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The first batch of science and technology projects in Ningxia officially launched

On July 6, the reporter learned from the anti-corruption early warning conversation and work promotion meeting of the”unveiling the leadership” project held by the science and Technology Department of the autonomous region that the first batch of”unveiling the leadership” science and technology projects in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region were officially launched on the same day.

It is reported that the list of the first”unveiling and commanding” projects includes“Research and application of functional genomics of Lycium barbarum”“Research, development and demonstration application of man-machine interactive medlar integrated mobile harvesting platform”“Development of alternative materials and equipment for oak barrels during wine aging”“Research integration and industrialization demonstration of opu-ivp (live egg collection in vitro embryo) industrialized production technology for high-quality and high-yield dairy cows”4 projects.

The science and technology project”taking the lead in unveiling the list” is a new scientific research organization way to mobilize scientific research forces inside and outside the region to participate in the key technology research by publishing a list for the whole country to solicit the unveiling party in view of the major technological bottleneck of our region’s industry. In July last year, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region formulated and issued the”implementation measures for the” leadership of scientific and technological projects in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region”(Trial)”, explored and implemented the”leadership of major scientific and technological projects” mechanism, and released the list of the first batch of projects around the major technological needs of key agricultural industries, attracting a total of 9 scientific research institutions and enterprises from across the country. After demonstration, selection and negotiation, Ning was finally determinedLycium barbarum Scientific Research Institute of Summer Academy of agriculture and ForestryNingxia UniversityJiangnan UniversityShandong aux animal husbandry and Seed Industry Co., LtdThey are the”leaders” of four projects, and nearly 20 cooperation units have participated in the implementation of the project.

The Department of science and technology of the autonomous region will support the establishment of these projects in accordance with the major projects of the key R & D plan of the autonomous region, and strive to overcome the key technical bottlenecks such as the functional genomics of Lycium barbarum, the integrated harvesting platform of Lycium barbarum, the alternative materials of wine oak barrels, the in vivo egg collection of high-quality and high-yield dairy cows – the industrialized production of in vitro embryos, and strive to improve the technical level of Lycium barbarum, wine and milk industry through two to four years of joint efforts.