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Toujing life:a mass spectrometry subsidiary will be established to independently develop mass spectrometry business

On June 28, toujing life (300642) released the record form of investor relations activities. The company was surveyed by 8 institutions on June 24, 2022. The types of institutions are other, fund companies, overseas institutions, securities companies and sunshine private placement institutions.

Main contents of investor relations activities:

  Q:has the epidemic situation in Shanghai affected the company’s production and delivery in April and may? How about the production and delivery since June?

A:affected by the epidemic, the company’s production personnel are under closed management, which ensures the normal production of the company’s core product line and anti epidemic materials, and the logistics cost has increased. However, through the efforts and support of the logistics department, logistics companies and government departments, the products of non Shanghai customers can basically maintain normal supply. The routine medical treatment and testing business of medical institutions and third-party physical examination institutions in Shanghai during the closure and control period was basically stagnant due to the impact of the epidemic, and the demand for non-new coronal testing decreased significantly. Since June, Shanghai has been gradually transitioning to normal management, all employees have been on duty normally, and the diagnosis and treatment activities in Shanghai are gradually resuming.

 Q:what was the proportion of business in Shanghai last year? Will the epidemic have a significant impact on the company’s business?

A:the company’s products cover 31 provinces and cities nationwide, with more than 1500 domestic end users, and its overseas business is also expanding.

The sectors with a large proportion of revenue are located in East China, South China, southwest and other regions, and the proportion of business revenue is relatively balanced. Shanghai is an important region of the company. During the epidemic period, the routine tests of medical institutions and physical examination institutions in Shanghai were significantly reduced, and the company’s business in Shanghai was greatly affected. At present, we are also concerned that the epidemic situation is gradually controllable, showing a good trend as a whole.

  Q:how many projects does the company have in the field of chemiluminescence? What is the expected yield per unit area of chemiluminescence instruments?

A:at present, the company’s chemiluminescence business line has more than 60 products, covering tumor markers, cardiac markers, thyroid function, sex hormones, etc., basically covering common clinical testing items. At present, the company’s positioning for the customers of chemiluminescence products is still in the tertiary hospitals. The detection volume of tertiary hospitals is relatively large, and the single machine output varies according to different models and detection items.

  Q:how is the marketing reform progressing? We are concerned that the sales personnel disclosed by the company in 2021 have a substantial increase compared with previous years? Will there be a significant expansion of sales staff in the future?

A:with the adjustment of the company’s marketing organization structure and the rise of business scale, it is necessary to make up for the staff, so the marketing staff has expanded rapidly in recent years. Up to now, the company’s marketing personnel have met the adjusted business structure to a certain extent. This year, in addition to a certain increase in the chemiluminescence product line, it is expected that there will be no large-scale expansion of marketing personnel. The goal of the company’s marketing reform at this stage is to carry out refined management, strengthen personnel assessment through management and incentive means, and continuously improve per capita output.

 Q:what was the sales of the company’s self exemption business last year? How many projects are there? Current promotion progress?

A:the company’s autoimmune detection products adopt the flow fluorescence method, which has the technical advantages of automation, quantifiable, high-throughput, multi index joint detection and so on. At present, more than 30 autoimmune detection projects can be carried out, including routine autoimmune antibody spectrum projects and specific disease detection projects, such as autoimmune liver disease and vasculitis. Up to now, there are more than 90 benchmark customers of self exemption. These benchmark customers are end users with detection volume and influence in the field of self exemption diseases, which will become a solid foundation for the volume of self exemption business in the future. The company will also launch myositis spectrum and other products in terms of self immunization, which can cover 70%-80%of the commonly used clinical autoimmune test items.

  Q:what is the company’s plan to go to sea for luminous products in overseas markets? What are the key areas of future customer layout?

A:on the marketing side, the company will pay more attention to opportunities in overseas markets, mainly through domestic and foreign distributors.

For this reason, the company has accelerated the layout of the product end in recent years by obtaining CE access qualification and filing with FDA. The products involve new crown detection, tumor markers, cardiovascular, thyroid hormones, infection, etc; At the same time, a more complete overseas team will be established in China, involving market, registration, export and other links. In the future, the key areas of customers’ layout will still be the EU economic zone and Southeast Asia.

 Q:I noticed that the company recently announced that it would set up a mass spectrometry subsidiary. What are the reasons for the establishment of subsidiaries and future plans for the company’s independent mass spectrometry business?

Answer:The company has carried out research and development on mass spectrometry projects for many years, and has also formed some research and development achievements, but has not yet formed sales revenue. The field of in vitro diagnostics in China is in a vigorous development stage, and some excellent enterprises have emerged in the field of mass spectrometry, including the development of mass spectrometry instruments and reagents.This time, the company and its wholly-owned subsidiaries invested to establish holding subsidiaries with intangible assets, fixed assets and some monetary funds in the field of mass spectrometry in order to better develop the mass spectrometry sector independently, which will be conducive to the exploration of mass spectrometry business, establish a management system in line with its own development, stimulate the cohesion of the core business team, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of relevant personnel, and create new profit growth points for the company. The intangible assets and fixed assets proposed to be invested by the company and its wholly-owned subsidiaries have been evaluated by professional asset evaluation institutions, including mass spectrometry instruments, non patented technologies with R & D achievements, involving conventional mass spectrometry detection projects and innovative projects with characteristics, and the transaction price is fair. This overseas investment will further optimize the company’s business structure, which is conducive to the independent and efficient development of the company’s mass spectrometry sector;

Shanghai toujing Life Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of in vitro diagnostic products of its own brand. The main services are tumor related testing, autoimmune testing, etc.