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Trillion U.S. industrial economy develops rapidly to promote high-quality demand

With the upgrading of consumption, beauty has become a powerful driving force for China’s economic development, and China’s cosmetics market is bursting out in trillions. The maturity of the whole cosmetics industry chain is accompanied by the rapid development of the cosmetics industry. The vigorous development trend of the beauty industry has brought the demand for high-quality development of China’s cosmetics industry into the”second half”.
Recently, the Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau issued a decision on administrative punishment(Shanghai Stock Exchange Supervision Office 〔two thousand and twenty-twoone hundred and fifty-two billion twenty-one million two thousand six hundred and thirty-sixnumber)。 Shanghai diecuishi Commercial Co., Ltd. has the following illegal acts:the production and operation of cosmetics that do not meet the mandatory national standards, technical specifications, or the technical requirements specified in the cosmetics registration and filing materials. Shanghai Pudong New Area market supervision and Administration Bureau imposed confiscation of illegal incomeone hundred and fourteen point six sixThe illegal products will be confiscated.

With the continuous improvement of national supervision and the people’s demand for high quality of lifeThe instrument information network, in conjunction with the Chinese people’s Procuratorate, the Customs Technical Center, testing institutions, cosmetics production enterprises and other relevant units, plans to organize a webinar on the theme of”cosmetics quality and safety analysis technology”, which aims to effectively improve the detection ability and instrument application level of personnel in cosmetics testing and quality control of production enterprises. The meeting will focus on the safety and efficacy evaluation of cosmetics, the detection of microorganisms and banned substances Representative expert reports on sample pretreatment, raw material analysis and cosmetics quality and safety assurance are organized to provide online technical exchange platforms for relevant practitioners, so as to promote the increasing demand for high-quality development in the cosmetics field.

Meeting time:two thousand and twenty-twoyeareightmonththirty-oneday 9:00—1eight:00

Main participants:

Government inspection department, customs inspection center, all regions/Technicians of relevant laboratories such as the food and Drug Administration and the market supervision bureau, testers of third-party testing institutions, and cosmetics production/Processing enterprise R & D, quality inspection laboratory staff, scientific research institutes and other analysis and testing personnel.


Report time

Report title

Reporting expert



Cosmetics quality and safety

Research and application of detection methods

Ma Qiang   

Research Fellow and deputy director of China Academy of inspection and quarantine Sciences


新条例下,应对Cosmetics quality and safety的检测方案


Application manager of Shimadzu enterprise management (China) Co., Ltd


Safety assessment of cosmetics under the new regulations

Technology and method


Manager of CIIC (Beijing) cosmetics technology Co., Ltd/senior engineer


Solution for chemical safety evaluation of cosmetics by water world

Zhong Dandan

Application Engineer of wuteshi Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


Regulatory requirements and human efficacy evaluation methods for cosmetic efficacy claims

Wang Fengyi

Engineer of Suzhou Customs integrated technology center


Prohibited and restricted substances in cosmetics

test method

Sun Shanshan

江苏省产品质量监督检验研究院   senior engineer


Microwave digestion in cosmetic elements

Application of analytical sample pretreatment

Yu Xuelei

Shanghai Yiyao Instrument Technology Development Co., Ltd

Manager of product department


化妆品微生物test method

Wu Weiling

Engineer of Suzhou Customs integrated technology center





Modern analytical techniques of essence in cosmetics

Zhu Jianshe

Zhu dezhixin, technical director of Shanghai Co., Ltd





Development ideas and quality safety of cosmetics with Chinese characteristics and plant resources

Zheng Libo

General manager of Zhiran Tiancheng (Beijing) cosmetics technology Co., Ltd

Meeting link:Symposium on”cosmetic mouth quality and safety analysis technology”

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