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The first International Symposium on small molecule nuclear magnetic resonance technology (first round notice)

The first International Symposium on small molecule nuclear magnetic resonance technology

(first round notice)

Time:October 27, 2022 – October 31, 2022

Address:Nanjing University

The first”International Symposium on small molecule nuclear magnetic resonance technology” is hereby scheduled to be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province from October 27 to 31, 2022. This conference is the first International Symposium on the application of small molecule nuclear magnetic resonance technology in China. It is hosted by the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Nanjing University and supported and co organized by the National Key Laboratory of coordination chemistry.

In recent years, NMR instruments have been continuously updated and popularized. According to statistics, there are more than 2000 NMR spectrometers used for the characterization of small molecular structures in China; The research in the field of small molecule NMR has been developing continuously, involving a variety of applications, such as organic synthetic intermediates, structural identification of natural products, reaction kinetics tracking, new drug screening, metabonomics, crystallography, small molecule dynamic structure and so on. A large number of new NMR technologies and methods have emerged.

Focusing on the new technologies, new methods and applications of small molecule NMR, this meeting will invite experts and scholars engaged in small molecule NMR at home and abroad to exchange progress in relevant fields, aiming to deepen the exchanges among peers engaged in small molecule NMR, promote the development and application of small molecule compound NMR technology in China, and attract more young scholars to pay attention to and join the research of NMR technology.

The meeting is scheduled for three days. The first day is the opening ceremony and the invitation report of the conference. The second day is to continue the invitation report of the conference. On the third day, a symposium on the three-dimensional structure of small molecules by comprehensively using NMR technology, RDC and RCSA, including nuclear magnetic data analysis, spectrum analysis, structure calculation and so on. You are welcome to provide small molecule NMR stereostructure, compound structural formula and NMR raw data for discussion, learning and improvement. Due to the requirements of epidemic management in China, the reports of foreign peers are arranged online.

The Organizing Committee of the conference sincerely invites chemical workers engaged in the field of small molecule nuclear magnetic to actively participate, and welcomes relevant enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes to actively participate in the conference.

1、 Conference organization

Chairman:academician Guo Zijian, academician Liu Maili, Professor Harald Schwalbe

Secretary of the Organizing Committee:Associate Professor Yang Xiaoliang

Members of the Organizing Committee:

Professor Guo Zijian, Professor Liu Maili, Professor Harald Schwalbe, Professor Tan Renxiang, Professor Yao Zhujun, Professor Zuo Jinglin

Professor Yu Shouyun, Professor Jiang Yajun, Professor Lei Xinxiang, Dr. Shan Lu, Professor Peng Luming, Professor Li Wei

Dr. Mao Jiafei, Professor Michael reggelin, Professor Christian Griesinger, Professor Sun Han, Associate Professor Yang Xiaoliang

Members of the conference affairs group:

Chen Yao, Xi Jie, Li Xianghong, Zhang Jun, Liu Chuan, Hu Pei, Ke Xiaokang, Li Ting

2、 Form of academic exchange

This meeting includes special reports and seminars.

The specific agenda of the conference will be updated in the notice of the second or third round of meetings.

3、 Conference theme

NMR method for structural identification of small molecular compounds and natural products

Application of nuclear magnetic technology in the study of organic reaction mechanism (including metal inorganic and organic chemistry, complex, free radical chemistry, etc.)

nineteenF NMR, drug screening

Nuclear magnetic metabolomics

Solid state nuclear magnetic technology DNP-NMR technology and application of small molecules

Quantitative nuclear magnetic technology

New technology of small molecule nuclear magnetic resonance

Small molecule structure calculation

NMR study on the interaction between small molecules and macromolecules

Application of RDC and RCSA in determining the stereoconfiguration of small molecules

4、 Meeting schedule

October 27:meeting registration

October 28:opening ceremony of the seminar, invitation report of the general assembly

October 29:report invited by the general assembly

October 30:Symposium:Determination of the structure of small molecular compounds, data analysis, structure calculation, etc

October 31:leaving the meeting

5、 Conference registration fee

Academic circles 3000 yuan, enterprises 4000 yuan, graduate students (registered with student ID card) 1500 yuan.

Registration fees before August 31:2500 yuan for academic circles, 3500 yuan for enterprises and 1200 yuan for postgraduates (registered with student ID card).

It can be collected on site. If you need to transfer, please indicate.

6、 Meeting and accommodation

Venue:Nanjing University Xianlin Campus International Conference Center

Accommodation:Nanjing University Xianlin Campus International Conference Center

7、 Important date

April 30, 2022:Notice of the first round of the meeting

September 10, 2022:Notice of the second round of the meeting

October 12, 2022:Notice of meeting agenda

October 27, 2022:representative check in

8、 Meeting affairs contact

Contact:Yang Xiaoliang, Ke Xiaokang, Chen Yao

Tel.:13305154913 (Ke Xiaokang)

Address:Xianlin Campus of Nanjing University, No. 163 Xianlin Avenue, Qixia District, Nanjing 210023

Special mailbox for meeting:[email protected]

Conference website:

Conference wechat:smnmr2022 nju

9、 Attendance receipt

Please send a receipt before July 30, 2022, and the final accommodation arrangement will be notified. If you have accommodation requirements, please contact the conference affairs team in time.

The first International Symposium on small molecule nuclear magnetic resonance technology

Application form receipt

(please send back by email before July 30)

Conference email:[email protected]

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Estimated number of students in the group

get accommodation

Single room # standard room (not shared)

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Friendly reminder:the meeting is in October of the golden autumn in Nanjing. Nanjing is in the peak tourist season and the housing supply is tight. Please indicate the expected number of participants in detail so that the organizing committee can coordinate and arrange accommodation in advance. Thank you!