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The new crown test reagent”bid up the price”, and Vietnam’s health minister was dismissed

According to CCTV news, the Vietnamese parliament announced on June 7 that the Vietnamese parliament approved the resolution on the dismissal of Vietnamese Health Minister Nguyen Tsin Loong.

Among the 479 deputies to the national assembly, 473 agreed to revoke Nguyen Tsin Loong’s qualification as a delegate to the national assembly, and 471 agreed to approve the removal of Nguyen Tsin Loong from his post as Minister of health of Vietnam.

According to the Vietnamese parliament, during his tenure, Ruan Qinglong lacked a sense of responsibility in management, loose discipline and violated epidemic prevention regulations in the work related to the distribution of biological products and medical equipment.

On June 6, Nguyen Tsin lung was expelled from the party by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

According to the Vietnam News Agency quoted by Xinhua news agency in April, the Central Inspection Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam concluded on March 31 that senior officials such as Health Minister Nguyen Tsin Loong and former science and technology minister zhuyuying, chairman of the Hanoi people’s Committee, were negligent in their duties and management, resulting in an enterprise bidding up the price of the new crown test kit and causing heavy losses to the country.

The investigation report submitted by the Vietnamese government to the national assembly in January this year pointed out that Vietnam Asia technology company made illegal profits by taking advantage of the epidemic situation. At the same time, some people violated the regulations and abused their power in the process of organizing procurement and bidding. The report said that this was a serious illegal case that the Vietnamese government instructed the Ministry of public security to investigate and deal with urgently and severely.

On September 21, 2021, Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, began to relax the epidemic control on the same day and lifted the measures to maintain social distance implemented since July of that year,

Allow non essential service industries such as hairdressing and catering to resume business. The picture shows that the traffic flow on the streets of Hanoi has increased significantly. (Xinhua News Agency/Vietnam News Agency)

The CPV Central Inspection Committee held a meeting from March 28 to 31, during which it considered the investigation results of the case. According to the investigation results, the leaders of the Party group Secretaries’ meeting of the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of health and the Ministry of science and technology are derelict, their leadership, guidance and management are not in place, and some leaders and units of the two departments violate the party’s regulations and national laws.

The Central Inspection Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam”named” some leading cadres to bear joint responsibility for the above-mentioned violations, and to bear personal responsibility for the violations in the performance of their duties and tasks. These officials include zhuyuying, chairman of Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee and former Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, Ruan Qinglong, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam and Minister of health, fan Gongzuo, Vice Minister of science and technology, and Ruan Changshan, Vice Minister of health.

On September 5, 2021, in Anjiang Province, Vietnam, a middle school student was tested for nucleic acid before attending the opening ceremony. (Xinhua News Agency/Vietnam News Agency)

The website of Vietnam express quoted the decision of the Central Inspection Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam as saying:”such illegal acts have led to serious consequences, resulting in the loss of state-owned capital and property, causing social anxiety and affecting the reputation of the party, the Ministry of health and the Ministry of science and technology. Therefore, disciplinary action must be considered.”

Vietnam News Agency reported that the investigation will continue on the responsibilities of some units and individuals of the Ministry of finance.

At the beginning of 2020, in order to alleviate the pressure on the prevention and control of COVID-19, the Ministry of science and technology of Vietnam and relevant departments jointly carried out technical research. Among them, the military medical college took the lead in the research and development of the new crown test kit with Yueya technology company.

Last December, the police arrested panguoyue, general manager of Yueya technology. According to the preliminary investigation, panguoyue and other senior managers of the company colluded with the leaders of hospitals and CDC in some provinces to supply the new crown test kit to hospitals and CDC at a price much higher than the production price of the kit.

In January this year, panguoyue admitted that he had bid up the price by 45%and gave a”bonus” of vnd 800billion (about US $35.03 million) to the”partners” of Vietnam Asia technology. He also admitted that he earned more than 500billion Vietnamese Dong (US $21.9 million) by bribing some individuals.

On March 3, the Ministry of public security of Vietnam announced that it had recovered, sealed up and frozen the assets of relevant personnel involved in the case in excess of vnd 1.6 trillion (US $70.06 million), and it had found problems in the management, research and transfer of the R & D project of the new crown test kit of the Ministry of science and technology, as well as problems in the approval of the kit’s listing and the negotiation with Vietnam Science and technology on the price.

The case has previously led to at least 25 people under investigation, including some senior officials of the provincial CDC.

Vietnamese Prime Minister fanmingzheng said on the evening of May 13 local time that Vietnam has temporarily suspended the requirements for nucleic acid testing of inbound personnel from 0:00 on May 15. According to the instruction, the Vietnamese Prime Minister asked the Vietnamese Ministry of health to closely monitor the epidemic situation in order to give appropriate guidance.

According to the current regulations of the Ministry of health of the country, people entering Vietnam by air, road, waterway and railway need to carry out PCR nucleic acid detection within 72 hours or rapid test within 24 hours. Only those whose test results are negative can enter the country.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of health of Vietnam on May 13, 10693141 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Vietnam, including 43063 deaths.