harbin Veterinary Institute

0nine:30am – diagnosis and analysis of common background lesions in rodent laboratory animals in Beijing from 2018 to 2021, Liu Yiduo, China Agricultural University

0nine:45am – isolation, identification and drug resistance analysis of Bordetella canis and Pasteurella multocida, zhaolifeng, Huazhong Agricultural University

10:00am – rest

10:15am – clinical evaluation of triple fluorescent PCR detection method for African swine fever virus, Zhang Luhua, Hunan Agricultural University

10:30am – establishment and application of rt-raa isothermal amplification detection method for equine influenza virus, Zhang Zenan, Harbin Veterinary Institute

10:45am – histopathological observation and analysis of 122 cases of canine hepatic gland tumors, Ge Xin, China Agricultural University

11:00am – establishment and application of competitive ELISA antibody detection method for equine influenza virus, Li shuaijie, Harbin Veterinary Institute

11:15am – preparation of rabbit monoclonal antibodies against florfenicol and florfenicomide by antigen-specific single-b cell sorting, Li peipeipei, China Agricultural University

11:30am – pathological analysis of SD rats naturally infected with rat parvovirus, sun Zhixin, China Agricultural University

11:45am – Q & A

Pre conference workshop 5 – companion animal diagnosis


1:30pm – principles, advantages and disadvantages, combined with clinical cases, Jennifer Steinberg, lacuna diagnosis/hesca, USA

2:15pm – fluid analysis:Principles and case review, Leslie Sharkey, Tufts University, USA

3:00pm – rest

3:15pm – when to choose cytology and surgical biopsy, liuhanbin, ZHONGKEDA Laboratory

4:00pm – Guide:making full use of surgical biopsy, Richard French, global animal health partners, USA

4:45pm – Q & A

Pre conference workshop 6 – diagnosis of bovine disease

Moderator:Zhou Xiangmei, Ma Zhen

1:30pm – diagnosis and prevention and control of common diarrhea diseases in calves, Wang Xinping, Jilin University

2:00pm – diagnosis and prevention and control of common abortive diseases in dairy cows, Yang Hongjun, Shandong dairy Center

2:30pm – Evaluation of purification effect of bovine viral diarrhea, Gao Mingchun, Northeast Agricultural University

3:00pm – rest

3:15pm – epidemic status and prevention and control of bovine viral diarrhea, Wang Heng, Yangzhou University

3:45pm – progress in diagnostic technology of bovine viral diarrhea, Wu Wenwen, China Agricultural University

4:15pm – prevention and control of paratuberculosis in large-scale cattle farms, Ma Zhen, China Agricultural University

4:45pm – Q & A

Pre conference seminar 7 – cross border animal epidemics

(sponsored by Oxford nanopore Tech)

Moderator:Yang Zhen, Wang Xiaojun

1:30pm – laboratory diagnosis and purification of brucellosis, Zeng Zheng, Chongqing animal disease prevention and control center

2:00pm – Application of high sensitivity digital detection technology in the diagnosis of animal infectious diseases, fan Xiaoxu, China animal health and Epidemiology Center

2:30pm – Application and research of nanopore sequencing technology in the direction of animal diseases, Wang Hai, Oxford nanopore Tech

3:00pm – rest

3:15pm – research and development of diagnostic technology for cross-border equine infectious diseases based on the characteristics of global epidemic pathogens, Wang Xiaojun, Harbin Veterinary Institute

3:45pm – prevention and control of major cross-border animal epidemics in Liaoning, Li Shubo, Liaoning Agricultural Development Service Center

4:15pm – progress in research on risk assessment methods of coronavirus cross species infection, Bei Jinlong, agricultural biogenic research center of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangdong Station of national animal epidemic data center

4:45pm – Q & A

Pre conference workshop 8 – diagnosis of swine disease 2

(sponsored by Biaochi Zehui)

Host:Zhang Guihong, he Qigai

1:30pm – porcine circovirus diagnostic technology, heqigai, Huazhong Agricultural University

2:00pm – tips and tricks for using piglet treatment fluid to monitor disease, Daniel Linhares, Iowa State University, USA

2:30pm – considerations for effective cleaning and purification of livestock transporters and trailers, delard holtkamp, Iowa State University, USA

3:00pm – rest

3:15pm – economic analysis of the diagnosis and control effect of blue ear disease, Zhang Guihong, South China Agricultural University

3:45pm – research and application of foot and mouth disease specific monoclonal antibody, Zheng Jinlai, Biao Chi Zehui

