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The network conference on mass spectrometry and chronic disease markers will be held soon, and the agenda will be announced

The traditional medical model is entering the era of accurate diagnosis of metabonomics, genomics, proteomics and other multi omics integrated analysis. Multiomics research with high-performance mass spectrometry as the core has become a key technology platform for the innovative discovery of biomarkers for various disease screening, early diagnosis, treatment monitoring and prognosis evaluation. In recent years, the incidence rate and mortality of chronic diseases have continued to rise. Using large-scale population cohort of chronic diseases, combined with mass spectrometry detection technology to find new biomarkers, can provide new clues and means for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

In order to promote relevant personnel to have an in-depth understanding of the research progress of mass spectrometry technology and chronic disease markers and master relevant application knowledge, the instrument information network will hold a network conference on”mass spectrometry technology and chronic disease marker research” on July 15, 2022, inviting industry experts and instrument manufacturers to focus on the hot research fields such as chronic disease cohort, mass spectrometry detection technology and biomarker discovery to share reports.

Meeting schedule

Mass spectrometry and chronic disease markers in the afternoon of July 15


Report subject

Guest speaker


Metabolic abnormalities and tumorigenesis

Professor, Huazhong University of science and technology, Changjiang


Protein modification analysis based on high-precision mass spectrometry

Liu Xiaoyun, researcher of Peking University


Agilent integrated biological solutions – based on target metabonomics and metabolic flux technology for clinical disease phenotype research

Zhan Shunan Agilent Technology (China) senior liquid application expert of Greater China


Causal inference and its application in medical research

Yu Yongfu, researcher of Fudan University


Metabonomics driven discovery of early markers of metabolic diseases

Fang Zhongze, Professor of Tianjin Medical University

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