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The first batch of guests showed that the”helmsman” of industry benchmark enterprises gathered at the fourth Kingsley cell gene therapy industry development and cooperation forum, and invited you to talk about the future of the industry

Gather car-t first tier players

FDA officials share regulatory insights

The future has come, right in front of us; Not far away, already at your feet!

With the challenges of aging population, chronic diseases and high incidence of tumors, cell gene therapy technology is becoming an important lever to leverage the entire pharmaceutical ecosystem of”future medicine”. The successful”going to sea” of China’s first car-t innovative drug has brought”made in China” to the international stage, thus opening the prelude to the commercialization of cell drugs in China.

In the 21st century, the era of cell therapy that changes the world has finally come.

The quenching of real gold still needs to be tested like fire, and the burst of potential will break through the bottleneck challenge. In the face of the imminent global cell gene therapy war, industry pioneers need to work together to open the box of ideas and spark wisdom.The 4th Kingsley cell gene therapy industry development and Cooperation ForumOpen for joint blending, inviteKOLs, industry benchmark enterprise, representatives of domestic and foreign regulatory departments, authoritative scientific researchersPeople from all walks of life, such as talking on the same stage, fly the wings of thinking, and the collision of ideas will certainly produce different opinions.

The fire of prairie fire is born on the screen. The more you stand in the wind, the more you need the foresight of leaders.Car-t stars gather together, Fosun Kate, Yao Ming Juno, legendary creatures Where is the”last mile” of commercialization under the rapid development of car-t”curve overtaking”? Leaders will teach each other with their exclusive industry perspective and the most valuable views,Car-t’s rare reunion in the”second half” to jointly perform the peak event of cell therapy

A beautiful chapter has been opened. On September 27, 2022,The 4th Kingsley cell gene therapy industry development and Cooperation ForumInvite you to get togetherBeijing, foresee the future, and continue to write the next decade of cell gene therapy industry together.

1. What is the direction of differentiated competition in cell gene therapy by breaking through involution

If one word is used to describe the bottleneck of Chinese innovative drugs,”Involution” is definitely a true portrayal of the”Red Sea” of cell gene therapy in recent years. The introduction of CDE’s guiding principles for clinical research and development of anti-tumor drugs guided by clinical value does suppress the”Involution” of research and development and the”homogenization” of the track, but it has to be said that the realization of differentiated innovation is still the source power to break through the”Involution”, and cell gene therapy needs to enter a virtuous cycle of developmentRegulatory, industrial and capital sectorsThink and plan together.

From the perspective of approval policies, the relatively mature and perfect evaluation and supervision systems in foreign countries will have important guidance and reference significance for China’s regulatory policies, which is also the key to the domestic cell gene therapy industry to achieve”corner overtaking”. Special guest of this forumDr. Peter marks, director of the FDA Center for biological product evaluation and Research (CBER)From the perspective of FDA, analyze the policy orientation and the latest regulatory trend of car-t cell treatment approval, and stand on the shoulders of giants, so as to see further.

The”magic weapon” to break through the road of differentiated competition also lies in independent innovation. The success of cell gene therapy should not stop in the blood tumor market, but in the broader field of solid tumors. Then, what is the bottleneck of clinical development of car-t treatment of solid tumors? What are the progress and challenges of TIL therapy /tcr-t/universal car-t/oncolytic virus and car-t combined therapy?Dr. Yang Lin, founder and chairman of boshengji Pharmaceutical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and co-founder of Yimiao Shenzhou & Dr. Qi Feifei, CTO, Dr. liuyarong, founder of Shanghai gravel Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Dr. Zhang Yu, deputy general manager of Zhongyuan Xiehe cell genetic engineering Co., LtdAnd other industry benchmark enterprises”at the helm” will gather at the forum at that time, bringing us a new feast of ideological exchange.

Looking at the progress and challenges of car-t cell therapy from the clinical end point, where should the industrialization of cell gene therapy go in the future? What achievements and phased progress have car-t made in clinical trials and treatment, and what problems need to be solved?Professor Zhang Yi, director of the biological cell therapy center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou UniversityAnd other clinical experts will also appear in the forum to share their internal experience face to face and talk with you about the future of cell gene therapy industry.

2. Through capital boom and industrial innovation, what is the solution to the dilemma of GCT’s commercialization

If the”inside roll” is a special”fast-food” phenomenon in the”first half” of biomedicine, how can the biomedical industry break down smoothly and enter the”second half” of sustainable development? In addition to the importance of innovative drug research and development,Commercialization capability, which may become the decisive point of the”second half” of the biomedical industry.

The listing of car-t has driven the”blowout” development of innovative drugs, but various challenges such as limited sales channels and insufficient purchasing power of patients have become a commercialization problem in front of many innovative pharmaceutical enterprises. However, commercialization is not achieved overnight. How to reduce costs and increase efficiency to expand the accessible population, and how to further optimize the safety and effectiveness of drugs? How to promote the industrialization and commercialization of gene and cell therapy in China with the help of global advantageous resources? At this forum,Li Yiping, CEO and co-founder of Shanghai Yaoming junuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Huang Hai, CEO of Fosun KateAnd other industry leaders gathered for the first time. Can car-t create a business”legend”? The ultimate way to make profits is to listen to the”mental journey” of the”actual” masters.

Let”priceless drugs” fly into the homes of ordinary people,Innovative payment modeExploration is one of the most effective and rapid ways. Only the continuous optimization of pricing and payment methods is the key to improve patient accessibility and truly open the prelude to the commercialization of cell gene therapy in China. The key to solve the current dilemma is how to encourage multi-level medical security system and innovative medical payment methods through relevant regulations and reimbursement policies, so as to make social capital contribute, and combine pharmaceutical enterprises and insurance companies to improve the accessibility of treatment.

At this forum, we specially invited authoritative experts from insurance investment institutions, andWu Qiong, chief commercial officer and senior vice president of YaoMing junuo等众明星机构领袖人物,解密他们的独到见解,剖析Innovative payment mode的新形势,在这里或许能找到从“天价药”到老百姓负担得起的“救命良药”和“秘方”。

洞见趋势,掌握先机,当然要看行业大咖们的真知灼见,The 4th Kingsley cell gene therapy industry development and Cooperation Forum齐聚500+KOLs, which includes cutting-edge information and future business opportunities in the cell gene industry.

The time limited free registration channel will be closed on July 31, 2022,这个9月,我们相约Beijing,一起续写细胞基因治疗行业的下一个十年。

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