4:15pm – genetic variation and cross species infection characteristics of clinical pseudorabies virus strains, Wang Xiangru, Huazhong Agricultural University

4:45pm – Q & A

Day2  August 2, 2022nineday

Morning – opening ceremony and keynote speech

8:30am – speech and introduction

nine:00amKeynote speech 1 – sars-cov-2 in animals. There are gains and losses You have to gain if you lose, Jurgen Richter, Kansas State University, USA

nine:40amKeynote speech 2 – strategies and directions for improving the quality of veterinary diagnostic reagents in China, Tian Kegong, Henan Agricultural University

10:20am rest

10:35amHot topic 1 – comparative study on the virulence and transmissibility of the newly emerged PRRSV 1-4-4 L1C variant and other PRRSV strains, Zhang Jianqiang, Iowa State University, United States

11:10amHot topic 2 – TBD

11:45amQ & A

Noon -1:30pm lunch

Afternoon – branch

01 – molecular diagnostics 1

(sponsored by novozan Biology)

Host:Li Xiangdong

1:30pmCanine parvovirus type 2:recent advances in molecular epidemiology and diagnostic tools, Lin Chaonan, Pingtung University of science and technology, Taiwan

2:00pmConstruction of pig herd health management system based on laboratory, pan Haicheng, nuovizan biology

2:30pmMolecular diagnosis and identification of equine encephalomyelitis herpesvirus /ehv-1, udney balasuri, Louisiana State University, USA

02 – virus/serology 1


Host:Zhou Bin

1:30pmApplication and evaluation of Virology, serology and RT-PCR in laboratory diagnosis of gaita virus (getv), Wang Chuanqing, Henan Agricultural University


2:30pmApplication of intelligent and digital detection technology in pig disease diagnosis上的应用,周斌, 南京农业大学

03 病理诊断分会 1 


1:30pm – 大熊猫相关肿瘤的病理诊断,王运盛, 北京动物园

2:00pm – 几例圈养野生动物真菌感染病例的病理诊断分享,刘天龙, 中国农业大学

2:30pm – 引起牛猝死的常见传染病的诊断与防控,王金玲, 内蒙古农业大学

04 – 微生物诊断分会 1


主持人: 郭爱珍


2:00pm – 纳米孔测序在耐药菌快速检测和基因组学研究中的机遇,李瑞超,扬州大学

2:30pm – 基于家禽生产全产业链弯曲菌检测技术研发与集成,黄金林,扬州大学

3:00 – 3:30pm rest

3:30 – 4:30pm 战略伙伴专场


4:30 – 5:00pm  铂金赞助


5:00 – 5:30pm  特别赞助

微流控如何助力您的研究? Biomark X:纳升级、自动化的基因组学实验全部整合在单一平台上,李丹,Standard Biotools,Inc (原Fluidigm 公司)

