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The forestry and grass administration printed and distributed the implementation plan for the construction of National Forestry workstations during the”14th five year plan”, strengthening scientific and technological support and organizational support

Recently, the State Forestry and grass administration printed and distributed the implementation plan for the construction of National Forestry workstations during the 14th Five Year Plan period. The implementation plan is the guiding program for promoting the construction of National Forestry workstations during the 14th Five Year Plan period.

Strengthen top-level design and consolidate the grass-roots foundation for the modernization of forest and grass management

Taking the full implementation of the forest head system as an opportunity, and taking the functions, quality, capacity and service as the main line, we will innovate the system and mechanism, optimize the layout of stations, stabilize the system team, strengthen capacity-building, improve the management service level, manage and make good use of the rural ecological forest protection team, so as to lay a solid foundation for promoting the modernization of the forest and grass management system and management capacity, and promoting the high-quality development of the forest and grass cause

Based on the current situation of the national forestry stations, the implementation plan analyzes the new situation, new tasks and new opportunities, and is connected with the key forest and grass work such as the overall plan for major projects of national important ecosystem protection and restoration (2021-2035), the construction plan for major projects of ecological protection and restoration support system (2021-2035), the outline of the 14th five year plan for forestry and grassland protection and development, and the prevention and control of pine wood nematode disease, Implement the requirements of”strengthening the capacity-building of Township Forestry workstations” in the opinions on the comprehensive implementation of the forest head system, clarify the guiding ideology, basic principles and main construction objectives for the construction of national forestry stations during the”fourteenth five year plan” period, innovatively put forward the construction ideas of zoning layout and classified guidance, and determine the four construction tasks of continuing to improve the system construction, focusing on improving the management ability, practically strengthening the personnel strength and continuously improving the service level, Put forward four safeguard measures, including strengthening organizational guarantee, strengthening industry management, increasing scientific and technological support, and striving for financial support.

Adhere to systematic governance, strengthen capacity building in different areas and categories

The implementation plan clearly optimizes the zoning layout, focuses on the”three in one” integrated development of the forestry grassland National Park, highlights the construction and work characteristics of forestry stations in the”three zones and four belts” of major project areas for national important ecosystem protection and restoration, pine wood nematode epidemic areas, forest fire prone areas and high-risk areas, and forms a new pattern for the construction and development of forestry stations with”emphasis, demonstration and guidance, and different characteristics”. Carry out classified construction, adopt the central support, local leadership, and multi-channel fund-raising methods to carry out the construction of forestry stations. Try to set up independent stations in key areas of forestry and grass, and give priority to the central funds to support the standardization construction of independent stations in key areas; In other regions, comprehensive stations, balance stations and post stations shall be set up in combination with the needs and difficulties of forestry and grass work to ensure the necessary conditions for performance of duties. Promote the”Three Orientations” talent training mechanism, provide”three supports and one support” posts, strengthen the ability test of the station master and the staff education and training, and strengthen the team building. Strengthen forestry station system and information construction, and promote efficient and standardized performance of duties. We will strengthen the building of professional ethics, adhere to the rule of law, act in accordance with the law, and optimize services; Strengthen industry publicity, gather more consensus and strive for greater support.

Highlight the management and protection of resources and standardize the management of ecological forest rangers

The implementation plan specifies the unified and standardized management of the rural ecological forest protection team, and establishes and improves the rural ecological forest protection network. Strengthen the training and daily management of rural ecological forest rangers by the forestry station, and standardize the responsibilities of compaction posts. The forestry station shall cooperate with the township government to define the responsibility area for the management and protection of rural ecological forest rangers, make good use of the team of rural ecological forest rangers, and ensure the implementation of grid management of forest and grass resources. Strive to stabilize and expand the coverage of personal accident insurance for rural ecological forest rangers and reduce the patrol risk; Strive to increase investment in team building, strengthen the allocation of patrol equipment, and enrich patrol means.

Focus on Ecological people’s livelihood and strive to improve the service ability of forestry stations

The implementation plan specifies that the forestry station will continue to implement the”one-stop” and”whole process agency” services, and gradually realize the service informatization. We will help rural greening and beautification work, establish demonstration sites (households) and demonstration bases for science and technology promotion, guide and support professional forest and grass cooperatives, and encourage rural ecological forest rangers to participate in the construction of forestry ecology and the development of green and rich industries such as economic forest, under forest economy and modern grass industry on the premise of completing their own work, so as to promote the realization of ecological beauty and people’s wealth. Deepen the expansion of work functions and serve the reform of forest head system; Strengthen the law enforcement function of forestry administration, summarize and popularize the practices and experiences of forestry stations entrusted to exercise administrative law enforcement power; Supervise and guide forestry socialized organizations such as management and protection at the later stage of afforestation, prevention and control of forest and grass pests, safe production, investigation and evaluation, etc; Strengthen the guidance and support for forest economy and eco-tourism; Where conditions permit, forestry stations shall be encouraged to carry out afforestation and greening, forest grassland investigation and evaluation, etc.

Make concerted efforts to promote the development of the industry in an all-round way

The implementation plan requires local governments to implement the main responsibility for the protection and development of forest and grass resources, strengthen the capacity-building of forestry stations, determine the key tasks for the construction of forestry stations in the region in combination with the actual situation, and incorporate them into the assessment system of forest director system and forest resources target management responsibility system; Local forestry and grass authorities at all levels should innovate the construction ideas and management methods of forestry stations, and scientifically manage all kinds of forestry stations; While carrying out business work, all localities should strengthen publicity and education on work safety, implement work safety measures, and improve the ability of safety prevention and control; We should take many measures at the same time to train and retain technical personnel of forestry stations; It is necessary to promote the staff funds of the forestry station to be included in the local financial budget, and strive to include the forestry station in the scope of policy subsidies such as hard jobs and field work subsidies.