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“The latest technology and application of near infrared spectroscopy” conference, in the rapid registration, seize the free quota!

Near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) has been favored by more and more researchers in recent years, and is widely used in agriculture, food, medicine, petrochemical and other fields. In order to promote the development of related technology research, the instrument information network will hold a symposium on the theme of”the latest technology and application of near infrared spectroscopy” on August 17, 2022. We will invite authoritative experts and manufacturers’ technicians to share the latest technology and scientific research achievements.Everyone is welcome to sign up~

We have invited you to this meetingNankai UniversityShaoxueguangprofessorChina Academy of petroleum and chemical engineeringXuyupengsenior engineer中国农业大学闵顺耕professor南京林业大学黄玉萍副professorZhang Shanshan, product manager of Swiss Wantong China,Experts willNear infrared spectral algorithmpetrochemical industryandAgricultural food领域等不同角度来分享最新的研究成果and技术。

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The following is the detailed agenda of the meeting (under continuous update):

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