6:008:00pm  晚餐,颁奖典礼

Day3  2022年8月30day

午 – 分会

01 – 兽医诊断领域的新技术


主持人: 田克恭

08:30am –基于CRISPR/Cas技术的病毒核酸便携式检测技术研究进展,刘斐,南京农业大学

0nine:00am – 动物病原的特异性分离和快速检测 , 林建涵, 中国农业大学

0nine:30am – 基于CRISPR技术研制非洲猪瘟病毒核酸检测, 赵东明, 哈尔滨兽医研究所

10:00am – rest 

10:30am – 诊断技术在流行病学中的应用, 李晓成,中国动物卫生与流行病学中心

11:00am – 通过金属有机骨架材料检测食源性病原,江海洋, 中国农业大学

11:30am – Q & A

02 – 流行病学和数据建模


主持人: 杨振,杨丹晨

08:30am – 缺少金标准检测方法时基于检测结果和个体特征形成诊断结论, 杨丹晨, 南京农业大学

0nine:00am – 评估诊断检测和使用不完善检测估计流行率的案例分析示例, 西蒙·费尔斯通,墨尔本大学,澳大利亚

0nine:30am – 流行病学在临床诊断中的应用,蔡畅,默多克大学, 澳大利亚

10:00am – rest 

10:30am – 近年来我国新发和再发猪病流行情况 ,黄律,勃林格殷格翰

11:00am – 基于全感染组的病原诊断和流行病学研究,施莽,中山大学

11:30am –Q & A

03 – 实验室安全和质量保证

主持人: 王君玮

08:30am –兽医检测实验室实验结果质量保证体系的建立和实施, 刘传敏,江苏省农科院兽医诊断检测中心

0nine:00am – 实验室感染及预防措施,理查德·弗兰奇, 全球动物健康伙伴有限公司 ,美国

0nine:30am – CNAS认可人员管理程序编制的要求,兰邹然,山东省动物疫病预防控制中心

10:00am – rest 

10:30am –做好实验室风险评估,构建高质量风险管理体系, 王君玮,中国动物卫生与流行病学中心

11:00am – 兽医诊断检测实验室建设和运行维护, 唐江山,中国农业科学院兰州兽医研究所

11:30am –  动物病原微生物实验室生物安全管理, 刘伟, 中国动物疫病预防控制中心

11:30am – Q & A

04 – 病理诊断分会 2


08:30am动物病理评价与诊断, 赵德明, 中国农业大学

0nine:10am – 从病理形态学角度谈动物疾病诊断, 高丰, 吉林大学

0nine:50am常见猪病的病理学诊断, 刘思当, 山东农业大学


10:40am鸡病的病理诊断程序和方法, 郑明学, 山西农业大学

11:20am病理诊断工作中的体会与认识, 刘月焕, 北京市农林科学院畜牧兽医研究所

11:30amQ & A

Noon -1:30pm lunch

午 – 分会

01 – 分子诊断分会 2


Host:Li Xiangdong

01:30pm – 中国ASFV的流行现状和诊断技术体系,  吴晓东, 中国动物卫生与流行病学中心

02:00pm – 美国食品药品监督管理局采用环介导等温扩增技术筛查动物食品中的沙门氏菌, 葛蓓蕾, 美国食品药品监督管理局

02:30pm – 非洲猪瘟病毒检测整体解决方案,黄馨雨,翌圣生物

03:00pm – rest

03:15pm – 使用BioMark HD (Fluidigm)平台设计和验证用于检测猪和牛呼吸道和肠道病原体的高通量实时定量PCR系统, 尼科尔·戈克, 哥本哈根大学,丹麦

03:45pm – 数字PCR 在污水等复杂基质中的病原检测, 原霖, 中科基因科技有限公司

04:15pm – 病毒宏基因组-动物病毒谱做病毒诊断, 单同领,上海兽医研究所

04:45pm – Q & A和总结

02 – 微生物诊断分会 2

主持人: 郭爱珍

01:30pm – 布鲁氏菌病诊断与控制实践, 丁家波, 中国农业科学院北京畜牧兽医所

02:00pm –  牛结核病检测在防控和净化中的应用,郭爱珍,华中农业大学

02:30pm –猪传染性胸膜肺炎的诊断与病原分型进展, 雷连成,吉林大学

03:00pm – rest

03:15pm – 产气荚膜梭菌比较基因学及其噬菌体裂解酶,胡永飞, 中国农业大学

03:45pm –嗜血杆菌的时空调控表征,朱奎,中国农业大学

04:15pm –赤羽病毒病的诊断, 杨艳玲, 中国农业科学院特产研究所

04:45pm – Q & A和总结

03 – 病毒/血清学分会 2 


主持人: 魏战勇

01:30pm – 现代化养殖场兽医体系建设的思考,  魏战勇, 河南农业大学

02:00pm – 禽呼吸道病毒的病毒学诊断, 亚历杭德罗·班达, 密西西比州立大学,美国

02:30pm – 猪瘟流行现状及新型诊断技术研究进展,王琴 ,中国兽医药品监察所

03:00pm – rest

03:15pm – 荧光素酶报告系统在动物疫病检测中应用,王兴龙,西北农林科技大学

03:45pm – 重组酶介导等温核酸扩增技术(RAA)在动物传染病检测中的应用,胡哲,哈尔滨兽医研究所

04:15pm – 牛疱疹病毒4 型诊断与流行病学调查,潘子豪,南京农业大学

04:45pm – Q & A和总结

04 – 获选口头报告-非学生


01:30pm – 小反刍兽疫病毒抗体胶体金免疫层析检测方法的应用分析, 孙雨, 青海省动物疫病预防控制中心

02:00pm – 马梨形虫病快速诊断方法的建立, 杜承,哈尔滨兽医研究所

02:30pm – 201nine-2021年非洲猪瘟疫情环境下中国Ep样病变的评估,张军,法国诗华 

03:00pm – rest

03:15pm – 针对磺胺二甲氧嘧啶的高度特异性纳米抗体的结构起源,杨慧娟,中国农业大学

03:40pm –猪病病理诊断的取材及建议检测方案,安玉甫,猪事安(杭州)技术服务有限公司

04:15pm –高健康种猪群猪圆环病毒2型感染情况监测结果,康乐,南京维特康检测技术有限公司

04:45pm – Q & A和总结




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