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The investment exceeds 1billion! Is there a tide of investment and construction of instrument and Meter Industrial Park in 2022?

As an industrial cluster area with a certain scale effect, industrial parks gather the advantages of policy, capital, technology and other aspects, and are an important carrier for cultivating industrial chains and developing high-tech industries. In recent years, many provinces and cities in China have laid out and constructed scientific instrument industrial parks, which is expected to build an ecological agglomeration of scientific instrument industry. In the first half of 2022, according to incomplete statistics of the instrument information network, a total of five instrument and meter industrial parks/clusters announced plans for investment and construction, as follows:

Youlide Instrument Industrial Park

On February 10, Unilever announced that the company plans to build an Instrument Industrial Park in Dongguan Songshanhu high tech Industrial Development Zone with Jiayou technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary, as the main body of the project. The total investment is expected to be no more than 300million yuan.

The announcement shows that the project covers an area of 13200.61 square meters, and the total construction area is expected to be 46202.13 square meters. The industrial park will be engaged in the R & D and production of high-end testing and measuring instruments, meters and other related products. The fund sources of the project include but are not limited to the self owned or self raised funds of Unilever, with a total investment of about 300million yuan, of which the amount used to purchase the project construction land and plant construction is expected to be 150million yuan, and the rest is used for equipment investment, other expenses and working capital.

Qingdao Zhongrui Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

4月22日,Qingdao Zhongrui Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park开工仪式启动。该The total investment of the project is 430million yuan, with a total planned land area of 54 Mu and a construction area of 118000 square meters. The project will be led by”intelligent instruments + scientific and technological services”, combined with artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing and other functional blocks, supporting shared spaces such as stadiums and gymnasiums, smart charging, green space and water system, to create a new industrial park with a high degree of harmony and unity of production, life and ecology.The construction period of the project is 4 years, which is divided into two phases. After completion, it is expected to achieve an annual operating income of more than 380million yuan and a tax of about 50million yuan.

Tianjin high end Precision Instrument Industrial Park

5月18日,Tianjin high end Precision Instrument Industrial Park项目顺利摘牌,正式进入下一阶段建设。该项目投资总额5亿元人民币,整体占地面积144亩,主要引进精密仪器、智能装备制造、医疗器械、新材料、物联网、传感器等行业。该项目主动融入大学科技园建设,以海河教育园两所双一流大学,及十余所高职院校优势学科、科研实力、创新能力和人才团队为依托,以成熟技术的产业化发展为目标,重点引进与培育高端精密仪器领军企业,打造高端精密仪器装备全产业链专业化园区。

Puyuan precision electric industry field measuring instrument Industrial Park

On May 30, Puyuan Jingdian announced that Shanghai Puyuan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, plans to invest in the construction of Shanghai R & D Center Industrial Field Measurement Instrument Industrial Park project. The total investment of the project is planned to be no more than 244 million yuan. The implementation site is located in the port complex of China (Shanghai) pilot Free Trade Zone, covering an area of 8189.50 square meters, with a total planned construction area of about 16379 square meters. The construction period is expected to be 2.5 years from the official commencement date.

The investment in this project is conducive to improving the layout of the company in the field of industrial measuring instruments. At the same time, by strengthening the company’s talent recruitment and technology research and development in the field of industrial measuring instruments, the company will enhance its market competitiveness to achieve sustained growth in performance.

Shenzhen precision instrument and equipment industry cluster

On June 6, Shenzhen officially released the”Shenzhen action plan for cultivating and developing precision instrument and equipment industry clusters (2022-2025)”, proposing that by 2025, the added value of precision instrument and equipment industry will reach 20billion yuan. R & D and design links are arranged in Nanshan District, and R & D, design and manufacturing links are arranged in Guangming District, Bao’an District and Longhua District. With Guangming Science City as the core, we will focus on the development of scientific testing and analysis instruments, and build a precision instrument and equipment industry foundation and application basic research center. Give full play to the advantages of large-scale scientific instrument sharing platform and innovative enterprise agglomeration in Nanshan District, and focus on building a precision instrument and equipment R & D and innovation agglomeration area. Relying on the high-end equipment industry foundation of Bao’an District, we will focus on the development of industrial automatic measurement and control instruments and systems, information measurement and electrical measurement instruments, and create a full chain cluster area covering the R & D, design, production, manufacturing and application demonstration of precision instruments and equipment. Give play to the spatial advantages of Longhua District and cultivate an important bearing area of precision instrument and equipment industry in the future.

At present, Dandong Instrument Industrial Park, Beijing Huairou Science City, Shanghai Institute of analytical technology industry, Xiwan national major Instrument Science Park, Guangdong Hong Kong Macao scientific instrument innovation center, Qingdao Scientific Instrument Industrial Park, Wuxi quantum perception Industrial Park and other scientific instrument industrial parks have been completed and put into operation, attracting a large number of instrument related enterprises to settle in, forming an industrial agglomeration effect. In 2022, the construction of the instrument and meter industrial park will be hot, which will inject new momentum into the development of more instrument and meter enterprises and create a new highland of the scientific instrument industry.