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The Ministry of science and Technology issued guidelines for the application of emergency projects for the development of new crown rapid detection reagents

Notice of the Ministry of science and technology on issuing guidelines for the application of emergency projects for the development of new crown rapid detection reagents

Gkfz [2022] No. 208

Science and technology departments (committees and bureaus) of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and cities specifically designated in the state plan, science and Technology Bureau of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, relevant departments of the State Council and relevant units:

According to the overall deployment of the State Council for the scientific research on the joint prevention and control mechanism of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, and in accordance with the relevant requirements of the key special organization and management of the national key research and development plan”public security risk prevention and control and emergency technical equipment”, the guidelines for the application of the emergency project of the research and development of the covid-19 rapid detection reagent are hereby issued. Please organize the project application according to the requirements of the guidelines. Relevant matters are notified as follows.

1、 Project requirements

1. The project aims to collect covid-19 rapid detection products with high sensitivity, short detection time, low cost, flexible flux and high success rate of industrial transformation for the society, establish perfect covid-19 reagent quality evaluation and application promotion standards, further improve the ability of”early detection” and”rapid detection” of novel coronavirus infection in China, and provide technical reserves for future epidemic prevention and control.

2. If the project research involves human research, it shall pass the ethical review and sign the informed consent form in accordance with the regulations; The relevant provisions of the regulations of the people’s Republic of China on the administration of human genetic resources shall be followed in the collection, preservation, utilization and external provision of human genetic resources; If experimental animals and animal experiments are involved, they should abide by the laws, regulations, technical standards and relevant provisions of the national administration of experimental animals, use qualified experimental animals, conduct animal experiments in qualified facilities, ensure that the experimental process is legal, the experimental results are true and effective, and pass the welfare and ethical review of experimental animals.

3. The scientific data generated by the project should be unconditionally submitted to the platform designated by the Ministry of science and technology on schedule, and should be open to all scientific and technological workers and the public in the future.

2、 Recommended organization for declaration

1. Departments and bureaus in charge of science and technology of relevant departments of the State Council;

2. Science and technology departments of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, cities specifically designated in the state plan and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps;

3. Trade associations established by the transformation of the original industrial departments;

4. The industrial technological innovation strategic alliance included in the pilot scope of the Ministry of science and technology and the evaluation result is class A, as well as the pilot Alliance for the innovation and development of scientific and technological service industry carried out by the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of finance.

Each recommending unit shall recommend within its own functions and business scope, and be responsible for the authenticity of the recommended projects. The list of recommended units is publicly released on the national science and technology management system.

3、 Declaration requirements

1. The application unit organizes the application in the form of a project according to the research content of the guide support direction, covering all the assessment indicators of the corresponding guide research direction. The project does not have a subject, and the project application unit recommends a scientific researcher as the project leader.

2. The leading applicant of the project and the project participants shall be scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and enterprises registered in Chinese Mainland, with independent legal personality, and the registration time is before June 30, 2021. State organs shall not take the lead or participate in the declaration.

3. The leading applicant of the project, the participating units of the project and the members of the project team are in good faith, and there are no records of serious breach of trust in scientific research and”blacklist” records of credit in relevant social fields during the period of punishment.

4. The person in charge of the project (topic) should have a senior professional title or doctor’s degree, and be the proponent of the main research ideas of the project (topic) and the scientific and technological personnel who actually preside over the research; There are unlimited requirements for the project leader. As long as he has the ability and determination to contribute to epidemic prevention and control, he can participate in the declaration.

Public servants of state organs at the central and local levels (including other personnel exercising the management function of science and technology plans) shall not declare projects (Topics).

5. After the acceptance of the application project, in principle, the applicant and the person in charge shall not be changed.

4、 Declaration method

1. Fill in online. The project applicant is requested to pass the public service platform of the national science and technology management information system as required( , hereinafter referred to as”National Science and technology management system”). Professional institutions will take the declaration filled online as the basis for subsequent formal review and project review. All the attachment materials required in the application materials are uploaded in electronic scanning. If it is really unable to provide temporarily due to the impact of the epidemic, please upload the scanning copy of the explanatory materials issued by the supporting unit, and the professional institution can notify the supplementary submission according to the situation. It shall not be less than 30 days from the release date of the guide to the deadline for acceptance of the project declaration.

The acceptance time for the project application unit to fill in the application form online is from 08:00 on July 18, 2022 to 16:00 on August 17, 2022.

2. Organization recommendation. Please confirm the recommended items one by one through the national science and technology management system before 16:00 on August 19, 2022, and upload the recommendation letter stamped with the official seal of the recommending unit in an electronic scanning copy.

3. Technical consultation telephone and email:

010-58882999 (trunk line), [email protected]

4. Business consultation Tel.:010-88225123010-88225165

Please log in to the system and check the declaration guide materials in the menu bar of”public announcement – declaration Guide (2022)”.

Ministry of science and technology

July 15, 2022